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Celebrate! A New Chapter has BEEN posted!
Just Kidding. . .
Hey Reader,

It has been an impossibly long time since I last updated Journey, hasn't it? I do hope that this chapter will be worth the long wait, and that it won't be that long again between this chapter and the next. You can partially blame that on the fact that I spent a month working on a Sess/Rin one-shot entitled Child of the Moon. It's a song fic, and I'm glad that's its made it to the ballot in that category for Best Song Fic at the Guild. Membership is currently locked, so keep it in mind for the next quarter once the votes are tallied!

Journey has made it to the ballot for two categories as well: Best Crossover and Best Serial. I'm anxious to see how things will turn out there.

I also have a new job (well, I've had it for almost two and a half months now), that happens to be night shift, so I'm tired and busy. I still managed to get the chapter done, so it might be slow, but it'll get done eventually! I'm hoping the more I get used to my hours and schedule, the easier it'll be for me to fit in writing time that won't require huge amounts of editing.

Anyways, let's get to the review responses. Boy it's been awhile since I've done these!


New Fan: Yes, poor, poor Koga has learned the terrible truth that Kagome was never his. Don't worry though, he still has a lot to do, but I don't think it'll be really all that direct with the group, at least not for some time. You'll just have to wait and see!

SP777: Thanks for saying I can keep control on this crazy cast of characters. I know I sometimes have a hard time keeping everyone straight. . .well only a little. I know people wanted a bit more blood to be spilled in the fight between Inuyasha and Koga, but I need our wolf-prince. He has somethings I need him to do, and he can't do that if he's severely injured or dead. So, I broke his heart instead. I figured it'd be worse in the end, anyways. *blushes* I've been caught. I will admit it, I am addicted to yaoi, well Inu/Sess yaoi. I can't write it, but I do read an awful lot of it. I don't really know WHY, I just do. I think I kinda like to see how weird it can get, and sometimes they can actually turn out quite well. Do I ever see anything like it ever happening between the two of them? No. But it's fun to read it none the less.  As for Domestication, I'll have to check it out very soon. I've been so busy and fighting to get this chapter out that it just hasn't happened, but I'll look for it.

adea neri: I know you've been waiting for a long time! Thanks so much for the patience. It's finally here and you can finally review the STORY! Yay!

shyx: Thanks. I really like writing the story, even if it can be tough sometimes. I'll try to get another update posted much, much sooner than this one!

NiffStral: Hey, I'm glad you liked the fact that I didn't make Koga mean. I don't think he's evil, I do think he's a bit misguided, or he was when he was first introduced. I think he grew as the series went on, even if he still held on to some stubborn ideas till the end of his run in the series(I read, too, even if I should really go back and catch up). I didn't want him evil or bad so I had to have his reaction to things. I don't see him and Inuyasha and co getting along with him any time soon. And if he ever happens to actually SIT down and TALK to Belgarath, he'll be one very, very shamefaced puppy. I don't think the Old Wolf would stand by without saying his piece on that. We will be seeing the wolf pack somewhere down the line, but not for awhile. I do have plans for them, so they won't be going anywhere. And yes, I've seen Sess's mother. Quite lovely and sarcastic. We know who Sess takes after!

Inu4ever: I'm glad that you're hooked. I know that the story hasn't updated in quite some time, but I do hope this really LONG chapter will suffice. I do hope it'll keep you hooked, too.


furubainufreek: I'm glad to see that another reader has picked up the David Eddings series because of this story. And yes, Koga finally got a clue. I won't say if Kikyo will show or not, but I'd say it's highly unlikely. You never know what might happen, though!

inu_obsessed : I'm afraid we still have quite a bit to do before we reach the BIG city at the end of this story. Our characters have a lot of adventure left in them, trust me. Just wait and see what happens to them!

InunKags: Glad you're liking the story. It's fun to write and I hope it'll continue to be fun to read!


Suzy Q 001: I have read some of the same stories you're talking about where Sesshomaru's arm is restored. In Rin's case, within this story, I don't see it working. If you'd like to blame anyone, you can blame David Eddings. The Will and the Word has immense power, but it can only do so much. It's quite possible that Rin would commit herself to the impossible, drain her Will down until it consumed her life force, and killed her. She wouldn't succeed, and it'd be a dismal result if she tried. I think that Sesshomaru does just fine with one arm. I know he probably has his moments where he wishes he had two, but he also knows it was his fault that he lost it, has learned to adapt, and keeps it as his reminder. That and it's a great way to throw off opponents who underestimate him for this. He can trick them and then kick their ass in royal fashion. But that's just my opinion.

ahunmaster: I'm glad you found the story and enjoy it so much. It certainly was not my decision to get removed from FF.net, but it happened. I do hope you'll manage to find your way back to continue reading!

poerocks: I'm glad you like the way the characters are being portrayed. I try hard to keep them in character as much as I can. Sometimes I throw them into situations that makes that even harder to accomplish, but I hope that it works out in the end. I hope you'll continue to read!

wildthundakat: I'm glad it caught your eye and I hope you'll continue to read. It's a roller coaster, so just look out!

