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Hey Reader,

Oi. Has it really been over a month since the last time I had a completed chapter? Sometimes I wonder where the time flies, truly. I hope that the next chapter will not take nearly as long to write and post. As most of you know by now, I have graduated from college and have now entered the ranks of the unemployed, seeking a job of some sort. That doesn't mean I won't get our gang to the City! They've come too far to abandon them now. Besides, it would bother me just as much as it would you if we didn't get to see what happens next!

Anyways, welcome to my live journal. As you've noticed, I have started posting my author notes and review responses here, rather than at the end of the chapter. I think it will be a little easier in the long run, plus I can keep you up to date between chapters. It'll also keep the chapters from being cluttered. Just remember to check the journal often!

There are several sections in my journal to visit. You can find out more about the story and its source material by visiting the Journey Journal. It'll have the author notes, too, so do check it out. Another good section to view is the Awards, where you can find out about the upcoming Inuyasha Fanguild quarter, the results, and other exciting news. It also will have information about any other awards, such as the Feudal Association, or awards my other pieces have won. You'll want to check the Updates and News often to be aware of what is going on with upcoming chapters, or other writing I may be doing. Otherwise check the General journal for random entries and commentary.

Also, I have links at the top for each fanfic archive I have the story posted in. You will find my profile for each site by clicking on them. That way if you prefer MediaMiner or AFF, or one site is down(which happens quite often, I've noticed), you will have another option to read the story. Be on the outlook for more archives in the future. I am looking at expanding the story at Fichaven and adding it to FicWorks. We shall see, depending how much time I have with the job search, chapter writing, editing, and other matters as they arise.

You'll also notice a link entitled “Bleeding Through.” For those of you who are unaware of the story or have not been able to read it, here's your chance! By clicking on it, you will find a description of the story, and direct links to it. It recently won first place in the Maximum Challenge in the Best Drama Category. I'd like to thank doggieearlover for suggesting that I submit it. Feel free to read and review it!

Also, by clicking on User Info, you can find out more about the authoress! There you'll see my birthday, and a way to connect to me through my various IM IDs. I can't always guarantee I'll be online, but it's another way to contact me, if you should wish to do so. Another neat feature, especially if you have a live journal of your own, or are thinking of starting your own, you can add me as a friend or see who I've made friends with. It's a neat feature, I think, and makes searching for what you want to read about that much easier. Also, if you want to re-read some journal, there is an Archive where you can do just that!

Just a side note about the user pic. I found this gem at deviantART, and couldn't resist using it, considering the focus of the last chapter. The artist's name is silvestris, and I have loved this beautiful piece of artwork for quite some time. In fact, it's been my wallpaper on my desktop for ages. Something about its tranquility ,and the way Sesshomaru seems, no matter how unlikely, to be telling Rin some type of story. Anyways, I thought I'd share this drawing with everyone. Do go to the original and see how beautiful it is up close! You can find it here.

Other than that, just browse around, and be sure to check back often for any and all news.

Now for the individual responses:


adea neri: I'm glad you were patient enough to wait out the wild ride that has been AFF the past five or six months. I know it's been frustrating to say the least, but worth it! The site is up and running faster than it ever has in the past. As for the story, I won't leave our heroes to flounder or let Naraku set up some world domination shop in the City of Endless Night. We're gonna see this adventure through to the end, trust me! Just hang on and I hope to have the next chapter out much sooner than this one!


RingoSango: I'm glad you're enjoying the story. It is quite the project at times, but always fun. As for original work, I already have done some, such as Bleeding Through. I do hope you'll continue to enjoy the story as we get these guys to the City!

Mnesail: I'm pleased that you can see the surroundings in the story that clearly. I sometimes struggle to make that happen. And as for the updating, I certainly would hope not to take so long for the next one. It helps that I do have a loose plot line in mind, so we shall see.

