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Nooo, I haven't updated the story
Hey Reader,

Well, I went ahead and did it. I posted an Author's Note at Adult Fan, so if you guys happen to see Journey bumped. . .it's not an update. I know. I really have moved to LJ for my update information, but I have gotten a couple reviews there, so I felt I should let them know of this little journal. If you've come here from AFF, welcome! I hope to hear from you.

Other than that, I'm still fighting with mister monk, but I'm hoping I can get some place on the story tomorrow. I am about to start getting ready for work, after all!

Anyways, until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Well, I hope work goes better for you tonight, and that you tackle the monk and make him behave himself tomorrow. You certainly have us wondering what he's been up to!

It went alright last night. I'm wondering, though, if it's almost over, because there's been whispers and statements from my boss that indicates this week and next week are IT and then it's over. I'm not all sure, because when I had been hired, it had been "You'll be here through Christmas. . ect" and now I'm not sure what's going down. Whatever. It seems they don't get the meaning of TELL YOUR EMPLOYEES what the hell is going on!

And the monk? He's up to a little bit of this and a bit of that and I don't think any of it is good, if you get my meaning. At least if you ask Sango. I'm sure she'd say he's never up to any good.

Probably because they don't really know themselves. Just keep making yourself useful and maybe they'll offer a day job when this one is over. And in the meantime, I'll keep my fingers crossed that a day job you really want comes along.

And it sounds like the monk is pretty true to form... LOL

I figure you're right, to a point, or they just don't like to tell people things when they KNOW that type of stuff. As for them giving me a day job, it doesn't sound all that likely, at least as far as I can tell so far. I heard her Royal Bitchieness say something about having almost all her positions filled up, and that she had two people already slotted to take what was left. I guess we shall SEE. I just do what I'm told when I'm there, get it done, and pray I get out of there at a decent time. They hold everyone late EVERY DAY, frankly because I think they figure that they CAN. Gah.

And now, I MUST go fight with mister monk. . .and here is a new icon...I stole it from you.

Isn't it great having all that extra icon room? Wait until you fill up the 100 and are complaining that it isn't enough. I don't know how many I've deleted to make room for new ones.

I hope he cooperates so we can see what he's up to!

I can't believe I've already used almost a quarter of that room.. .sigh.

And yes, Mister Monk WILL be nice or I'll do very bad things to him.

The only problem is, he'd probably enjoy it! LOL

I dunno about that. . .I read a lot of yaoi. . .I don't think he'd enjoy the prospect of ending up in such a situation.

I don't know... I wonder about him. He might take whatever he could get...

Hmm, that's true, I suppose. He seems to be a bit of an Ass Man, after all.

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