June 17th, 2007

Someone to Protect

New Chapter of Journey Posted


Well, another chapter has been posted. Yay! And it was posted roughly a month after the last one! I do hope you'll all enjoy it. I had a tough time from time to time writing this one, but I think it turned out fairly alright. It is a bit longer than I had expected it to be when I started writing, but you know how that goes. I also hope that the return to Sess and Rin will make Sess/Rin fans happy.

I have to thank metsukikaraten for a few of the ideas within the chapter. I was stuck, and she helped me get unstuck, so that's good. I just hope you'll like the idea as much as I did

While I've been writing the latest Journey chapter, I have also been writing various drabbles. Check out Far Away Eyes Fairytales if you're interested in those. There are various pairings and genres for everyone to like and enjoy.

I'm also going to take a breather from Journey and write another Songs of Faith and Devotion songfic. I find them to be enjoyable to write, and I hope you'll find them enjoyable to read. That doesn't mean, however, that I won't be working on making notes and other things for Journey, or that I'm abandoning it! I hope that this one-shot won't take as long to write, but we shall see.

The Awards have come in for both the Feudal Association and IYFG for April and for the 1st quarter. Journey took third place for Best Inu/Kag and Best In Character for Inuyasha at the Feudal Association. If you would like to see the awards, visit here.

Anyways, here are your individual review responses:

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