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Of Little Writing and Family Functions. . .
Sess Loses His Dignity
Hey Reader,

Well, there went my whole weekend, pretty much. Yippie. I got about one paragraph on the page, and that's the start of the clean up of the scene I'm working on that my beta wants fixed. Yeah. I know, you guys are about ready to beat down the door and kick my ass. I keep telling you, it's the MONK'S fault! He's just not a nice guy to work with. I don't know what his problem is, but he's just not into behaving as much as I'd like. You could also blame the new trailer for the Nine Inch Nails live DVD that Trent put out at nin.com. . .butttttttt it's probably the fact I watched my bootleg concert on Friday night and umm that man's terribly distracting. I don't know if the monk likes him much. Inuyasha seems to like Trent a lot more, go figure...don't ask.

Anyways, I went to a family function on Saturday. An uncle was having a 50th birthday party. It was fun, but boy, is it just me or do relatives have way too much advice about things they know nothing about? I was told by at least three different ones HOW I should go about getting my writing career going and how to make money with it, ect. These people have no clue what it takes to get into the writing market, get noticed, and get published. They seem to think I should write some big silly book that the big publishers want BEFORE I write what I WANT to write. Excuse me? I write what I want to write, and if it's publishable at a certain point...great. If not, that's not going to bother me. I have enough fine folk who read what I do write and like it to make me happy, and I don't feel the need to write for the big wigs who think they know everything anyways. It's just an observation I've had about the last, oh say, five years of family functions. I show up, and they have endless advice "You should study," "You should apply for," You should write about. . ." and on and on. It's like they don't have anything else to do in between these events than to drum up advice for everyone there, just because they're either in the mid-50s to early 60s doesn't mean they know squat about the stuff they're trying to give people advice on. . sigh. I'm just glad I do the nod and smile bit really well.

I also have been thinking of working on a follow up to my original piece, Bleeding Through. I've been thinking of doing that ever since I finished it, but haven't really made coherent enough notes or started it, especially since I have you all breathing down my neck for mister chapter! (Talk to the monk. . .it's his fault it's being held up!) I want to do both, but with the job, the struggles on this chapter, and everything else, I don't know if I can handle working on two pieces at once. I suppose I'll just keep making notes and see how it goes. Have no fear, I will make that monk work with me or ELSE. Bastard. He can't keep you guys from enjoying the story!

And now, I must go to bed so I can function enough and MAYBE. . .just maybe, get somewhere on the silly chapter. GAH. Why can't it be Friday(PayDay) already!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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....... I'll miss you..... see journal.

Oh Nikkie. . .I saw your journal. I'm sure you'll find a way to keep in touch, at least somewhat, with everyone. We'll miss you a lot!!

So far things have been going okay.. Mom came home and the parents are talking. Dad wants to make amends and hopefully Mom is going to fogive him. I have my fingers crossed and I am optimistic!!

I sure hope so! I have my fingers crossed for you, that's for sure.

Thanks! I think it'll help!

Aren't relatives great (hear the sarcasm?)? As far as some of mine, I should have known it was only a matter of time. My mom went to her high school reunion (its a small school so they have a bunch of years come together and do it pretty much every year) and saw some of our cousins (second, third, once removed, twice removed - too many to count) she hadn't in a while. She was telling me how the 23 year old girl was pregnant by another of the cousins who was 16 and still in high school. They were going to be married, but for some reason didn't (well, state law sort of forbids cousins getting married). Anyway, so now he's joining the navy to help support the baby as soon as he's out of school. Someone asked why the girl wasn't in jail since he's underage, but apparently she lives next door so they wanted to keep the peace. And you can't even say if it were the other way around it would be different, because honestly, I don't think it would have mattered.

And this was the bunch that always acted like somthing was wrong with me because I wasn't married and pregnant at 17. No thanks.

Well, you know what they say about choosing your relatives...

Sorry, just had to share that. I should have been shocked, but figured that sooner or later it was bound to happen with that bunch. You can't count them all because I don't think any of them has ever heard of birth control. *sigh*

We'll just continue to wait for you new chapter with anticipation. I'm sure it'll really be good when you finally get it posted.

Sounds like your family is about as fun as some of mine...no cousin stuff here(at least I don't think so. . .I'd rather not know). And yeah, the advice is fun, but whatever. They do try, I guess. . . .

At least I don't see mine very often - I live far, far away where they're concerned.

And I hate unsolicited advice...

All relatives are crazy. Especially the ones who think they're the most sane of the group. My mom's eldest sister a prime example. She's got a masters from Harvard, her husband is the retired VP of some department store and she's traveled to everywhere it seems. But her husband buys her jewelery when she has a fall out with a friend, she starts drinking at noon and doesn't stop until bedtime and she once refused to speak to my mother for 3 years because my father's job forced us to move 9 hours away.

Your family, while annoying, I'm sure is merely well meaning. My mother's older sisters inherited the crazy gene from Great Nana so I'm not always certain they mean well. Well, the one does, but it's filtered through her husband's political and religious beliefs first.

And don't feel too pressured to get the story out, hon. We all love it, but your sanity must come first. And if you feel you need to do some work on a Bleeding though sequel, do so. I know what it feels like to have the niggling sensation of another story scratching at the back of my mind, begging to be put down in some form. It's why I have 20 or more stories started and only 3 short ones finished.

BTW, I don't mean to seem... I dunno, weird or something. It's just that hearing how frustrated you feel makes me want to try to do something to help, even if it's just to commiserate. I'm one of those people who just feels a need to soothe ruffled feathers, you know? Hopefully, you're not offended by this.

Have a good week! And I hope you have time to write, even if it's for your sequel. Good luck!

Well, the family I visited yesterday is the good side of the family. The OTHER side? All of 'em are crazy as loons. My cousin on that side of the family is a felon close to his third strike(depending on what state he commits crimes in) AND last fall I heard he was dabbling in being, an. . ahem...gay porn star. I have one of the craziest families on one side of the family. The other is those more normal, with the advice and off the wall humor and the like.

I don't feel too, too pressured to get the next chapter out, because I'm not going to rush it just to get it done. I'm going to do it right, or it's not worth doing it at all. It'd be a let down for everyone if I did that. I just know that not only do I have my muse tickling about the potential Bleeding Through sequel, but it's also getting whiny about upcoming Journey plotlines it WANTS to get to like..right NOW, but can't cause I have to get this part finished first. And then the fact that I'm sleepy or working doesn't help the cause...gah.

And it's not weird. I like to help people, too. And I hope (crossing my fingers here) that this work week won't be that bad. PLEASE. I am tired of having to vent about the crappy things that happen at work on account of the Queen Bitch of ShopKo.

I'll beat up the monk, the stubborn hentai. But I'm not in any rush as I've yet to catch up. *bad me, I know!*

Anyways your point is a good one (about writing what you want) For if one writes what one likes then it will show and the poor readers at the publishers will thank you.

Gah relatives! Unsolicited advice is not very fun. I'm glad I don't have (too) many busybody relatives.

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