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Give Far Away Eye's A Gift (Please)
So Damn Hot
Here is MY stocking. Feel free to fill it with virtual goodies.
Xmas Stocking
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I think I figured out the trick with this, after ruining mine several times - you have to use the plain text editor. The minute you go to Rich Text it does something funky to the code, and you lose the submit button to put it into your stocking. I just had to redo mine - again. I added who I glomped it from, and by the time I submitted it, it had screwed with the code again. Try the traditional copy and paste, and put it into the plain text editor.

Alright, I fixed it. I should now get gifts. Silly code.

argh! i've screwed around with this too long today! no treats for me!

i can't get mine to work... won't put it in lj cut and won't give you the button to add anything. i get no treats:(

Copy the code from the "traditional copy & paste" and then go to the plain text editor. The minute you flip it to rich text, it does something funky and won't work. I ruined mine and had to start over when I added who I glomped it from. As long as you stick to plain text, it seems to work.

i think i've tried that... literally. i'm supposed to be going to a meeting.... no stocking for me

yeah. that's kinda how my whole xmas feels at the moment...

*hug* Don't know what else to say - but on the bright side, you are getting a new kitchen and couch (oh yeah, and flat screen TV)!

make that *got* the flat screen... why is it HE alwasy gets what HE wants first? hm.......


Well, at least it wasn't like my poor mother - she always got what my dad wanted from him. I don't remember when she started buying her own presents to put under the tree...

Sooo she opened her gifts and had to say thank you for a stupid wrench set?? "Gee, thanks..I'm so happy.." Gah. That's just not right.

Worse - stuff he wanted, but expected her to use like a new vacuum cleaner or food processor. I don't think that food processor ever got used even once...

Those things are the things my mom asks for all the time...she likes to cook. But to get a gift because YOU want something out of it...not cool. That's just not right at all.

that's bad. we make an effort to at least laugh at ourselves when we do that.... and not do it in lieu of actual presents;)

squeals happily!! and then secretly put some of her enthusiasm/energy into a jar and slips in stocking... (for when needed..)

Gah. Can someone give me eyes that aren't 20/70 most of the time? I can't get my 20/25 eye to READ that little text on the gifts. Sheesh. I might need a magnify glass to see what those gifts are!

it isn't you... it's the colour choice they used in creating the stocking...

Well I wish I could read it better...damn.

virtual goodies and best wishes, unicycle with training wheels, a winning scratch ticket, publishing contracts for story, something sweet like you are, a ribbon for your hair... that is the list so far starting at the top..

Thanks. They really should have rethought the text size and color scheme!!

Amen to that! I can't tell if that's supposed to be green or gold, but it's really hard to read!

I'm gonna steal that icon. It's just too cute!

have at it - and thanks! I made it (couldn't resist after seeing that in the last chapter).

I always knew that Inuyasha was a dancer. . .

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