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Merry Christmas
Inu and Kagome Christmas
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a good one this year. Mine was much better than last years. No one was in the hospital this time, so it was very nice.

Soooo what did everyone get?

I got:

A new, beautifully handmade quilt
A couple sweaters
Some more Alpaca socks (my feet are ALWAYS cold unless I wear 'em!)
A Bert Blyleven Minnesota Twins jersey (He's an announcer for the team, but used to pitch for it in the 80s)
A Rolling Stones record bootleg
Depeche Mode's new live DVD "Touring the Angel"
A beautiful opal ring
Another CD

And that's it. . .

Anyways, I hope everyone had a good one and got what they wanted!

Far Away Eyes

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I don'r think I can eat for a week... and I'm working tomorrow...stupid boss.

Anyway, Santa brought many goodies!
Mobile (finally!)
Bed Cover
Opal Heart necklace
Many Frangipani stuff
Nail Kit
Earings from Eygpt
and lots lots of chocolate! Got a 1.4kg bag of it. YES!

Glad you had a Merry Chrismas!

Till Then


I'm glad you had a good Christmas! Yay for all the nice gifts!

Yay for your nice gifts too!

Merry Christmas to you too! I'm still opening (we took a break)

Ah yes, the joys of opening gifts. Fun isn't it?

yes. as was cleaning up. *yawn*

Sweet!! I got a Travel Esael(wood) that I am currently drooling over.. Some fun socks! a soft pink furry trimmed hat with flaps and pink furry triangles for ears!! I have a hat with ears!! I can rub!! some puzzles and perfume!

Nikkie nudges FAE.. let me know sbout the CD...

Uh oh...a hat with ears? Oh my.

The CD is a band named Army of Anyone. It's the debut. I haven't listened to it yet so I can't tell you. I won't listen to it until I get this chapter done cause I hate to smudge with the music that is working: Depeche!!

I got some put ont my MP3 player... now I need a bigger one... the 1G isn't enough for all my music..

I do love the hat..

Merry Christmas to you to FAE. :)

I hope you had a good one!!

Merry Christmas, FAE! I'm glad that everyone there is well, and you were able to celebrate together. Family is important, and presents are nice too. I got :

a couple books
Pirates of the Carribean 2- DMC DVD
Eureka Seven Volume 3 DVD w/ a T-Shirt!

I hope the new year brings you light, hope, all that you dream for, and more than you can imagine!

I hope you had a good one, too. It will be nice to go to work and not hear Christmas music anymore, that's for sure!

I second the Christmas music... too much in one little shop.

I had a pretty good Christmas. I'll be getting to do more next week after I fly back to see my folks. It would have been a better Christmas day if I could have been with them. And if my mother-in-law hadn't been so snippy towards my husband.

Anyway, I got some good gifts.

2 pairs of earrings and a pin from my hubby, as well as 2 CDs (Snow Patrol and Keane), a new mouse (this one's wonky), a box of chocolate and... lots of sweet treats. Oh and The Princess Bride DVD! All from my sasquatch. He's so sweet.

From my in-laws We got a "Wizardology" book, Starbucks gift cards, a photo of my cute-as-a-button nephew and a carved wooden Hedgie. And a not so nice reminder from his sister that when Schnuff died, it was too cold to bury her so we had to put her in the freezer. Hubby didn't want to just throw her out. :-( He needed a hug after that.

From the family I nanny... $100 cash and a caffeine buzz. :-D

Now I've got another "Christmas" to look forward to, though I'm concerned that the "bad blood" between my mother and her eldest sister might taint it a bit. She wrote some letter to my mother's friend and word got back to my parents and my father is ready to send even gifts from LAST year back and sever ties... Gah.

I just want a NORMAL Christmas!!

Wow, nice haul! =D The handmade quilt, in particular, sounds lovely, I must say. So personal! I love gifts like that.

Me, I didn't ask for much and am delighted with what I got.

3 Books:

Peter Pan in Scarlet (I loved the original as a kid and was curious about the sequel. ^_^)
The Spook's Secret (third installment of an awesome series. VERY creepy.)
GORILLAZ: Rise of the Ogre (^o^ JOY! I LOVE Gorillaz! This is basically the entire history/biography of the characters and is one of the funniest, tongue-in-cheek books I've ever read. I finished it in like a day and it's a giant of a book ^_^)

My fave perfume - Exclamation Dance
Lindt chocolate *drool*
A beautiful statue of a dragon guarding the sword Excaliber. (Excaliber is removable - It's a REAL FREAKIN SWORD (about 2/3 the size of a real one, but still an actual weapon). =D My mother was appalled. XD I'd been working on her for a set of Samurai swords I have my eye on and she refused point blank. And I still ended up with a sword in the end. =D Wheeee! (Seriously though, what is she worried about? I'm a vegetarian, fluffy-animal loving pacifist; I'm hardly about to go on some kind of sword-wielding rampage . . . XD)
And various generic bath-sets . . .

*sigh* No anime stuff, but hey . . . There's always next year. ^_^ Personally, I just enjoyed a really great Christmas with the people I love . . . and one heck of a Christmas dinner! ^o^

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