September 24th, 2007


The X-Files: Beautiful and Grotesque. How It All Went Wrong.

I'm going to blame this rant on David Duchovny. I'm going to blame it on him because he has teased the Phile in me with the press releases and interviews about his new show, Californication. It's his fault, you know, that I even bothered re-watching some X-Files episodes. You don't have to read this rant. You don't have to respond. It's just something I need to do so I can put it back where it belongs---out of my mind. I think the fact that he teased that the second X-Files film would begin shooting in November is what really got me, even though I know that he's teased before about a second film---just not this specifically with a filming date and a possible release (this time in the summer of 2008). I know FOX hasn't said a word either way about it, but David certainly has---right down to the fact that he should have gotten the script shortly after doing the interview. And that's probably why I sat down and started to immerse myself in the train wreck that became the X-Files all over again. Enter this rant at your own risk.

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