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Your Reading/Anime List
Hey Reader,

Now, I know all of you who read my journal/work read a lot of fanfiction. What I want to know is, what else are you into? You've got to actually read something other than my story or the other fanfics on your alert lists, right? Have you read anything lately that caught your eye, or do you have a favorite book/series that you love to revist time and time again? It'd be curious to see what everyone else likes to read.

I'll start.

Now that I'm not in college, forced to read things I might not want to read, I'm actually going to take the time to read some stuff I had set aside awhile ago. I am looking at reading Pearl S. Buck's Good Earth and Jonis Agee's short story collection Acts of Love on Indigo Road.  I might also head to the library sometime and dig up some history books on medieval England. I am curious about Japanese history (for obvious reasons) and would like to delve into that a little, too. And if anything else catches my eye while I'm there, I'll see. If I could find a way to get a hold of Hong Ying's fiction, I'd read that, too.

The books I go back to, well, most already know that I return to the Belgariad/Malloreon enough. My other favorite books/set is Gone with the Wind/Scarlett. I read them in junior high and have returned often to them, and the movie. (Never the Scarlett mini-series. That's just AWFUL). I have to say out of the two novels, Scarlett is the better of the two. She actually becomes more of a whole person, rather than a ditz lusting after Ashley Wilkes or being bitchy to everyone. And money is not her ONLY drive. It's also interesting to see how two different authors approach the same world/characters.

Another one I read a lot is Little Women. There's something about it that I enjoy. I know it's sentimental and not my typical, but I read that in junior high as well. I am not as fond of the follow ups, but I am interested in reading the new Mr March book that just came out, all about the pretty absent father in the novel. I may pick that one up at some point.
I also re-read LOTR every so often, too. If I'm feeling a need to go back to something to read just for the heck of it, I'll grab these, though I might have to re-read some of my school novels, too. The Giant's House by Elizabeth McCracken comes to mind. That's a touching novel and is worth at least a couple reads.

I'd also like to know what animes we're all into. I know those of you here are into Inuyasha, otherwise, well, why would you read the story? But what other animes do you enjoy and recommend?

I love Samurai Champloo. That anime is just wacky, entertaining, and fun to watch. I wish it was longer than 26 episodes, but it's still damn good.  The art is snappy, beautifully done, and fits the story. I also like the inclusion of hip-hop music (which is odd, because I don't like hip-hop), but it works here. i also absolutely (WARNING: Fangirling here) love Jin. Out of the three characters, which are excellent, he happens to be my favorite. I like how he's capable of killing and fighting, yet he seems so, well, shy about other things. He's also so reserved. I just like him. (End of Fangirling) I just think the series works and is fun. It's got deep moments, but it has a lot of comedy to keep you laughing, too. And the friendship between the three, regardless of how it ends, is so strong that you cheer for them at every turn.

I enjoyed FullMetal Alchemist, too, but I am a little uncertain about the anime's end. I would like to read the actual manga, because I have heard that the anime and manga are different. The show caught me on the first episode and I watched it till the end. The brotherly love works, and you want to support the characters. The way the universe worked was neat, too. I liked the tragedy that made Ed and Al's motivations work. It was exciting, entertaining, and had it's moments of humor to add spice.

Ghost in the Shell (SAC: 1st and 2nd GIG) is my intellectual anime. I didn't understand half of it the first couple times I watched, and I still don't always quite get what's going on in it, but it was still an enjoyable ride. I love the Major the most out of the characters. She's tough, she's a leader, and she's not going to take any crap, ever. That and I absolutely loved her purple hair. It'd look wrong on me, or most people, but it worked for her. I have seen the original movie, but it's not going to really help you a whole lot with the actual series. It's a masterpiece on its own and if you haven't seen it, I suggest you do.

Cowboy Bebop is such a classic I shouldn't have to say a lot there. I enjoy it, own the Perfect Sessions, so I figure enough said.

Samurai 7 is another favorite of mine, although I haven't seen all of it just yet. At 26 episodes, I'm hoping it won't seem too short. The characters are beautifully drawn, the storyline is gripping, and the dialouge is well done. I just hate that it's on the IFC instead of another channel. I am unable to really watch it there because it's a hassle. My own TV does not have the fancy digital box to actually watch the IFC. I have seen the first three DVDs, so I know it's damn good. If you like a little magic, a funny as hell dude made out of machines, samurais who can really fight, and good characterization, this one is for you.

