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The Awards Are In
Hey Reader,

Well, the Inuyasha Fanguild awards have been posted and I must say they make me a lot happier. I'm very honored to have won, placed, or showed in the categories I was nominated in. I'm also honored to know so many good authors who are also on the winners list. It's nice to know that we keep such good talent around here at LJ and in the Inuyasha fandom.

The awards I have gotten this time around are:

The Journey to the City of Endless Night:

Best Crossover: 1st Place (Yep, again. That means I'll be up for Best of 2006)

Best Serial: 3rd Place (I'm very happy about this once. I didn't know how I'd do in this category, so thank-you)

Child of the Moon:

Best Songfic/Poem: 2nd Place. (I am thrilled, and not to use a pun, over the moon. I didn't know how this story would be taken or what people would think, but I'm glad to see people enjoyed it. It is a piece I truly enjoyed writing, even if at times it was a bit difficult to get them to work with me)

I'm now looking forward to the Feudal Association awards as well. Thank-you doggieearlover for nominating Child of the Moon for Best Characterization for Sesshomaru. It means a lot to me and I'm anxious to see how that will turn out in the end as well. And I had another silly song fic seep into my brain while trapped at work. Blame it on the endless Christmas music playing at work. I'm not sure if I'll actually write it as I'm getting back into a kind of roll as far as Journey goes, but it is a kind of season orientated piece. We'll see. I might try to see if I can do both. The song you ask? "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (preferably sung by Dean Martin.) We'll see. So little time, so much to write.

Anyways, thanks everyone again for all their support of my stories. I had no idea I"d get any recognition when I started. Both were mere curious things I had milling in my mind until I finally broke down and put them to paper. I do hope you'll continue to enjoy them!!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Congrats :)

*side note-i have a white background and yellow is ow...

I couldn't honestly decide if I should or shouldn't go with color or not. I might take it off, but it looks nice on my green background. Sigh.

Thanks for the congrats!

Congrats! And I guess we'll be doing this all again for this quarter at about the same time as voting on the other.

I hope I don't get too confused!!

Squeals happily!! YAY!!!! you got awards!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!

I'm still working on the rest of your reviews!! Don't worry... I think this is going to be a doozy of a review!!

Thanks. I do look forward to your next reviews.

Squeaks happily... beams more...

go you!!! Considering your talent, I'm not surprised. BTW, I got sucked into re-reading TJTTCOEN this weekend. Then of course, also got sucked into reading the first book of The Belgariad. It's giving me a bit more insight into what you're doing with the crossover. As well as making me wonder if they're ever going to leave...

But ANYWAY! Congrats! It's wonderful news and I'm very happy for you.

*Blushes*I'm just glad anyone reads and enjoys it. The awards are just a nice side thing. And what insight have you gotten from the books that indicates that they won't be leaving?

Congrats on the awards! There is no question that you earned all of them! Keep dreaming, keep writing and most of all, keep sharing!!

Thanks. I don't really think of myself as "talented" because it's not so much about "talent" as it is the discipline to sit down and fight with a sentence or paragraph or whatever to get it a certain way. I think too many people ride on the "I have talent and that's why what I write will be good" then the "I have to work and mold this into something somewhat legible and shows that it took time to craft." That's why so many writers quit, I think. They find out you can't just start and rely on that supposed "talent." But that's me. Earning those awards, especially the songfic category, took work, cause that story was a monster to write, for it's 10 pages. And we know how much of a beast Journey is. . .yeaaaaaah. I'll keep writing and sharing and all that jazz. Right now I just have to sit down and work with the beginnings of that next chapter. Yay for me.

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