Anime Spiral

IYShardDetector: Thanks for the congrats. As for the disappearing act at Fanfiction.net, that was more of their idea than mine. I am debating about returning there at a later date, with a “clean” version, if you will. I'm glad you enjoy the mix of the two worlds. Sometimes I have to pull teeth to get them to work together, but it blends beautifully when I get it to fit together. As for the fanart piece, I can't thank the artist enough. It's a beautifully drawn piece and It captures both Inu and Sess's emotions perfectly, I think. I do hope to have the next update completed much, much sooner than this one, that's for sure! Just be patient with me!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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That was a great chapter! It was well worth the wait (though I still hope we don't have to wait as long for the next :o)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter. It's the un-beta-ed version, so I'm nervous about it, but so far it seems to be going over well. Hopefully we shall not have to wait so terribly long for the next one. I intend on starting it very soon. I have plottings written down, but not any actual chapter work as of yet.

Far Away Eyes

Well, I'm really glad you decided to go ahead and post it and not wait any more. It was very, very, good.

I actually went back on my lunch hour and left a review at MediaMiner. You have to allow yourself plenty of time since there is no way of knowing just how many times it will ask you for the security code before it finally posts. Average seems to be four for me, no matter how carefully I copy the little box.

I absolutely hate typing in those security code things ANYWHERE. I know why they're there, but they are so not vision imparied friendly. I have 20/70 vision in my left eye, which happens to be dominant so half the time it's a shot in the dark to get those codes right. Yahoo seems to be the worst for that a lot of the time.

I saw your review and it was good. It really made my day.

Far Away Eyes

Well you, inu hanyou nikki and bluezinthos always made mine. I figured I needed to take a minute and return the favor. I was so leary of leaving reviews for so long because my lovely stalkers would look for fics I was reading in order to write the author and tell them I must have copied something from them. I don't read a lot when I'm writing, anyway - but that was just downright annoying. Anyway - when you get in the mood, write! And I know you've been busy this past month, so I don't know if you got to read the rest of "Live and Let Die: Awakenings" or not. I capped it off at Chapter 15. Now I'm trying to finish the first chapter of part three - and think of a name for this part of the story. (Sorry if I'm rambling - I'm just beat. I'm very glad tomorrow is Friday.)

I actually intend to catch up on some fanfics tonight and perhaps the next day, so don't be surprised if you get a new review. As for your stalkers, up until that little problem I had a week or so ago, I've never been really on anyone's radar. I've never had anyone email me about any rip-offs and the like. Maybe I'm not on their list?

Far Away Eyes

Their attention span probably isn't great enough to read a work that is as massive as yours. May you stay off of their radar - one nut is enough. ;}

I'd have to say they are quite welcome to slug through nearly 800 pages for ways to slander you if they wish, but that seems silly to me. Yes, we're about fifteen pages to reaching 800 pages for the entire story. I just hope they won't catch on.

Far Away Eyes

Holy cow! that's a lot of paper - but it is worth every tree that has been sacrificed (figuratively speaking).

You're telling me. I used to print off the story to do edits by hand when I had access to free ink at the university. Now I'm much too poor to be doing that so I have to do editing on the screen, which I can only do for so long before my eyes scramble on me. When I started, I had NO idea how long this story would go for. I certainly never imagined 800 pages. It's wild, but fun none the less.

Far Away Eyes

It's a GREAT story. I still remember when I first found it I stayed up all night until I had finished the chapters posted to that point. The only other time in my adult life that I have read all night long was when the new Harry Potter novels were released. The last couple of times I was at WalMart to buy them when they put them out at midnight and then read all night long.

May you have the energy to follow through and finish this wonderful piece of fiction, no matter how much longer it takes.

It would seem that a curse with this story is that most reading/writing/editing takes place late at night or all night. I will say that I have had a tendency in the past to read all night, be it a fanfiction or a novel, for pure enjoyment. In fact, I re-read the entire Belgariad/Malloreon, at an incredibly slow pace to savor it, multiple late nights in a row a couple summers ago. It was a lot of fun and I didn't want to let my good friends go too soon. I guess if you're going to be a Creative Writer and get a BA in it, that's a good quality.

I recently read, in two days, at my normal speed, Loung Ung's second memoir. It's 265 pages long and it's already been read.

