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For InuHanyouNikkie
Alright, I thought I'd tackle your reviews and respond to them!! I'm glad you like the fact that I've shown Inuyasha's intelligence here. I think so many people think of how he's shown in the anime, and while Inuyasha DOES have his moments of not being all that observant or in the know, he's certainly not stupid, either. If that was the case, I don't think Inuyasha would still be alive at all. He's going to notice some things, and I think no matter what Shippo seems to think, Inuyasha does think about things quite often. He's very simple in many ways, but underneath it all, Inuyasha is probably far more complex than even Sesshomaru. As for Kagome caring for Rin, I think that we've seen in the past her feelings for Rin. Even though the episode that Jaken tries to steal Tetsusaiga in a misguided bet is a filler episode, I think the fact that Kagome DID notice Rin's rescue of the toad was a nice touch. She has shown that she can care for Rin regardless of Sesshomaru in the past, and in some ways does owe the Demon Lord anyways. I thought it'd be a very smooth way to get the four of them together. I also find that Kagome's character is very accepting of things around her. She accepts Inuyasha as he is, she accepts Sesshomaru as he is, she accepts everyone and everything around her, although she will be disappointed in those like Naraku who are evil and the like. She also would never hold Sesshomaru's past behavior against Rin, anyways. Rin didn't do those things, so why not help her out? As for Sesshomaru protecting Inuyasha on his night of weakness, I just thought that the brothers have gotten so far beyond the way they were first introduced. I don't believe that Sesshomaru has wanted to kill Inuyasha for a very long time, and we know that Inuyasha has felt that way because he said so after he unleashed the Wind Scar and hurt Sesshomaru. I thought it'd only be a natural thing for Sesshomaru to return the favor of protecting Inuyasha after what Inuyasha had done earlier that day for him. Sesshomaru is a character that's foundation lies in honor. He's not going to let someone who does something for him go unanswered. I feel that while Inuyasha may be "weaker" on his human night, he's not weak. We've seen him fight as a human and still manage to survive it. I just felt that without his senses, Inuyasha would feel naked and so I just described it that way. I'm glad you liked that. Yep, poor, poor Inuyasha. He realizes he confessed ALL of those things to Sesshomaru, and then realized his brother tried to at least feel sympathetic. I don't think those two would figure each other out quickly. They know some things about one another and the like, but they don't know KNOW just yet what exactly makes the other tick. I'm not sure Inuyasha will ever have Sesshomaru figured out. Well, I think Polgara's advice to Inuyasha was not to let Kagome go and make the mistake he made with Kikyou twice. And yes, Garion is interrupting those deep thoughts, isn't he? Well we know that Sesshomaru doesn't talk a whole lot, but yes Inuyasha can, especially when arguing with either Sesshomaru or Kagome., that is true.  Okay, so he'd probably hate Naraku, curry, and Koga just as much as the people and smells, but I think in the moment those other things were more annoying. You'll see how Garion and Inuyasha bond later on, trust me! Yes, yes, I'd say that all fancy parties have people who are just there to talk with the big names and then brag about that. Garion had it right! Well when you consider that Inuyasha had been human the night before, would you really blame him for not wanting to look that way two days in a row? I honestly think that if Inuyasha HAD taken the time and had been given the chance to think it through, He would have never agreed to Kikyo's demand. I think he might have come to the conclusion that Kikyo didn't see him but saw her chance to lose the jewel. As for the wolves question and Koga, you'll have to wait and see what happens. Anything is possible so don't count our wolf-prince out just yet. You'll have to see if he shows up sometime or not. I don't think too highly of Koga myself, but I don't think he's a bad guy, either. He's not a good one, but he's not evil. He just seems misguided, and if you ask me, got his position at too early an age without much effort. And I do think there are a few things he hasn't had to answer for from his past, too. After his pack is murdered by Kagura, so much of that seems to fade and disappear. As for Kagome's view of him, just sit tight and wait! Silk and Miroku being friends. .. you might be surprised at how that turns out, actually. It won't be all bad, and you're right that Sango will be very careful about anything to do with the monk. Just keep reading and you'll find out how those things turn out. As for Garion not asking Inuyasha about what he's been doing with Kagome? Honestly, Garion would be utterly embarrassed if he knew due to that Sendar upbringing. And yes, I'm glad you think everyone is in character. I do try hard to make that work out that way. You'll have to see what Rin does with flowers down the road, trust me.  