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IYFG Update AND New Layout. . Again
So Damn Hot
Hey Reader,

Yeah, I know. I just changed the layout on my journal, but I want my damn icon pics with my damn entries, sooooooooo I changed to this one and I think it's pretty sharp. That, and the weird entry from last night just NEEDED Sesshomaru's losing dignity icon. (Thanks to Quirky for that one. . .) I still giggle every time I see Sesshomaru in that pose and then the quote. After what I've done to him in the story. . .I say it's fairly appropriate.

Anyways, I wanted to say thanks to inuyashaloverr for the seconds at the Guild. Yay! It means so much to me! Hopefully that'll continue into the next round. She single handedly seconded Journey to the City of Endless night for BOTH Best Serial and Best Crossover, along with Child of the Moon for Best Songfic. So again, thanks. No matter what happens there, it means a lot that my readers want to honor it!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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You are most welcome. I have enjoyed Journey since AFF and am still enjoying it. Now...on with an update **insert said grin here** lmao.

I like the new layout. I may go and explore since they've added more options to choose from...

Congrats on getting all of your seconded so quickly! I was going second the Crossover one, but she beat me to it. Two of mine have been seconded so far, so I have two more to go. *fingers crossed*

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