January 1st, 2014


Happy 2014 Everyone!

Happy 2014!

I like the start of a new year. It's as if we can hit the reset button somewhat and renew. I'm not just talking about making resolutions. As they say, most of those don't last and most people can't keep them beyond a week.

That being said, I did start a resolution in 2011 that I'm still holding to. I vowed to read as many books as I could and record each one to keep track. So far I've done just that.

But, in 2014, I'd like to do something a bit---more.

I've been stalled on a career choice/path for about a year and a half now. And I would like to, by the end of the year, have it figured out so I can move onto my next life stage. I think, once a month, I'll try and post an update here. If anything, it'll be for me to keep track of my progress---or lack thereof---so I don't just wander aimlessly and not get anywhere again.

So, what am I weighing doing in my first update?

1. I'm looking to talk to someone about getting into a MILS (Masters of Information and Library Science) program and if that is a feasibly route. I have some vacation to burn this month, so I'm hoping that I can make use of that time to get that ball rolling.

2. I'm looking to using this blog to post more frequently----either archiving articles I've written for The Winchester Family Business or other pieces such as reviews of books or shows/movies. Really, I'd like to build a portfolio.

3. The anniversary of my novel is upcoming, and I would like to commit to making that a reality in print---not just a bound book I paid to have made or on my hard drive. It means seriously working hard on the synopsis and query stuff.

4.(not really career related only) I'd like to get to know more people---both off and online and build a network for both personal and professional reasons. We are social beings. Mostly, I'd like to be a kinder me.

4. (Gag goal or is it?) Ever since I went to VanCon this past summer, I've been thinking about how awesome the Stormcrow (a geek bar) was and wouldn't it be cool to have something like that at home? Why not open a geek bar of my own? I already have the name picked out! The Mystery Spot! It'd work. It'd be cool. Too bad I have no business degrees or experience---and working retail doesn't count.

So, what will I have to show for these come February 1st? Stay tuned for the update.