January 18th, 2014


"Time For a Wedding" Review: The Funhouse Effect

First Appeared on The Winchester Family Business on November 14, 2011

"Time for a Wedding," takes the viewer into a proverbial fun house effect. It begins with Dean sitting in a bar, talking to the waitress about the "annual sacred pilgrimage" to Vegas. A text message pulls him away, telling him to put on a suit and meet his brother at a chapel. Upon arrival, the doors open, revealing Sam, dressed in a suit and oddly happy. It tells the viewer that they are entering into a fun house effect where things will become distorted and twisted. Sam jovially announces to Dean that he is getting married. Dean is stunned. Sam hasn't been seeing anyone as far as he knows. The bride enters, wearing a veil to hide her face. When it is lifted, Dean is stunned at the bride's identity. It's none other than Becky Rosen.
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