I will say that just as much as everyone wants to see what will happen in the end of the story, I do too. I can't just quit now! We've got a lot of things for them to do. Hell, we haven't reached Ashaba yet and they gotta get there FIRST before going to the City.

Sheesh. . .I had NO idea I had gotten myself into this mess when I started.

Far Away Eyes

Thank you for convincing farawayeyes to post the un-betaed version of chapter 62! From myself and all of us who are enjoying this great epic. I'll also have to make time to read some of your award winning works too! Keep writing, and keep dreaming. You never know where it will lead!

Mirumoto Yuusuke

Well, I have to admit I was just being a bit selfish. I love this fic and couldn't wait for the next part. Besides, I see a number of fics where the writer finally gets tired of waiting on the beta and posts it, and then just reposts it when it it is edited. If I enjoyed it, I'll go back and read it again.

If you find time to read mine, I hope you enjoy them! I do enjoy writing them.

Crowd gets ugly! Fanfic author does something drastic!

Far away eyes close once more, ready for a well deserved nap on the couch. Everything has been so crazy lately. Graduation, job search, writing a major fanfic and even learning how to use a new web based journal. Whew! This nap is not only deserved, its required! The slow rythm of your breath gradually changes timbre and becomes gentle waves breaking on a warm beach. The waves gradually become larger and more frequent until they are the many voices of a crowd. The crowd's general noise settles into a chant. "We want more. We want more! WE WANT MORE!" There is a high pitched shriek that gets louder and then comes a thump and a crash. Far away eyes open and see something sprawled in the ruins of a vase on the coffee table. The figure sits up and brushes off some shards of broken glass. Its Jaken, again wearing his "Dem-Ex" outfit and he comments, "That is one ugly bunch of humans. And they're rude too! I was going to use the door but nooo, that's not quick enough. They picked me up and tossed me in through the window! Thank the kami that it was open! I was delivering these." The toad demon empties a sack of envelopes on the table. "They all want to know where the next chapter is!". Jaken walks to the window where the people continue to chant. "Honestly, when Lord Sesshomaru finds out about this he'll show all of you, just you wait!!", the diminutive demon shouts at the crowd in voice much larger than his size. "And stay away from that dragon! Its an official "Dem-Ex" transport!" The crowd seems not to care until Ahn-Uhn roars, after which the dragon is given a wide berth. You move closer to the window and notice the chant seems to be shifting. The people get kind of fuzzy and then they aren't humans anymore. They've become demons, and the chant is now "Get the Girl! Get the Girl!" "Well, you don't see that every day..." Jaken comments as the demons begin breaking through the door and climbing the wall up to the window. The surge of adrenalin in your system gets you a few steps before clawed hands grab and hold you. You kick and struggle but there are far too many of them. You shout for help but only Jaken can hear, and he's a little busy using the staff of heads to fend off some of the straggling demons. The lead demon opens the bathroom door and the horde drags you inside. In the darkness surrounding you one thought immediatly comes to mind, and you say "This is NOT my bathroom!" A laugh comes from the darkness, "Ku Ku Ku Ku Ku!" "That laugh," you say, "I know that laugh!" "I'm flattered that you recognize me, my dear. Don't stand there you useless cretins, get the young lady a chair!" The demons were unexpected and annoying, but this voice has cold fingers of fear reaching into your chest. A light appears from overhead and shines on a chair in front of you. The demons drag you over to it and bind you in place. You struggle against your bonds but they hold tight. The light expands and exposes your captor seated before you. You shout at him, "Naraku, you bastard! Let me go!" "Ku Ku Ku Ku Ku, you aren't going anywhere, my dear. I have great plans for you. You see, finishing your "Great Work" would require my eventual death." His face becomes dark and serious."That, I refuse to allow. In fact, I intend to win this conflict, and you are going to help me." A writing desk is placed in front of you, complete with paper and a stack of sharpened pencils. "Now that I have you, your little world, and everyone in it, will be mine!"

