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Journey to the City of Endless Night Chapter Eighty-Nine

Another month, another chapter. Can you believe we're almost to 90 chapters of this monstrosity? This story has truly flourished in the last year or so since I've picked it back up again.

This chapter lays so much groundwork for things to come, helps tie up some loose ends in other storylines, and gives Kagome a chance to do something rather remarkable. (No, I won't tell you. You just have to read it and find out for yourself.) I am rather proud of how I engineered the ending of this chapter and how this also focuses so much on the bond she shares with Inuyasha, too. They truly feed off of one another's energy and that can come in so many forms. It can show up in that endless bickering they do. It can be in the gentle touches or glances. And sometimes, when we play with some of that what if with the concepts of auras already in the series, we can really play with the bond they share in new and I hope innovative ways.

I hope the fusion of the two universes continues to work well for people in this chapter, too. We have some returns from the field and some characters that haven't interacted in awhile will do so again in this one and in the next few. It's been a delight seeing the two groups truly and finally become one big group in many ways. They're not nearly as separate or as divided as they were in the beginning. Over time, I think those divisions will truly and completely disappear in so many ways---as they should. This chapter also touches on some of those beginnings and will give us lots of groundwork on building that large pack they'll have in the long run.

Without further ado, enjoy. You can find the chapter at MM.org AFF and AO3.

Until nex month,

Far Away Eyes