Finally, there is Eureka Seven. Holy cow is this anime fun to watch. I'm not entirely sure what it's REALLY about, but there is a fourteen year old boy named Renton (which creeped me out after reading Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. The main character in that heroin filled, Scottish dialect novel is also named this, and he's kind of a creep) who wants to have some type of machine to "lift" or in another words fly through the sky ala skateboard type or hoverboard. They also can do this with HUGE machines, don't ask. I don't get it either. He meets his hero that is a master at it only to discover he's connected to one of the machines they have and meets a girl named Eureka, who he falls in love with. Too bad she has kids who raise hell and get him in trouble a lot. The group he joins is also against the government, of which I can't remember the name of at the moment. That's the basic plot. Other than that, it's random chaos.

There's my list of books/animes. I'd like to hear from you about some of what you're into. I'm curious, and it'll be something to talk about while we're waiting for the next chapter, eh?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Definitely read The Good Earth. I read it a long time ago and have revisited it several times. As with Scarlett, do not watch the movie...

I'll have to read the book then. I have heard from several people that it is very good. And yes, I know how awful that stupid Scarlett movie is. It's as if they totally tossed the book out and made up their own story.

Far Away Eyes

I actually like to read murder mysteries. I have several different writers that I enjoy, plus one of the ladies I work with has good taste and she brings me books to read. I also have read all of the Tom Clancy series written around Jack Ryan from The Hunt for Red October all the way through to the most recent. There is also another author that has a really good series they just recently started (well, as compared to Tom Clancy) of a spy thriller type nature. But, the name escapes me at the moment.

The only series I have ever become so hooked on that I read them over and over again was Harry Potter. I didn't even bother with any of it until the second movie came out. The first was on cable at the same time, and it was good enough that I decided to go and see the Chamber of Secrets. That in turn sent me to Half-Price Books to buy the four that were currently in print at the time. So, after reading them more times than I care to admit, I was one of those nuts in line at midnight to buy each of the last two when they were released. However, I just wanted to get the book and start reading, so I bought mine at the Super WalMart rather than attending one of the many bookstore parties in the area. The price was better, too.

TV wise, I do enjoy Samarai Champloo (Jin is also my favorite) and Fullmetal Alchemest. I used to really enjoy the CN Saturday night line up where I could watch them all. It pissed me off when they changed it and put the new episodes on at 11:30 during the week. Since I have to be at work at 8:00 every morning, I can only stay up that late once night during the week and still function. So, I stay up and watch the new episodes of InuYasha and miss the others. They are running the repeats of Fullmetal Alchemist on Saturday still, so I do get to watch them. If I'm up much past that I'm either reading or writing, not watching TV.

And you are right about Fullmetal Alchemist. I noticed there is a move that takes place after Edward gets thrown into Berlin, but it was getting strange enough at that point I wasn't really sure what was going on.

The series I have been truly hooked on otherwise are not anime, but on regular TV. I love the origina CSI (in Las Vegas) and the NCIS (with Mark Harmon). (Can't stand the other two - NY just sucks script and acting wise, and I can't stand David Caruso in the other). I also like all of the Law and Order series.

I'll say that I've never really gotten into Tom Clancy. I just am not big on this whole spy game thing. It sounds interesting at times, but I've never really caught on to it. It's kind of the same thing with authors like Grisham. I've never really gotten into the lawyer book thing, either.

I've seen two Harry Potter movies and never read any of the books. So far I haven't really had the interest to do that, either. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but it just didn't really catch me. I might read them sometime if I ever have the drive to, I suppose.

I really don't understand exactly why they've done the anime schedule on Adult Swim the way they have lately. Why do they have a whole hour leading up to show premieres(well at least as long as GITS was on) being reruns of Inuyasha and Fullmetal? I'm not complaining, but it would make more sense to me that you'd have new Inu, new Eureka, new what ever anime series they get or along those lines, and then some reruns. It just seems silly to me that they've put new Inu on Tuesday when they could get people on Saturday. They're already rerunning some of the more recent eps in that 11/10 PM slot, so why not? I have to wonder about Adult Swim sometimes, I really do. They get all of these animes and what have you, but don't do a lot to support them as much as say their stupidest show Tom Goes to the Mayor, which is just RETARDED.

