September 17th, 2016

Deadly Duo

Journey to the City of Endless Night Chapter Ninety


You read that right. We've now hit the 90th chapter of Journey. It doesn't seem real, but there it is.

This one centers on Miroku and Sango from Sango's POV. I find her perspective rewarding. She's strong, tough, and has incomparable skills in fighting. And yet, Sango is still undeniably a woman. She has never really hidden from that---and I love that often she uses her womanhood as a strength rather than bemoaning it as a weakness or trying to cut it away from herself. That's sometimes the most rewarding aspect of tackling her character. She has to balance that warrior self with that woman self and make this whole person that makes her Sango. I hope that this chapter captured that.

I will warn people, though. There is a trigger warning for discussion of rape in this chapter. I don't normally get worked up about sticky stuff in my writing because I'm hoping those that read are adult enough to handle most of the more adult-themed elements, but this one topic deserves that mention.

Sango and Miroku have a bit of a dicey road ahead of them in the aftermath of what they've been through in the Fall of Mal Yaska, but I think the pay off down the road will be worth the angst and struggle they endure here. This one is a bit more emotional of a chapter, too. Writing this one was equally challenging and satisfying. At times, some of it just wrote itself and I can't necessarily take credit for it. I just hope that you'll enjoy the finished product.

You can find it at AFF and AO3.

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