November 1st, 2007


And the X-File Fandom Explodes


I have just seen the news that we have, confirmed for the first time by FOX, official news on Movie Two, the fabled sequel to X-Files: Fight the Future. I am all at once excited and wary. Those of you who read my X-Files rant know my misgivings about the end of the series. I happen to know just WHO (hint: The creator/destroyer Chris Carter) wrote the film, therefore those doubts will linger until I see it.

All in all, I'm looking forward to watching the X-Files Fandom explode. We've kept the fires burning all these years since the show ended that it'll be interesting to see how this movie is received. I have a funny feeling it'll be an even 50-50 split on those who love and hate it. We Philes are passionate about our X-Files, so anything that goofs with it tends to upset us. Those of us who stuck through until the bitter, bitter end will probably go to the movie theater just to SEE it. And if Chris Carter should continue to ruin the beloved characters of Mulder and Scully in this film, I expect him to run for the hills.

I also wonder about the timing of this film. The Writers Guild has authorization to strike at this point, and this script is already in the can. Did they decide to get it finished before the looming possible strike and film it this winter rather than ride out the strike? Speaking of the writers' strike, I stand with them if they do it. They have every right to make the royalties from the DVD sales and internet downloads the producers are greedily hoarding right now. Give it to them already. Without the writers, those producers wouldn't HAVE the DVD sales boom they have now, now would they? The shows had to be written, didn't they? Either way, I hope the writers get their way.

Other than that: The Truth Is Out There.

Far Away Eyes