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A Thanksgiving Offering of Journey!
Hey Reader,

Well, I hope all of you who are in the United States will have a Happy Thanksgiving. Those of you who aren't, just enjoy the chapter anyways. It was a fun one to write, and I hope it'll be a fun one for you guys to read. I didn't think I'd get another chapter out this fast, but hey, count your blessings and in the spirit of the holiday, be thankful!

Voting is currently going strong at the Inuyasha Fanguild. I'm hoping to hear good news when the results are posted after this weekend. I have been nominated for Best Serial and Best Crossover for Journey to the City of Endless Nights, and for Best Songfic/Poem for Child of the Moon. The Feudal Association has also started taking nominations for their awards period. I'd like to thank doggieearlover for nominating Child of the Moon for Best Characterization for Sesshomaru. It means a lot to me and I'm hoping I'll do well there, too. Journey cannot be nominated as it is on the inelliglible list due to its win two quarters ago.

We've also crossed over 850 pages in the story. I can't believe we'll be close to 900 before we know it. I wouldn't have ever thought it'd be that long, that's for sure!

Other than that, there isn't much to tell. Now for individual responses:


entropy9: I'm glad you have given my story a chance. When I started, I had a rough idea what I wanted to do. Overtime, it took shape in the way it felt suited it best. I have Sesshomaru reacting the way he is for several reasons. When we begin the story, Rin is ill. I can assume she's been ill for a few days and as he's a Demon Lord, who isolates himself from human kind for all intents and purposes, he wouldn't know where to begin to make her better. He needs someone to help him there, hence his search. The other thing is the place they've landed in, I described him as feeling somewhat "domesticated." He's still the same, but this place has changed him in a way. The other thing is, they are in a new place with new people who have unexplained powers. Sesshomaru, of course, feels protective and a bit flustered. It's not everyday he gets told by a woman who looks about 25 (the dark haired woman named Polgara) that she's some 4000 years old or see a man be teased for being 10,000 only to find out he's really 7,000. Then there's the fact they change shape. As for the overwhelming feeling, I have kept each chapter or scene to an Inuyasha character's POV. It should be overwhelming to a point because it is for them. I took the "Learn with them as you go" approach so you're not delving into a character you've never really met before. I hope that helps you out. I hope you'll continue to give my story a chance. It's a challenge, I know, being that it isn't the typical story or crossover, but I do hope you'll find it worth the time.

adea_neri: I know that last chapter had a lot of loose ends to tie up and we had to do a few things to set up other plot lines. I'm not sure how long you want for a chapter though. *wink* It was twenty-four pages when all is said and done. This one I just posted is twenty-one. I'm hoping you'll find it a bit more pleasing, perhaps.

shaid: I'm glad you liked it. Our monk was a pain in the ass to work with this time. He may put on the charm, but he's stubborn as a mule. I'm almost tempted to say he's even more stubborn than our beloved hanyou. I wouldn't want to be stuck in the middle of a staring contest between these two, that's for sure. Yes, Sango is pretty insecure, but do you really blame her? After all, he is often seen running off to flock around other girls and ask them to have his kids. I think I'd be a bit worked up and insecure if I were her, too. I'm glad you'll be re-reading it and that you count this story as one of the "best of the best."

Anime Spiral:

InuKags: I think it's fairly obvious when I'll have another lemon now, huh? I'm glad you've been patient enough to wait and come back to read the latest!

BubbleB09: I'm glad you enjoyed Miroku's POV on things. It was a challenge, but it seemed to have worked out in the end. And yes, I'd say our Demon Lord was a bit pissed. I say he has every right to be. Yes, I'd have to say that as much as Sango gets pissed, she must truly like Miroku's touches. Otherwise she would have either left the group or actually severely hurt him enough to put a stop to it. It's not like she's that defenseless in the first place after all. And yes, they are all a family now. Oh I wouldn't say Sesshomaru doesn't care about anyone else besides Rin. He cares a lot about her, but he cares about his baby brother more than he's admitted, and probably just as much. He also cares deeply for Kagome as a sister. I'm not sure if he really thinks of Miroku and Sango beyond their connections to his brother. As Kagome has said, he's just a big puppy dog under all of that cold shell. He cares a lot, otherwise he wouldn't bother sticking around as he has. I hope you'll like this update as much, even though we didn't get a whole lot of Sess/Rin. Don't worry, they'll get their time to shine, just like everyone else!