As for Inuyasha's manners and sitting on the floor, he's Japanese and they do sit on the floor after all. Kagome's had the Western influence so she's not so unused to chairs as he is so the floor IS a better option to him. I will agree that people have to remember his upbringing, but we'll get around to that. We won't let that totally go unanswered. What can you say about Ce'Nedra except that's her way of saying that Kagome's made a great choice. Her upbringing deals with the small talk found in court and she's doing just that. I won't say I'm fond of it, but she's just getting to "know" Kagome and in some ways she's nervous so I think that's kinda how it shows. I think Garion wasn't so much "making fun" of Inuyasha as much as he knows what it's like to be in Inuyasha's situation. Ce"Nedra's done the same things to him in the past, after all. . .And Sesshomaru doesn't lie. I sometimes wonder if he's not a dog demon but a Vulcan. . .I figure guys can talk about fashions, after all they know they have to get dressed up. . .Perhaps eventually someone will sit Inuyasha down and teach him the ways of the court, but they really don't have time at the moment, do they? Oh I don't think Miroku really was complaining about sharing a room with Sango. I think for all his bravado, he's very shy and embarrassed more than anything. I think a lot of his vices are for "show" Oh Kagome really didn't mean to use "sex" to trick Inuyasha into bathing, that just sorta happened. She did kinda use the strip tease thing but that's only because she KNOWS he'll never get in the water any other way. And regardless of needing to look a little cleaned up for the party, she knows he'd like a bath but would be stubborn until the end of time if he knew it was hot and didn't have any reason to get into the tub. The sex just kinda happened and I don't think she would have ever thought to use that to get him to bathe. You'll just have to wait and see how things turn out! For the fitting of the dresses, I think what startled her was the way Polgara was so stern about stripping out of her clothes. I kinda borrowed that from Polgara's experience with Arell back in Riva when he sister got married. Oh I don't think Ce'Nedra wanted green to make Inuyasha look her way. She's a Dryad and she likes green so she'd like to wear it. We've seen her wear it so often that it's almost second thought to her. I don't think Kagome's ashamed of her mark, more like embarrassed, I mean after all, she got it WHILE she and Inuyasha were having sex, after all. I don't think Kagome "tried" to keep Inuyasha covered in that shoe fight. She WAS sitting on him in the first place when they came in and got just as startled. It's not often they fight and one of them is naked at the same time! I think the reason Kagome blew Inuyasha off there was partially cause she was poutng. She lost the fight and she was embarrassed. Don't worry, Inuyasha will get his revenge! Where did Sesshomaru have Rin's kimono? Jaken has to do SOMETHING worth noting, right? He probably had to carry the packs. Oh I don't think they're being materialistic so much as they don't want A) people noticing and asking questions that could hurt the party down the road and B) they don't want people noticing and asking questions they don't NEED to know the answers to. Both of those things can be private matters, and the fact that Kagome is marked by a demon could send flags off to those in the crowd that people don't need. It was more of keeping people safe than because they didn't think they were "pretty" Do you really blame Sesshomaru for being thrilled with the reaction people had to his appearance at court? He probably hasn't had it happen in ages. I think Inuyasha just wanted to go sit down and you can't do that in a court, so Kagome was TRYING to get him to hold back without saying so. How can you not have the big entrances of the sorcerers? I'm glad you liked them. Again, just wait and see what Miroku has up his sleeve. He's truly  not given enough credit sometimes. Sure he screws up, but that's what makes him a good character: He's not perfect. I'm glad you liked how Sesshomaru comforted Rin at the table. He's softer than people give him credit for, but that doesn't mean he's weak. He's stronger for it and will kick ass if provoked, and we all know it. Yes, Inuyasha totally hates spicy food and I couldn't help having Sesshomaru suffer the same fate. Poor thing. And Rin being alright with it...I'm sure down the road at some point her tastes in spicy food might come up again in a different way! Again, yeah, we'll get to Inuyasha's upbringing...you'll see. We'll get there all in good time. I don't think they mean to rub it in, they just aren't sure what to do right now in front of everyone. You'll see what happens with Kagome/Ce'Nedra though. . .Yep weren't those smells just awful?? I agree. For Rin and her size, I've always thought that she'd be a smaller woman than Kagome, perhaps at full growth about 4' 10" to 5'  1" at the most. I just don't see her being very large because A) she will grow up traveling and it will make her probably leaner and more muscular, and B) she is Japanese and they are not a tall people for the most part, especially the women from what I can tell. My friend from Japan, he's only a few inches taller than me and I'm 5'3 and 3/4". I believe he was 5'6" or so. I think the reasons that Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are a bit taller comes form the demon heritage. And yes, Rin standing up for Sesshomaru..you knew she'd have to do that and puff her chest out and everything. You'll have to wait and see on Rin's birthday, though! Well that's it! I look forward to your next set of reviews!

