September 7th, 2008

Manga Rin and Butterfly

Birthday Weekend


Well, my birthday weekend was a good one.

On Friday, I got to go to the Twins game. We sat on the third base side in the lower deck. It was really fun, and we won. I got to see Justin Morneau hit a Grand Slam, which totally kicked ass. I got to watch Francisco Lirano strike out nine. It was a very good game, indeed. We won 10-2, considering my first game we lost by about that much. I also got to eat one of the coolest things EVER. Cinnamon roasted almonds. Totally good and I wish I could get them at home. It's just too bad we blew the rest of the weekend. Ah well.

In other great news, it came out that Minneapolis will spend a million bucks to help improve the acoustics at the Target Center. From everything I've ever heard, it's necessary. Oh, and Trent Reznor announced a new opening act to replace the awful Crystal Castles. We get a band called Boris, and get this, they're JAPANESE! So, I won't know what they're singing, but damn, they sure do rock and rock hard. And, they're cute. It's about as close to a great pick as the Dresden Dolls was. You can hear them here: 
And, as it is now September, it is once again football season. I've been enjoying the day of watching football. Now, all I need is the Colts to come back and win tonight. Then, everything will be complete.

Oh, and I'm on page 12 of the next Journey chapter. Sesshomaru is a busy boy and he wants a lot to be done.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes