August 3rd, 2008


Well, there went another weekend


Well, despite the concert being postponed, I still managed to get diddly done on the chapter this weekend. Ah well. I've been too hyper, and I've noticed that Sesshomaru has decided to despise Nine Inch Nails, which is tough, since I love them. Maybe if I try and stick to Ghosts. . . He wants his Depeche Mode badly.

I managed to talk to my boss today, and he's fine with me taking those two days off. Yayzors, because I didn't want to stay up for two days. I am determined to go to this concert. That doesn't mean the updates about the current Chicago show at don't hurt, damn it. And, I keep looking and seeing the song currently played with a photo of the show and I'm so depressed. Sigh. At least it's a go (fingers crossed and a prayer) in November!

The good thing is I'll be able to better plan the merchandise buy for the concert. The t-shirts I've seen in pictures posted online RULE. At $35 bucks a piece, though, if I want a couple I'll have to bring a bit more cash than originally planned. I also haven't decided if I want to buy a lithograph of the show when it comes time. I wonder if it'll have the rescheduled date printed on it---or will it have the original? I wonder what one is worth more in the long run.

I'm also gonna blow some money before the show on some new NIN shirts to wear to the show, rather than spend money on manga this month. We'll see, but with the Renaissance Festival this month, I have to pick and choose. I'm feeling the Art Is Resistance shirt.

Hopefully when I get home tomorrow I can actually, oh I don't know, manage to get some writing done. Imagine that.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes