December 8th, 2007

Inu and Kagome Christmas

Christmas Shopping Done


Well, I had my two days off, and I must say that I most certainly needed them. It was nice not to go into work for two whole days, where it wasn't my problem, and that I didn't have to care.

I did manage to get all of my Christmas shopping done, which is good. I also didn't blow the bank, so my next paycheck can go to both bill pay and to building my account up again so it's not so dreadfully low again.

I got some really cool things for the people on my list, too. I just hope that they'll like them.

I have to say that it was hard not to grab a lot of stuff at the stores that I went to in the "big city" (Sioux Falls, if you're curious). I saw all sorts of things I wanted myself, but kept that focus on the Christmas shopping. I just wish I could get there more often!

And I'm back at it tomorrow morning, 5 AM, so I'm almost off to bed. I'm waiting to change the dryer out one last time and then I'm going to sleep. At least I come home at 10 AM so I can get a bit of rest before the big football games!

Oh, and hopefully I can get some writing done tomorrow. Wouldn't that be nice?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes