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That was a close one
Hey Reader,

Whew. What a night so far. I am just glad I can be on the internet writing in my journal at all. I got home at nine in the morning after working ten hours at ShopKo last night because we had a really huge truck that took forever to process on the floor, not even mentioning back stock. I went to bed at 10 and slept until 6:30, so I woke up for once feeling rather refreshed. That was nice. I had a nice dinner, relaxed some, started my laundry and took a bath while I let my computer cool down.

That's when trouble started. I decide to reboot my system after laundry is changed, my hair combed, and my sheets changed only to get a black screen. I can see my computer running, hear it whirring, and KNOW it is on. So I try to figure out what is wrong. I see that my monitor light is green, so I know my monitor is on and reading things, but one problem. The screen is BLACK. Totally black. As in I couldn't see anything black. I go, "Okay. Now what." So then I plug and unplug the stupid monitor and get a brief ten second flash of screen. I can see that my computer is fine. Great. Yay. Now to log off and find a new monitor to hook up and be on my way.

Sooo, I drag down the oldest monitor in the house and hook it up. I mean, OLD. Like two computers ago, eight or nine years ago old. I turn the computer back on and lo and behold, I have visual. I'm like YES. I'm ready to go. Wait. As they say here in Minnesota, "well it could be worse." It got worse.

Now my mouse and keyboard won't work. No reaction. No movement. I push the wireless connect thing over and over. Nothing. I'm getting pissed now. Did something blow in the computer WHEN the monitor died? Gah. I don't bother properly shutting the computer this time, cut all the power and juice to the whole system with the powerstrip button, and let it sit. I start to clean up everything, the monitor, the computer hard case, the keyboard, the TV, everything with any hint of dust and turn up Nine Inch Nails' Broken to keep from breaking shit. It wouldn't be so bad if fourteen pages of the next chapter weren't TRAPPED on the computer. I can't access the file, I can't even SEE it. The one time I don't save it to a disc, this crap happens.

I decide then to see if after letting it sit cold for a bit if the computer will let me do my thing. I reboot it again, see the screen come on, and lo and behold I have mousage. Yay! I celebrate and then look forlornly at my flat screen monitor that died. I decide to hook it up to another computer in the house to see if it's truly dead or what. Sure enough, it is. Stupid, expensive thing didn't make it two years. I'm on my first monitor again. Everything is soooooo tiny on the screen. The damn thing IS my desk, but everything's at least ten times smaller than it was on the flat screen monitor. Oh well. As they say, it could be worse!

Anyways, I'm glad to have a couple days off from work, and I am hoping that if things hold on the computer here, I'll be able to maybe, just  maybe, have the next chapter soon. I gotta tell you, that was not the way I wanted to spend my Saturday night at all. I am beginning to think the world is against the lemon in this chapter or maybe there's someone out there against the dog boy getting some perhaps...oh well.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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^o^ Thank KAMI-SAMA you're back in action!! *wipes sweat off her brow* TRUST me, honey, I know exactly how you must have felt. I work with a home pc we got in 1998, for cryin' out loud, which is currently sittin' there dead, tormenting me with all the fanficcage stored in it's hard-drive . . . My only hope is the second-hand laptop I've bought from my best friend, which is currently in the possession of her other friend, who is currently nowhere to be found. >_< Aaargh!! *bangs her head off the keyboard*

I'm just glad that my monitor dying didn't fry something in the actual computer system. I'm wondering if there is some way they can fix the stupid thing or if it's just a big worthless thing now. We'll see. At least I have the chapter(so close to being finished, btw) I just know it's irritating. I shut it down for awhile to let it cool down and recharge and all that, came back after a nice bath and BAM I end up with a lot of issues. I wonder if I had left it alone what would have happened. Oh well.

I'm very happy that everything ended up okay, even if the monitor is a gonner. At least the whole computer didn't die with everything on it.

And I can't believe your monitor didn't last even two years. Unless it's been moved around a lot and banged up, there's no reason for that. I think I would find someone to complain to.

And does Shopko sell monitors? Flatscreens have come way down in price. Maybe you could get you a new one at a reasonable price (didn't you say you get a discount there?).

In all of this, I am happy to hear the next chapter is moving along. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm very happy about that, too. I would be pissed if I lost 14 pages of this chapter(it's a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. I'm on page 16 now.

Yeah, I can't believe that, either. I'm kind of pissed, because it's super expensive. I never banged into it, didn't move it much except to adjust the spot on the desk and took care of it by cleaning it up and the like. So no, I don't know WHY it crapped.

ShopKo, unfortunately does not sell flat screen monitors. AS the person who works the merchandise in the electronic department, I can say for certain that NO they don't. They carry LCD TVs, DVD players, CD players, iPods, all the gaming systems, printers and ink, cameras, phones, but no cameras. They do carry mouses and keyboards, but that's it for computers really. Don't ask me. It just is. It's not all that large of a Home Entertainment department, actually. I'll stick with this old clunker for now. I've had it for so long that now that I've spent some time playing with text size, it's like going back to the old times. It's a good monitor. I'll still call and see if there's anything they can do for the flat screen, but I at least have this trusty thing to go back to.

As for the chapter...I think someone is against Inuyasha having some fun time with his mate. Seriously. I don't know why. It just is.

Don't worry about it - I'm sure he'll get to eventually (are those stripes going to remain until he does?). And I'm making up for it in mine - so far their reunion after he returns home has spilled across 3 chapters - the well scene was just the beginning (though there is other stuff going on as well - so it doesn't take up the entire chapter).

You'll have to wait and see what happens with them stripes. I'm not gonna tell! And yes, he'll most certainly get what he wants. It's just a matter of sitting down and writing it at this point. I was going to do that LAST night but you know what happened. . .

Well, hopefully everything will go tonight as you planned, and you can get it written.

i have been told flat screens just don't last as long as the clunkers. my poor computer is now one year old, has had the hard drive compeletly die (after hiccuping a few times along the way, including six months after i got it) and now has the ex-harddrive of my boss in there (she didn't like it 'cause it's noisy, but it works). thak god everything lived to be continued!

OMG I am so stealing that icon. It's awesome.

My harddrive is good and strong. I have NEVER, EVER and I mean it, had the dreaded blue screen of death. It's never froze. Not once. I've had it had troubles rebooting itself repeatedly to flush something, but that's easy to fix by letting it sit with no juice going to it at all and cool down. It just doesn't freeze and I don't get that silly blue screen. My other system had it happen often, especially towards the end.

The monitor? It's been great until last night. Beats me why it got pissy and quit. I can't tell you what's going on there. Go figure.

BTW, I'm stealing that icon if you don't mind.

nope, i don't mind at all...i think i swiped it from forthrightly's collection. i'm icon challenged so i'm always looking for one's i'm allowed to snitch!

I am, too. The only one I've made is the one I made for Child of the Moon. It's not all that great of one, either, I guess.

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