July 13th, 2008


Chapter Seventy Five : Review Responses


It didn't take nearly as long to complete this chapter this go round, now did it? I hope everyone is having a nice summer, even if it is unbearably hot lately.

The Inuyasha Fanguild is currently taking in nominations. Journey has been nominated for Best Characterization: Kagome and Best Serial by doggieealover. It's still an honor to be recognized by my readers this way after all this time. I wish everyone this quarter best of luck.

Has anyone else noticed that Anime Spiral has disappeared all together besides me? I haven't posted anything new, including new Journey chapters, there since the big rule change against adult themes, but it would seem that doesn't matter anymore. The site states that the domain name is up for grabs. Either they've moved and failed to inform us, or they've simply closed shop. I'm not entirely sad to see it go, actually, considering the juvenile feel of the place. It'd just be nice to have a bit of warning perhaps.

Now for the individual responses:


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