I also watch quite a few TV shows that are non-anime, too. I love Boston Legal, Nip/Tuck, and Monk. I will be watching the 4400 tonight, too. And I am so glad someone else hates David Caruso in that stupid Miami show. I watch Medium instead of that crap. How many times can Caruso save some little girl/boy or woman from some big bad killer? Every episode seems to be the same. I also will say my guilty pleasure is soap operas, particularly those on CBS.

Far Away Eyes

What REALLY got me was when they were running "Saved by the Bell" at 11:00 before the new episode of InuYasha at 11:30. Who's bright idea was that? I never watched the series when it was on in time for the kiddies to watch, so I'm certainly not going to watch it waiting for InuYasha. I would rather watch reruns of Hunger Teen Aqua Force (which is undescribable except that it is so dumb it's hilarious) for the 10th time than something as stupid as that. I've sent them countless emails. I don't know if anyone reads them, but at least it made me feel better to vent (about everything related to their schedule I thought they had totally fucked up). At least now Robot Chicken leads into it - it is kind of funny sometimes.

Yeah, I like Monk, too. I just wish they had more new episodes I guess there will be a few more sometime this summer since they tend to run them when everything else is in reruns. I tried watching Medium, but her whiney husband got on my nerves. I read an article about the real person the show is based on. She lives in Texas, has bright red hair, has a temper and packs a gun. Gotta love her. Her husband is NOT whiney.

I forgot about Grisham - I've read all of those too. I guess I just like stuff like that, though his earlier novels were by far the best. The more he wrote, the more it seems like he's on auto-pilot, just producing something to fulfill whatever contract he is in with his publisher. His last few were so poor I wondered if he had actually written them himself.

And on Harry Potter, well the books are far better than the movies. The third movie barely resembeled the book at all, and the fourth was okay (it would have taken a mini-series to get it all in). Like I said, I had absolutely NO interest in them, and then was just completely taken in, couldn't tell you why.

Then you're going to REALLY hate the new show they picked up. I kid you not. . .Pee Wee's Play House. I cannot tell you how utterly stupid that is. WTF is some stupid kiddie show from the 1980s doing on a block of TV scheduling supposedly designed for Adults? I don't get it. It has to be one of the stupidest scheduling moves I've heard of in a while. I can't remember what nigh they'll run it on, but I doubt I'll watch it.

Monk rules. No one can be so precise like him, while having as many phobias. I love the episode where he got himself stuck in the panic room and there was a hole in the door to help open the door, after the cops had cut into it and he still thought he was trapped. Or the way he went in the elevator and all he could do was push the damn button and say "Lobby, lobby, lobby" over and over.

Medium is entertaining, but I sometimes have to wonder why her husband is so crabby, too. I do think it's well written, though.

I had heard that about Grisham as of late, too. It really makes you wonder. There are so many writers out there just wishing they could be big best sellers and then there are those who are and they get lazy.

The Harry Potter films are completely different? I didn't know that. That's kind of silly.

Far Away Eyes

What are they thinking (apparently not at all)!! Who in the hell wants to watch Pee Wee's Play House - who's minding the store over there? They are just begging for people to jump over and check out G4's Midnight Spank instead. As it is now I leave the channel usually on USA or TNT, and I have the timer set to jump over to CN for InuYasha just before it comes on.

The first two Harry Potter films were actually pretty close to the book. After that, they changed directors (Chris Columbus was burned out). Of course the longer the books get, the more the movie has to leave out. Still, you expect them to somewhat resemble the book they were based on. Of course those that have never read the books have no idea, not to mention all of the important tidbits that were left out. But, I still watch them just because. However, the books will always be best.

I don't know. It doesn't make any sense to me, either. I mean, Saved by the Bell was one thing, something I found to be rather insulting on it's own, but some show that stars a guy we KNOW has been in trouble with being disgusting sexually, and is targeted towards five year olds? I don't know. I really wish I could figure out what the hell they're thinking there. I really wish they'd pick up a really cool anime, one we haven't seen here yet. But I guess that's too much to ask for at this point.

I'll have to check out Harry Potter sometime, I suppose. I just found the movies so targetted towards the kiddies that I just didn't really get interested in even reading the series. That and I didn't have a whole lot of time to read something like that with my other reading list!

