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WTF is going on with AFF???

I just went to AFF to do a speed by check to see if I got any new reviews (It's a habit) and suddenly it says I have no stories posted BUT at the same time that I have 1 in Inuyasha and 2 in Original. If you click to see them, it comes up with NO stories and if you go to the Author's Panel you get no stories. So my question is: WTF? I even looked up doggieearlover's stuff and got the same thing. I even had to do some snazzy age verification login doohickey to even see my Author's Panel. GAH. I'm confused. Anyone have A CLUE cause the news page is still yammering about disclaimers, which I had btw, thank-you very much. . .

Far Away Eyes

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I just went there about five minutes ago too. LOL. It's happening to me too. Meh, they're probably going to have another meltdown. I hope you don't lose your reviews!

I save all of my reviews into Word. . .well I haven't in a bit, but daaaaaamn. That's irritating. This "Test Area" with NO god damned news post to say "Hey, we're fixing something don't worry" has got me nervous. Gah, and we have so few people reading over there lately as it is!

Ugh. I feel your pain. That's why I don't post my stuff that much over there often. It's too bad a lot of readers go there, but I got to the point where I was sick of the trolls and then sick of all the crashes that site has gone through. I post at MM more now, and various other places.

I used to get the most reviews at AFF, now I hardly get any because I think people get fed up with the site going down or what not. I started the story there. I watch MM a lot closer when it comes to reviews these days. I just like to post in as many places as I can to get as many readers as I can, but gah, AFF better get fixed!! That's kinda irritating!

um. mine are ok at the moment. i'll check again int he morning. who knows? maybe I should save our review pages just in case...

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