OH NO!! Its a cliffy!!
Sorry, I did intend to finish this in one shot, but its way too late to finish now (although I do have it plotted out). I did read chapter 62 and loved it! I will have to thank doggieearlover for getting you to post the un-betaed version! I'll give a more detailed review after we get you out of the mess that I've written you into. Remember to get plenty of rest. A nap on a Sunday afternoon is just the ticket ... for Adventure!

Talk to you soon!!


Re: Crowd gets ugly! Fanfic author does something drastic!

Naraku forgot one thing in his little plan. I am the GODDESS in his little world. If I want Naraku to wear a pink tu-tu and sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot," I can make him. Sorry, my spider, I'm much, much meaner than you. Trust me, the things I had to threaten Sesshomaru with to get him to BEHAVE this last chapter were, well, shall I say, nicer than the things I'd have to do to you. I could even corner Naraku into a fate worse than death! He shouldn't threaten the Goddess of his world. She could do many, many terrible things to him. I could write him into a "badfic" on purpose where he's super, super happy and wants to just lurve everyone and spread happy, happy flowers all around. Now see what he has to say about THAT! Or I could force him into Far Away Eye's version of Dante's Inferno. Less suffering by burning, marching, chopping, fornication, more suffering by BAD music. The Nine Circles of Horrible Pop Music Hell! He'd go straight to the Ninth Circle where the worst songs are and the worst people spend their eternity. I have just the song for him! The Hampster Dance. A thirty second email spoof song dragged out to a full three minutes! It was number one for SIX MONTHS on my local station and I can with authority certify IT as the worst "song" in history. And to make matters worse, there is NO way to turn the music's volume off or the stereo OFF. So, Mr. Creepy Red Eyed Spider Dude, which fate shall you choose? Because I promise, each fate is worse than death. . .even you should shudder at that power, because I can, well, keep you alive if that's what you want, but will you really want it in the end?

Now that I'm done threatening poor, poor Naraku who must be in a corner in the fetal position contemplating his fate in the Ninth Circle of Music Hell listening to a horrible Chipmunk gibberish song, I must say that made me smile. Poor Jaken. He almost got himself killed there! People! The toad is annoying, yes, but he's not that bad, really. At leat treat him with some respect. Oh, and how did you know I slept exactly five and a half hours after updating, well, sorta? I might need the nap. . .which a foolish spider must not interrupt unless he wants, well, you know to happen. Telling me to write doesn't necessarily mean he'll get what he wants. . .

I'll be anxious to see your completed story about what Naraku's plots are, and most of all what you thought of the actual chapter.

See ya soon,

Far Away Eyes

Re: Crowd gets ugly! Fanfic author does something drastic!

Last time we left our heroine in no small amount of trouble..