Far Away Eyes

The books start out that way, but they grow along with the kids. By the time you get to the fourth, they are the size of a Tom Clancy novel. The fifth is really dark with everything he has to go through in addition to being an angsty teenage boy (believe me, HP is far from perfect). Even my mother and brother read them (and they made fun of me the first time I came home with one - I was reading Goblet of Fire at Christmas and took it home with me). The next time I came home, my mother had bought all of them and read them, and then my brother had borrowed them. My mother is 73 and my brother 43. In the UK they actually publish them with two covers - one for kids and one for adults. Go figure.

The UK is strange like that, from what I've seen. They often have different music releases like that, too. Perhaps when I'm through reading some other stuff I'll give it a try. . .

Far away Eyes

Favorite Books, Anime et al ...


I like to read Sci-Fi and Fantasy mainly, hence reading the Belgariad/Malloreon series. Another series I think you would like is the "Dragonriders of Pern" by Anne McCaffrey. There are over a dozen books in the series ranging from several different characters' points of view. They are all rich in plot and character developement. The first book is "Dragonflight". If your interest continues Anne McCaffrey has several other series which she has written; "Pegasus in Flight" and "The ship who sang" are a couple to start with.
Another series you might get a charge out of is David Weber's Honor Harrington books. This is military based sci-fi with political intrigue and lots of character developement and background detail. The first book is "On Basilisk Station", where we meet our heroine and her interesting feline companion.
If you're feeling lighthearted, pick up Piers Anthony's "Xanth" books. These books are about a magical land in which all the residents have some kind of magical talent. They are quick-witted and full of puns, some clever and some painful. The stories are very well crafted and the plots become complex enough to keep you guessing until the end. This series starts with "A spell for Chameleon".

Moving on to Anime, I like it. I cut my teeth on the original anime back before it was even Japanimation. When I was a kid, I watched "Kimba the white lion" and the original "Johnny Quest" back in the early seventies. See if doggieearlover remembers that! Then came the series that started everything, "Space Cruiser Yamato", or as it was dubbed in the US, "Starblazers". After that, in high school, I really got into the "Robotech Saga". This was the beginning of the use of humanoid mecha. Mecha is a general term for fighting machines. Then anime was available on videtape and a friend introduced me to "Ranma 1/2". That was the first time that I ever laughed so hard that it hurt! Ranma is a boy who's father is obsessed with making him the greatest martial artist in the world and a man among men. Unfortunately Ranma gets cursed and when he gets cold water spilled on him he changes into a girl! Fortunately, hot water can change him back. You can start to see some of the plot devices already.
As for more current anime, I find that our tastes are very similar. Inuyasha, of course, Full Metal Alchemist was great! "Ghost in the Shell SAC" is like Tom Clancey for anime, very well done. I love the Tachkomas! I cried, almost, when they sacrificed themselves to save the others. I like Samurai Champloo also. I can identify with Jin. Mugen is just too ronin. Eureka Seven is interesting and has shown some good character developement. These machines are Mecha.
Other anime I like are; "Naruto", "Full Metal Panic", "Ah, my Goddess" and I watch "DN Angel" with my daughter.

Well, there's enough to fill up your library for a while! Try some and let me know what you think. Enjoy!


Re: Favorite Books, Anime et al ...


I have actually read the Pern series, though it was quite some time ago. I also read her Damia series. Both were fascinating and well written. The characters were pretty real and developed well, which is what makes a fantasy series work for me. As neat as any fantasy series sounds, if I can't get into the characters, I just can't get into the story. I had that problem with Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. It just didn't grab me, so I didn't keep reading it. I have looked at Piers Anthony in the past, but haven't actually had the time to read them. I have been meaning to head to the library, but haven't yet due to all the other obligations dealing with the job search. Perhaps sometime soon I'll actually put together a list of different books I want to check out. I'll keep your suggestions in mind, that's for sure.

I actually have seen Johnny Quest a few times in the past. Have you seen the spoof series "The Venture Brothers" on Adult Swim? It's a parody of Quest, I believe, and is actually one of the funny comedy series on Adult Swim. I have been thinking of watching Ranma 1/2 a few times, but haven't had the money or the cash to do so. It sounds like it could be hilarious, that's for sure. I certainly want to check out more anime, either current or older, but we'll see when I get around to it.

I have thought about watching Naruto. My beta-reader likes that show, but I've never actually sat down to really watch it. There's just too many books and too many anime series out there! I want to watch them all. . .sighs.

Far Away Eyes

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