Jester08: Glad you like the story and I hope you'll keep reading along.

Well, that's all until next time. I do hope that it won't be as long between chapters!

Far Away Eyes

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new job! cool. not easy to keep an "old hobby" going duyring such a transtion. congrats for getting the chaptersout!

Well, no, it's not, that's for sure. I also know that the "old hobby" keeps me from killing people, sooo it's a good thing I can find a way to get it written. Such is the writer's life!

haha! yes. and killing people makes it hard to keep u p the hobby.. since i'm not sure you get a laptop in jail.... so, it works both ways.

Ah yeah, I'd umm say they don't give you computers to write on in jail. Pooh on them!

or. save the pooh and just don't kill anybody!


Yeah that's my plan indeed. No killing.

Hey there!

I just wanted to take a sec to tell you how wonderful I'm finding "Journey" to be. I found this story a little while ago and I am steadily becoming hooked - I've got a LOT to catch up on in regards to the early chapters, but I am thoroughly looking forward to it. You've written the characters really, REALLY well - especially sessh and rin, might I say, I'm loving their dynamic in this fic. You are clearly an author of very great talent, and I look forward to your future works and updates . . .

With the very best wishes,

litele_one. (a.k.a LittleFoxglove (DevArt), I am Foxglove (mm.org), Reiycheru (ff.net))



Thanks for stopping by my crazy corner. I hope you'll continue to be hooked on Journey. It certainly has been a project. I'm glad you like the Sess/Rin dynamic. I do have a lot in store for them!

I checked your account out at DA. Thanks for the watch!

Far Away Eyes

What a great chapter this was! I thoroughly enjoyed it, the time you took to do everything from Miroku's point of view. It came off really well and I left you a review at mm.org.

I'm glad you liked it. I can't tell you how hard it was to actually get this chapter to WORK out. Miroku's tough to work with sometimes, let me tell you. And I loved the review at mm.org. Thanks!

You're certainly welcome! Of course now I'm hoping you'll have some time to catch up on the chapters I've posted while you were working on yours. I wove the answers to some of your questions you left in your reviews into them.

And I forgot to ask, how is the job going? It wasn't long ago you didn't think it would last past the end of that week, but I guess you are still there. Has it been better?

Yeah, I am going to be going through and catching up on some stories, especially since I'll have a few days off after tonight. THAT and I intend to start the next chapter, too. I have a funny feeling a certain naughty party has stirred some naughtiness in me. . .

The job is alright, not the best or most ideal, but it'll pay the bills. I'm still there, but I'm working a lot less. I worked three days this week, and will only work two next, so we'll see how things go!

Well, hopefully you're getting some other job leads to check into on your days off. It sounds like things may really be winding down there. Hopefully you'll find greener pastures soon.

And I hope that means you'll be participating tomorrow night. Last time I bailed out around 2 am CT and it was still going strong. I hope I can get a nice nap in tomorrow so I can stay up through at least most of it. It should be entertaining, that's for sure!

Have no fear. I get home at 6:30 tomorrow morning, eat my cereal, check my internet quick and I'm off to sleep so I can be ready for the big party. And I'll have you know, I do have a huge, umm, well, you know planned for next chapter. Perhaps the party after this one will get blessed with, well, some of those naughty scenes.

As for the job, I'm hoping to get something else, too, for more money, but for now it'll do. I think things might pick up the closer we get to Thanksgiving/Christmas, but we shall see.

Squeals madly!! yayay!! You updated and I'm working on typing up a bunch of reviews... Doing it in Word this time then posting after I get it done... Squeals!! I'm at Chapter 24 and rarin' to go!! (Nikkie skipped over the reviews so she won't spoil anything for herself...)

Ooo, I look forward to your reviews! I can't wait until you post them. It'll be a nice thing to see. And don't you spoil anything for yourself!

Squeals happily!! Yay!! I can't wait!! I am working steady on the reviews...

Yay! Joins the squealing. I can't wait to see 'em and if they're not posted before I go to work, I'll have something to look forward to when I get home tomorrow morning.

Oh!! if you are still with the jerks R us.. I will have a treat for you in the morning. Is taking a little longer to switch back and forth...

It certainly was a treat! And I can't wait to see what else you have to say!

I'm sorry it's taking long... I kind of fell asleep there and woke up later...Is struggleing to get more done fast!

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