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The Plot Bunnies Are Multiplying
Hey Reader,

Well it seems that the plot bunnies have finally woke up. I have started the next chapter, and I'm hoping that if things go well, this one won't take as long to write and post. Wouldn't that be a nice change? I'm already on page two and have almost a thousand words, so it shouldn't take me a million years to get it written.

The problem seems to be the fact that I have about ten or more other stories I've made notes for that might want to be written, too. Gah. So much to write, so little time! We'll see how things go. It seems that I either have no luck with any plot bunnies, or I have way too many going on all at once. It tends to be a winter thing.

It's been a quiet couple days, which is kind of nice after the long couple months I've had. I'm hoping they'll settle more so that I can get more writing done! Wouldn't that be nice?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I know what you mean. I got hit by an idea yesterday, after I was partway through the next chapter, and had to stop and write on it tonight when I got home. At least it looks like it'll just be a oneshot, and i've gotten it out of my system (well, almost, I'm not quite finished). I'll have to see what my beta says to see if it sees the light of day.

Oh? It might be interesting to see what you come up with, that's for sure.

I have a ton of ideas, just not a lot of energy. I'm hoping I'll wake up or something cause I don't want to waste time not getting something done while I have ideas actually working!

Well, I finished it and sent it away - though I wish I could come up with a better title. Now I wait and see if it sees the light of day.

It can't possibly be all that bad. Though I'm always thinking the chapters are going to be boring, which must annoy my poor beta.

Now if I could just get a few more reviews at AFF. . .or anywhere. Is it just me or does AFF have less and less reviews than it used to? I've dropped from about 5 or 6 to two reviews for a chapter. . .

This plot bunny just appeared out of nowhere. Usually I can attribute and idea to something, but this one - I don't know. We'll see what she says.

My oneshots seem to get more hits and reviews than my longer fics. It is frustrating - you put all the time into them, and then, nothing, or very little. And like you said, they come demanding updates, but when you do, they can't be bothered to respond. I kind of think part of the problem at AFF is the people who are reading - many some who are probably too young to be there, and don't really have the reading comprehension skills to understand.

Yeah, I think you might be right there when it comes to AFF. I think it's partly they can't really understand the things that went into it, and they also don't want to get caught if at all possible. And it's annoying to get a bunch of reviews in between asking for updates and get so little. BEFORE the crash I got a lot of meaningful reviews. I'm just hoping that those people will find their way back to the site.

It sure seemes to be taking a long time, though I have noticed recently some of the authors from before were making their way back. Maybe some of the more coherent readers will as well. We can hope.

I am hoping that more of the good readers I did have will return, because I had a lot of good loyal readers there and I haven't seen a lot of them since the massive crash/reupload. Sigh. I guess we'll just have to wait.

Well, I know I kinda stopped reading and reviewing at AFF for a year or so, for several different reasons, including the crash. But I am often a bad reader because I don't review a lot. More often than not I'm reading to take my mind away from my day and don't feel like thinking enough to respond.

BTW, how the hell does one actually post a frigging story on AFF? I had a pen-name there at one point, but after 6 or 7 unsuccessful tries at uploading something, anything, I kinda gave up... Am I just an idiot? Were there some sort of directions there I just missed??

Anyway, hope you get loads more reviews!

I can understand that. I think the crash has really taken a lot out of AFF, though. Up until then, things were working like normal for the most part and readers could review the work easily. Now I think things are a little trickier cause they're not sure if it'll stay up or if they'll get their whole review ready and click submit only to have the "daily moment of downtime" shoved in their faces, which has happened to me. I found it highly...annoying. Some might just give up and say to hell with it.

And how do you upload at AFF? I always do all my html formatting in my word processing program, then copy and paste it into the blank white box they have, rather than upload a file, which is the other option. I don't know why, it's just how I've always done it.

I wrote it in such a rush, I don't know. At first I was thinking multi-chapter, but I ended up just making it a oneshot to get it out of my system. I'll at least post it here and probably DA when I get it back.

I know that feeling. Though I sometimes think my problem is more of an over analyzing than a rush write. I'd like to see it either way, though.

i have so many in various stages of 'doneness' or 'not donness' i can relate. think i'll get one out the door this week at least so that's good, but then i'll need to write the next chapter faster.... when all these other bunnies are hopping around looking for attention. ack! back, bunny!

Stupid bunnies. They just are so pushy sometimes. I'm hoping you'll get your bunnies to work with you. And I tried to chase one bunny out of the door while working on my serial, only to have it become all consuming. Sigh. I just can't win!

At least for you guys the plot bunnies all belong in the same reader age group. Try flipping back and forth between something deserving at least an R rating and kids' stories! I've got a series children's stories trying to work its' way out, several more adult fantasy stories brewing, a "young adult/teen" story trying to find a shape since 1995 and more romances than you can shake a stick at fussing at me. Not to mention the 300+ (very bad} poems I've got sitting on my hard drive.

I hope all of you get to finish your plot bunnies... Mine like to bug me until I pay attention only to die of fright the moment I do.

I wouldn't necessarily say that all my plot bunnies are sex-related or even technically "adult" related. Child of the Moon might be a hard read for a young child, but it certainly could have been read to one. It's not so much about adult crap as it is about Sesshomaru's concern for the fact that his little Rin's upset and then wanting to make it right! That's not real adult there. The language that I used might be a bit tricky, but then there's no harm in the kiddies learning a few new words along the way, is there?

Other than that, yeah, most of it has violence or sex, but I'm keeping a note of my plot bunnies and adding them as I get them. I have three original stories I am musing on, and I hope to add more to that list. (I'd like to be able to put a short story manuscript together someday. . .but that's another story). I will admit that just about all of my, ahem, Inuyasha stories are sexual in nature or if they're not they're violent. Okay, so one of them would be more angsty than anything, but then I'd actually have to sit down and write it to find out.

I, as a writer, want to be diverse. I know most of the time I will be writing for an adult audience, be it with erotica, violence, or other adult themes, but that doesn't mean I can't tackle the tough issues and do a kiddie story. It's good that you're diverse and all over the place as a writer. It means you're not stuck in one genre, fitting to one formula and trying to generate new stuff within that same arena. I have nothing against genre fiction, because in reality, ALL fiction is genre fiction of some sort. It just takes a great writer to take the "rules" of any genre and bend them if not break them to make an excellent story. To transcend a genre is to make it better, or so one of my professors kept telling me while I was in school.

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