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Don't you love Nikkie's reviews? I know I look forward to them (well, I look forward to yours, too, but I know I have to be patient and wait for you to finish what you're working on).

I think you, Nikkie, and bluezinthos are the only ones who consistantly leave reviews that tell me anything...

wait, you mean when i get done with mine, i can't just hop over and say 'review faster' (of which i've gotten a couple and have yet to understand) or UPDATE! it's like "hey, i just did!"

grumbles. i hate when the characters decide they want to have a long conversation. just have sex and fall asleep, damn it. are you up for me sending it to you?

Well, you can, but I have to admit I'd be disappointed. I get enough of those already. What's really annoying is they leave reviews along the lines of "I'm gonna die if you don't hurry up and update" but when you do, you dont' hear a word.

Actually, its good timing. I finished my next chapter and sent it off this afternoon, so send away if it's ready. Conversation and sex sound good to me!

i love those ones. the ones that will just die if you don't update and then disappear for weeks.

it should be two more pages and then done. i want to see where i am with my other one. i have the sinking feeling i'm gonna have to reread everything to see were i'm supposed to be going. for some reason, outlining the big baddy worked so well, but he's just not big yet. i cannout belive christmas is in 2 weeks. it's a conspiracy! i don't get paid until friday and i still have to shop.

I used to get more reviews with substance before AFF had it's big crash and moving period. Now I get only a couple if I'm lucky for each chapter, (That's not including Nikkie). I really get tired of working my ass off sometimes and posting only to get a slew of "Update soon" or if I'm not posting almost three days after the last chapter "i'm gunna dye if u don't update sooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111" and then when I do I get silence or a simple "update soon." I'm glad for every review I get, but it's so much more encouraging to get a review that SAYS something about the chapter or what they liked/disliked, ect. I figure either they A) are lazy or B) didn't really totally "get" the chapter as a whole and can't say much more than they already have. . .

If it weren't for you, I'd have very, very, few decent reviews at AFF. The fics that are a paragraph long and terrible have lots, but the story I've worked my butt off on has a handful per chapter in comparison. In fact, I haven't had one single one since I posted the new chapter the other night. It's kind of sad and scary that I get more on AnimeSpiral than I do at AFF. Even though I don't write for reviews, I do have to admit a few good ones do help inspire me to get the next chapter down.

I don't write for the reviews, either, but I like to hear from people on what they enjoyed in it and what they think could be improved or just simply how they felt about it. And yeah, I was lucky to get like two reviews at AFF. I USED to get like 6 or 7 reviews and sometimes up to 10 a chapter, but now it's dead. I just don't get how hard it could be to say "I liked ______" and not just "it." I've only gotten one review at AnimeSpiral, and I don't know if I want to bother with FicHaven or not. . .

I know I'm one of the ones guilty of crappy reviews. All I can really say is... well... Most of the time it depends. Often it's very, very late when I finish reading something and I have to be up and at work in a few hours so I don't review.

The main reason I haven't left longer reviews for you is that- well... I'm slightly intimidated, honestly. Your chapters are amazing; brilliantly written with so few mistakes I could probably count them on one hand. And while I have questions I'm also figuring you'll answer them eventually. Probably not the brightest way to go about things, but I'm trusting that you know what you're doing. The plot so far seems classic, in a "must save the world" way, but is done is a manner that makes it seem fresh and thoroughly draws the reader in.

So my reviews suck because I'm intimidated and jealous, but still want to let you know I'm loving it. Jealous, btw, because you're able to write this beautiful thing and write it well. One of those "I compare myself to others" things. One of my numerous faults.