Sexy Neko Gal: I'm glad you understand the frustration I had with our monk. I think our monk would be wise to not remind both brothers they look alike. I think sometimes that irritates them, even if it is the truth. I'm glad you enjoyed the scene between Miroku and Inuyasha as they shared a "bonding" moment. That one seemed to write itself, one of the few from the entire chapter. That's a nice gift to get, the book series! I hope you'll enjoy it. It's a fun read and I often return to it. Yes, I've heard of the other series. It's good, but I prefer the Belgariad. That one is about Sparhawk. I'm not too fond of Edding's latest offering, but that's mainly because he's not inventing new characters for me to love, he's just rehashing his old, better, wonderful characters and trying to sneak it past us. I'd recommend reading the Tamuli, though.

doggieearlover: I'm glad you found this chapter worth the wait. Yes, Miroku was very driven, wasn't he? He certainly wanted his friend back to normal. And yes, Koga just doesn't seem to understand that his attentions were not welcomed by Kagome, no matter what she felt. He just doesn't seem to understand that you can't always get what you want. As far as he's concerned, he's a pack leader, a prince, and therefore get his way no matter what. I'm not even sure Sesshomaru is that arrogant that way. Speaking of him, can you really blame him for being tender with Rin? After all, she just had the nightmare of her lifetime become reality all over again. The poor thing needed him to help her through it. As for Sango?  Yeah, it would have been terrible if Inuyasha hadn't forced our monk to say something to her. She can be rather difficult sometimes, can't she? I hope this chapter lives up to your expectations!

Jester08: Glad you liked all of the action in the chapter and that you continue to support the story!

Bookreader9999: I hope this will hold off your withdrawls. I'm hoping, unless I do another oneshot or the like, to not have such a long delay again. We'll see. Life has a funny way of doing things sometimes.

MetsukiKaraTen: Yes, it is quite a good thing that Kagome got Inuyasha to grab that sword, huh? It is funny, isn't it, how Miroku noticed that Sesshomaru's pretty much in love with our Rin, even if they can't really become romantic at this stage, but hasn't realized he's probably much the same with Sango. That's how it goes, though. And yes, Inuyasha has this tendency to either be surly after an event like this or supremely depressed and sad. He kinda went with the latter, really upset because he knew it could have gone differently. Poor thing. He's just got so many issues to work out! And yes, Sango has these issues. I think she's straddling between being considered strong and a warrior and then being a woman and beautiful and all that. Sometimes she just gets upset because she's not quite sure which one she wants to be viewed as at any particular time. And yes, our monk took a chance, but since they were in relative privacy, I think he pulled it off well, don't you?

New Fan: Nope. I didn't lose interest. I just had a busy schedule with a very uncooperative monk on top of it. He can be trying, let me tell you. I hope you enjoyed this and the last chapter, though?
And just for Nikkie, I'll give you your own response so you won't spoil yourself. That and you write such long ones that I think they need their own journal entry. *Wink*

Anyways, until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I really enjoyed the new chapter! I'll have to go back and reread it tomorrow (or later today, I guess) when I'm more coherent so I can leave a review.

And somehow, I knew that would make those markings go away!

I look forward to the review. I know how it feels to be tired as hell, trust me!

And yes, the markings couldn't stay forever, now could they? Something had to make them go away. If you hadn't noticed, I think those markings bothered a certain Demon Lord. Can't let it stay that way.

Best laid plans - I've got to make time to do it tomorrow. I worked like a maniac to make sure everything was done at work this morning so I could leave by noon, and then came home and decided to post the new chapter (which meant the four websites it's on along with proper notices - I forgot about the review responses, but I think you left the only one I could actually reply to for 15, and I did that with your others). Then I had to go over to a friend's house to give Brody a bath so he'll be ready for the show this weekend. By the time I did that, and then stayed and visited for a while, it was 9:00 when I got home, and I'm so tired I'm about to walk dogs and go to bed. So, I will get it done tomorrow since I'm going down to Waco on Friday.

Anyway, it was a good chapter, and of course I loved the lemon. And I definitely noticed that Sesshomaru was unsettled about something. I'm looking forward to your next one already.

Oh I know how that goes for sure! Seems something's always going on to prevent this or that at times. I'll be patient, as I know you've been patient with me in the past! You know, it almost seems like the actual posting on the sites takes more time than the actual writing, doesn't it? Go figure. I'm not quite sure how that works.

I'm glad you enjoyed the lemon. I know I was a bit worried it might not be as enjoyable as the last one was. And as for Sesshomaru being unsettled, even he has to go through it sometime! You'll see what I put him through when we get there. Poor thing. And I haven't quite started the next chapter. Sigh. I'm trying to shift from Inuyasha to Rin and that's not always easy. I look forward to your review when you get to it.

I promise to get to those review responses soon. I hope you're enjoying the chapters you're reading!

Oh yes!! I have written on paper up to Sesshoumaru and Rin leaving with Ce'nedra taking Kagome.. Loving it!! Just need to type in word then post.

Yay. I do hope you're really liking it. You'll be surprised by what happens, I hope. I can't wait to see your review!

So far so good.. Poor Inu everyone is pcking on him.

Well, I just look forward to your review. I hope it'll still be a good read!

Can't tear me away from it! So very good!! and I am having fun reviewing too!

Well I'm glad you're having fun and I hope to see your reviews very soon!

just putting the next one into word now and then to post it.

Thanks for that. I havn't had ANY time to read them though *pouts*. Stupid exams... By the way, have to review your latest chapter. Can't wait till you update!

Well it's something to look forward to after the exams are done. I do look forward to the review.

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