April 11th, 2007

Peace and Love

My IYFG Nominations


Well, I am very honored by all of the nominations I have received. I would like to thank fenikkusuken, quirkyslayer/paynesgrey, Lavender Rose,  and doggieearlover, along with all of my readers. Thank-you!

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Quite a spectrum, and I'm very honored by the readers who thought my work worthy for such recognition. Seconding begins on April 26th.

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Far Away Eyes

RIP: Kurt Vonnegut


This is very sad. The writing world has lost a very important literary figure. I enjoyed Kurt Vonnegut's works. In fact, reading his novel Player Piano in my Honors English class in 10th grade is what set me on the path to majoring in Creative Writing. It was one of the first times I actually read a book and wrote a paper about it that wasn't a "book report," but more of a literary analysis. I believe I got an A on the paper, but I can't remember for sure. I hadn't intended on choosing his novel at the time, but I picked it because it sounded interesting, and it was. I'll have to go to the library sometime soon and check it out and a few of his other books, like Slaughter House Five. Novelists like these just don't come around often. He'll be missed.

And because he was a humanist and did not believe in heaven or hell, I gotta tell this joke: At least he's in a better place!!