April 26th, 2007

La Mer

Offline Tonight


Well, my computer is currently in the shop getting a little fix. I had a problem with it rebooting for no reason every so often, especially after long periods of having it shut down. So far, the computer guys say it's just dirty inside and are removing some spyware and will do a RAM test tomorrow. My computer is three years old, but very good and this is the only problem I've EVER had with it. I've never had it freeze, and I've never had it do the "blue screen of death," so that's good. It's just getting it a little check up and cleaned up. They said the rebooting problem was possibly due to the dust causing some overheating, but if I let it keep doing that, it would damage the system. Sooooooooo, hopefully I'll have it back tomorrow before I go to work, and when I get home from that, I can join in all the fun at the porn party and what not. 

In other news, I have updated my IYFG post to reflect my secondings. All that remains now for seconds is Songs of Faith and Devotion for Best Songfic/Poem. 

I suppose I should go and work on some stuff, especially considering I don't have any real computer access until tomorrow (Hopefully). I'm using my dad's new computer, and it's nice, but I miss mine!

Anyways, when I get my computer back, I'll look through the remaining nominatons and make a few seconds, I suppose. I hope all of you have a good day and I hope to see everyone at the porn party---even if I'm LATE..

Until next time, 

Far Away Eyes