“Now that I have you, your little world and everyone in it, will be mine! Ku Ku Ku Ku Ku!!” “Not while we have anything to say about it, you big JERK!”, says an angry female voice, cutting through Naraku’s fit of laughter. The would-be demon Lord looks up towards the source of the voice and sees what looks like a bright pink comet headed straight for him. The flashing pink nimbus strikes the barrier which the dark hanyou is almost too late in creating. You notice as the “comet” impacts on the barrier that it is actually and arrow. Spiritual energy crackles around the barrier, while Naraku arrogantly sneers at its seemingly futile efforts. His expression changes however, when an arc of energy manages to penetrate the barrier and strikes him, blasting a large hole in his side! “AARRGGG!! You little witch! You may be stronger than at our last encounter, but in the end, it will not help you!” Naraku’s body begins reforming almost immediately. Another shout comes from the darkness, “Let her go! You stinking, pathetic excuses for demons!” At which point a red and silver blur starts slicing its way through the small sea of writhing demons. “Bring the girl, and kill the interlopers!” Naraku orders his minions as he begins to make another gateway to escape through. Other figures follow the red and silver whirlwind and press the attack against the tide of demons. “Hiraikotsu!” a loud female battle cry sings out over the battlefield as a huge boomerang flies in a deadly arc through the horde eliminating dozens of the misshapen monsters. You can’t make out much else in the surrounding chaos except for several explosions of pink, green and blue as well as a large spinning top which bowls over a dozen of the monsters. The demons nearby grab you, chair and all, and intend to follow their dark lord, when they suddenly stop and begin struggling as if attacked by unseen foes. They drop you, fortunately only a small distance, and fully engage their invisible attackers. A sudden flash of white, a swirling of yellow energy ribbon, and there is a remarkable splash of flesh and ichor, which either by sheer luck or impeccable design, does not touch you, and then He is standing above you. He is the very incarnation of cold precision and deliberate control. Far away eyes show a brief flash of hope and grudging gratitude. The cold façade slips for a moment and he smirks. Far away eyes are not amused, and give him a look that would make an oni wimper! The edges of his lips turn up slightly in an actual smile before he slashes your bonds with a flick of his wrist. The cold mask returns to his face as he helps you stand. He then lifts you to sit in his right arm with no more difficulty than if you were Rin. He raises his head and shouts to his packmates, “Everyone clear!!” Then everything blurs for a moment and you realize that he has taken you completely outside of the battle. The great flaming demon cat picks up the members of the group who are still within the battle, except for one in the very heart of the horde. Sesshomaru calls out again, “Now, Inuyasha!” Naraku looks back, stunned at what seems to have happened in only the span of a few heartbeats. Inuyasha shifts the Tetsusaiga to sapphire blue and summons all the power he can muster. As he swings the great fang in a wide arc he calls out, “SAPPHIRE WIND SCAR!!”, and the enhanced Wind Scar races outward from him. The attack slices through the horde of demons like they were nothing more than origami paper, but there are so many that even the power of the orb is not enough. “By the Will and the Power of the god Aldur, we send you back whence you came!” The voices of the sorcerers ring and blend with Tetsusaiga’s own song to a staggering effect. The horde is completely decimated. Naraku manages to summon his barrier but it is no match for this unexpected, combined attack. The dark hanyou’s body is shattered and all that remains is his head floating and cursing at those who he hates so much. “Ku Ku Ku … You think you’ve won, but the war is far from over! Unless one of you knows how to open a portal, the girl cannot get home! It is a lesser victory, but I still win! Ku Ku Ku Ku Ku!!”

What will happen next?! Stay tuned!

Re: Crowd gets ugly! Fanfic author does something drastic!

And now, Part 3 .... Better get the riot gear, this is gonna hurt!

“You arrogant bastard!” you say out loud. “You think you’re all that, you stuck-up, narcissistic son-of-a-demon-bitch!” You shout at the floating head, while you pull a pen out of your pocket. “Well listen up you red-eyed, spider-legged, pathetic excuse for a demon lord wanna-be! You forgot one thing in your little plan. I am the GODDESS in this little world! And pissing of your goddess is a BAD thing!” The wind picks up as storm clouds begin to gather. Lightning flashes as you begin writing on the thigh of your jeans. Naraku moves towards the now completed gateway in order to make his escape, but he is not fast enough. “O, you’re not going anywhere, my twisted little spider. You fear death, but there are soooo many things that are soooo much worse! When I’m through with you you’re going to beg for anything I tell you to, like dancing around in a pink tu-tu, or making happy flower chains to give to everyone at your happy time tea party!!” You’ve finished your writing and look up with an evil grin that would put the Grinch to shame. “Naraku, meet the Happy Dancing Hamster Song!” Something small and round appears on Naraku over his ears, and a strange gibbering sound can be heard coming from them. The dark hanyou screams as no one has ever screamed before. “NOO! Make it STOP!” The head thrashes back and forth trying to dislodge the offending apparatus, but to no avail. “This isn’t over!” the disembodied head shouts between shrieks. “I’ll be back!”, he warns as he slips through the gateway just as it disappears. You pick yourself up off of the ground, Sesshomaru having dropped you in order to cover his ears to protect them from the onslaught of whatever that horrible sound was. “Wow, I think that was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen!” Shippo comments. Kagome, Sango, Velvet and Ce’nedra hold up scorecards reading “10.0”, and Miroku and Keldar just shake their heads. Polgara steps forward and asks “Where is Inuyasha?”. Our favorite hanyou slowly sits up from being flat on his back, shakes his head and asks, “Did we win?” Kagome promptly pounces on him and gives him a passionate kiss as they disappear back into the mist near the ground. Rin runs up to Sesshomaru and hugs him. “Lord Sesshomaru”, she says enthusiastically, “I know how to get the pretty lady with far away eyes home!” “Really, how shall we do that Rin?” asks the Demon Lord of the West. Rin simply says” Through there!”

