January 4th, 2014


The Guild: A Celebration of All Things Geek!


I discovered Felicia Day because of Supernatural after she appeared as Charlie Bradbury in season 7's “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo.” I loved her character instantly, and when I sat down to find out more about the actress, I was stunned to learn that she was a big deal in geek culture. I felt embarrassed that I hadn't heard of her prior to her stint on the show. It was as if my geek card had been revoked and I had to get it back pronto! Overtime, I found myself following her career, her Twitter account, and looking forward to her next appearance as Charlie.

Day's taken the internet and turned it into a powerful tool to share directly with the fans with her website and YouTube channel Geek&Sundry. She's gathered some of the best geek minds she can find and linked them together with various video logs on everything from video games to genre writing to board games. It's an open discussion on everything geeky, and she's managed to build an empire. In many ways, I find her to be absolutely inspiring for doing this. It's quite the unique venture, and it's drawn many fans in geek culture and made it something more.

As I did my Christmas shopping, I discovered that her webseries, The Guild, had been put out onto a complete megaset DVD set. I had a fangirl moment and quickly raced to put it on my Christmas list. Lo and behold, Santa heard my wish and I was awarded my own copy of the whole series to watch with glee.

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