May 14th, 2008


The Great Destroyer


I AM the Great Destroyer. No really. Pray that I may  never like YOUR TV show.

I liked the show Back to You on FOX. While I didn't watch it on a regular basis, I did catch it from time to time and it was funny---even if it was a conventional sitcom. Well, it's gone now. Canceled. No more.  All because I said I liked it!

And if you think my power is non-existant to murder shows, here's the next one I killed. Moonlight. You read that right. Moonlight. Just saw the article last night before bed. Canceled. Gone. Poof. Stake driven through its vampire heart. GAH. And why have they killed it? Because it doesn't carry the viewers over from Ghost Whisperer.

Here's a secret: I didn't KNOW that Ghost Whisperer HAD viewers.

I find that show to be---in a word---trite. It comes off as some big after school special with ghosts. If you want to see a medium in action, then watch MEDIUM. GW just makes me cringe, the way she seems to be able to talk about talking to ghosts/dead people with anyone and everyone and they all act like that's normal. Blech.

Anyways, I guess I'll watch Moonlight's finale Friday. It's too bad. It really could have been quite a killer show---if it had been promoted right. After that blitz over the summer, they hardly EVER promoted it. Stupid.

Now, I KNOW New Amsterdam will surely buy it for good. I liked that show, too.

Waaaaah. I don't want to be the Great Destroyer!