To be concluded ...

Re: Crowd gets ugly! Fanfic author does something drastic!

And now, the conclusion ....

“I know how to get the pretty lady with far away eyes home!” “Really, how shall we do that Rin?” asks the Demon Lord of the West. Rin simply says” Through there!” and points at a spot just over her lord’s shoulder. Everyone turns to se a slit appear and widen as if a door were sliding open. A small shadow appears in the opening and a small but shrill voice asks “Hellooo. Is anyone there?” “ Master Jaken!” Rin shouts and runs to the “doorway”. The toad demon shrieks again as he is pounced on and glomped by the enthusiastic human girl. “Rin has missed you Master Jaken.“ “Well … that’s as it should be you silly girl”, the bumbling demon manages to blurt out while trying save face. “ I have been awaiting the return of Lord Sesshomaru … and you, for quite some time now!” “ You missed Rin, Master Jaken?” the girl asked expectantly. “Well … you see …” The mortified demon is rescued by a summons from his Lord. “Jaken, come here.” “Yes Lord Sesshomaru!” The toad demon runs to his master, bows his head and awaits whatever is to be given, be it praise or punishment. Sesshomaru’s voice is cool and clear. “This Sesshomaru is pleased. Well done, Jaken.” “Yes, Lord Sesshomaru, well done, I promise I will do bet-“, the diminutive demon stops short and his eyes grow wide when the actual words of his master sink in. “Thank you, Lord Sesshomaru! My only desire is but to serve you, my Lord!“ As Jaken puffs up with pride and begins to strut around, the door behind him starts to slide closed. “We all need to leave here and get back to where we came from,” shouts Belgarath. “All the doorways to this little pocket space are closing, and we can’t afford to get stuck here with so much left to do!” Sesshomaru picks you up and before you can blink, he is setting you down at the closing doorway. An instant later he joins the others as Belgarath grabs at the fabric of reality and pulls it around the group like a curtain. There is a shimmering ripple and they’re gone. You slip through the door just as it closes and step out of the closet in your bedroom. Yielding to your curiosity you open the door and are greeted by a wardrobe which may need to be augmented, if you’re going to go looking for a job. Closing the door you walk into the living room and ponder whether to finish your nap. A rumble from your stomach convinces you that some dinner might be a better idea. “ Yes, that would be good”, says a dry voice in your head. “You can’t fulfill prophesy on an empty stomach now, can you?”

Well, there it is. I hope you like it. I fussed over it a lot, and really have to tip my hat to you for being able to do this on a regular basis! Sorry I had to split it up, LiveJournal will only allow 4300 characters per comment ans I had about 12000. Also, congrats on almost 800 pages!

Re: Crowd gets ugly! Fanfic author does something drastic!

*claps hands like a little girl*(Yes, I really do this when excited. Don't ASK). That was great! I loved how you included all of my threats to our poor, poor Naraku. Poor thing had no idea what hit him with that stupid Hamster Dance. You can hear that abombination Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAuAMJsEMW0

I loved how you had them all come to my rescue! Gotta love Sess and company coming in and doing their thing! And how do you know that Far Away Eyes is pretty?? Or that her closet is 95% Rolling Stones/Nine Inch Nails t-shirts? All in all, that was adorable! I loved it. Poor, poor Jaken thought he was gonna die when Sess praised him. I think he needs a nap, too!