Of course, as a writer, writing reviews that challenge and ask questions is something I should already be doing. It only makes sense. I'll be a better reviewer next time...

I had a crash course in "reviewing" in college. It's the dreaded "Workshop." Professors really get irritated FAST if all anyone ever says is "I liked it," and nothing else. They forced it out of us. I'm a Minnesotan, and we're known for being "nice" so if you get a room full of us, most of the time it's gonna be "nice" things. They made us take the pieces home, make notes on them with either grammar or where we thought a plot hole was or what not and return it to said author. That way you couldn't just get away with a big fat "I liked it. It was nice."

When I do take the time to review, even if I have read a chapter or work a while ago, I go back when I have the time, and flag what I liked, make suggestions if I feel any need to be made, and then ask any questions that might have come up along the way.

I don't know if I'm "talented" because all I do is tell the story as it comes to my head and see if the weird ideas that flutter about make any sense. (Like I should be doing that right now. . .) I'm just glad some people enjoy it, because sometimes it's damn hard work. Like that chapter with the stupid monk. I'm still kinda ticked at him for being such a pain. Why can't he take lessons from Inuyasha? And now I'm working with Rin, who's very nice and works well, but the character she's interacting with is kind of being a pain. . .sigh. I figure that the best approach to a story is to explore the characters, take the time to listen to what they have to say, make a few notes (that no one else would probably ever be able to comprehend) and then when you can shut the world away set out and start it and go as far as it'll take you. If you end up scrapping something or changing it or what not, at least you'll have a starting place to BEGIN at. That's the hard part..the evil "blank page." I've been writing here and there since I was six, I didn't learn some of the secret tricks until I went to college, and even there my professors sometimes said the whole major was silly because you can't TEACH writing..unless you find a way to teach self-discipline, I suppose.

OHH!!! I understand Ce'Nedra better.. trying to make friends/learn about Kagome but using the wrong approach.. nods head.. okay... And I understand now about why they need to hide the scars on Sango and mate mark on Kagome! Squeals!! I can't wait for more!! Love how I am still left wanting oh- so much more!! Okay.. so the green is for her heritage.. understands now.. Yep I am enjoying the friendship Inuyasha is making with Garion. Rin is certainly going to be a handful of energy when she grows up for Sesshoumaru. I am still curious about the kimono.. if Jaken had it.. how did Sesshoumaru get it from Jaken? I think that is still the part I am puzled about.. I am soooo thrilled about the story. Can't wait to leave you more reviews!! Thank you so much for answering my questions and queries!

green eyed people must wear green! it's a rule. yeah, Ce'Nedra always strikes me as that giggly girl who never had the chance to have many girl friends and isn't quite sure how to talk with them. she ends up sor of ditsy and insulting without meaning to be.

Eeepp!! I must have missed that rule! giggles.. i have well... I guess for lack of better word Amber coloured eyes.. I'm beginning to understand this more...

green eyed people must wear green! it's a rule.

Very much a rule! My eyes are green 90% of the time and grey or bluish-grey the other 10%. I think I owned primarily green shirts until I started having to wear "uniforms" at work. Red. :-( Not that I don't look good in red... but I really prefer greens.

Now that I'm a nanny and can wear whatever I want, I can buy green shirts again! YAY!!

Well, I think Ce'Nedra really tries. She's not always good at it, but she tries. She was raised a princess so she acts like a princess. I think she's wildly intelligent and brilliant, she just acts the way she's supposed to: a spoiled princess. She was taught to talk about nothing and make small talk with other women because that's what you do. Women don't have anything to do with politics or governing for the most part, so she's not supposed to show that she KNOWS those things. That, and I think she's only really spent time with a handful of women. And at Riva she's not really talking to a lot of women there, either. I think she also wants to help out and be friends but that's the only way she knows how because it's the only way she's been taught. You must admit, Master Jeebers really wasn't all that good for a teacher. . .Well, for Rin's kimono and Jaken having it, they DID have to pack to go on the road. I'm sure it wouldn't have been hard for Sesshomaru to simply have it packed before they left. I figure if Silk can carry his booty around everywhere, Sesshomaru can find a way to have a nice kimono for Rin.

I will just leave it to being a Takahashi thing... (You should see Ranma... Where in gods name the females pull out those great big hammers is beyond me... I think that Sesshoumaru would tuck it away in his haori somewhere..

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