Far Away Eyes


Reviewing the latest chapter we delve into the inner workings and motivations of our two Inu brothers. They both still have a looong way to go. Inuyasha seems to be OK with Kagome and Shippo, but with everyone else he usually still puts on his tough punk mask, especially with his brother. This time went beyond his usual posturing though. He outright lied! Granted he's done it before, but he didn't fool anyone who had a clue what was going on. Belgarath is not really affected by it. He considers Inuyasha as a boy. Hell, he still treats Garion like a boy! Sesshomaru on the other hand is of the mind that, the more dishonorable Inuyasha acts, the less he deserves to be his father's son. And speaking od Sesshomaru, he's far from well balanced at the moment. But at least he's trying to confront the issue thats driving his inner conflict. I swear the real climax of this story won't be getting to the City of Endless Night, defeating Naraku or Torak or whoever. It will be when these two finally accept each other and themselves as brothers and sons of Inutaisho! It really takes a writer of considerable measure to invoke such a response in your readers, do you know that? Why else would we keep coming back for more? Speaking of coming back for more, Koga is so clueless when it comes to Kagome. I do like that you found a way to keep him alive and grow to hopefully become an ally. Even though he has always been at odds with Inuyasha, there has also been an unspoken respect between them. When its all or nothing, they work together to save those they care about. I believe in the anime when Inuyasha fought Renkotsu of the Shichinintai (seven man army) and nearly killed our favorite hanyou, Kagome's choice between Inuyasha and Koga was obvious, even though the two rivals still act like school children! I'm really interested to hear the conversation between Poledra and Koga. In the anime and Manga, Koga never eats any humans, but he gives his wolf pack free reign to kill and eat whatever they want. It would seem that our wolf youkai is in line for a fierce dressing down from a she-wolf who doesn't take any crap from anyone! Well now that I've used up all the free space in your jounal, I'll let you get on with finishing the next chapter in this award-winning saga!

Until next time, your friend, protector and faithful reader/reviewer,


Re: Finally the Review!

Yes, you're right, we did have a few moments with our Inu brothers, didn't we? Inuyasha doesn't lie well in the first place, and yes, it is dishonorable in Sesshomaru's eyes, so on top of all of our dear Demon Lord's issues, it probably didn't make him feel any better. The real question left unanswered, however, is just WHY did Inuyasha lie the way he had? We know he did it, we know how Sesshomaru feels about it, but we don't know why he did. I think Sesshomaru might have to take back some of his anger about that. . .in the long run. As for Inuyasha's big tough face, that might take a few more things to crack it, especially when it comes to his brother. Don't worry, I have plans for our two brothers to have a few more bonding moments, and because they're so difficult, they'll have to do these things the hard way. You're right, though. Belgarath does view Inuyasha as little more than a "boy." Garion is 33 years old at this point, and he's still Garion, NOT Belgarion, for the most part when it comes to Belgarath. It'd probably be a blow to Sesshomaru's ego to find out that the old sorcerer looks at him much the same way. As Beldin would say, "If I was 10,000 years old---" of course we know that he's only 7,000, but still. And if you haven't noticed, Poledra's much the same way, except more infuriating. As for Koga, he's clueless about a few things. He just never could truly grasp that Kagome's chosen Inuyasha all this time, and this had to be a hard blow to take, not to mention the fact that Inuyasha's furious for what he's done. Kagome did try to let him down easy, he just wouldn't have it. As for keeping him alive, I will admit, I'll need him down the road. He's got his part to play and his own tasks to fulfil, but that's what other chapters are for! It would have been much to easy for Inuyasha to rip him to shreds and leave his dead body behind. There's no satisfaction in that. I do think that this encounter will certainly give Koga A LOT to think about, that's for sure. After all, it's not every day a crime you don't even really remember committing comes back to bite you or you find out the woman you wanted has chosen another. And while Koga hasn't actually eaten humans himself, it's close enough for Poledra, and for Inuyasha and Sesshomaru for that matter. I think he'll find out just how much custom makes up the wolves in the world he's found himself in. It should be interesting to say the least! I'm also glad that I can get such a response out of my readers. I do what the story demands of me and try to get it to work out the way it should. And I am guilty, I'll admit, I haven't actually started the next chapter. . .I've been trying to switch POVs in my head and detoxing. Sesshomaru's kind of dominating(Ya think) and he has particular tastes. . .I have to get out of those to the next POV's tastes to make it work, but I should start it sometime tomorrow, after the ever important job search!

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