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Awards! Yay!!
Sounds of Laughter

I thought I'd finally take the chance to post the banners I got for the last quarter. I know I haven't been around a lot, but my beta is visiting for a bit this week. Anyways, here are my banners:

IYFG Nominee:

The Journey to the City of Endless Night:

Child of the Moon:

The banners are well done, and I'm very happy to have them to mark the last quarter. It was a nice surprise.

As for the next chapter, I do have a couple scenes left to write, and then do th editing, so it might a bit more, we shall see. I also have my beta whispering in my ear about some songfics.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Congrats again! And the look on Jaken's face in that one is just priceless!

Isn't it though. . .I'm not sure if he's happy or something else. . .

jaken is so happy, he's crying!

beautiful banners, dear!

I don't know if he's happy or not. . .Jaken's so highly emotional, after all.

And thanks, yours were pretty, too.

YAY! Congrats!
I'm still so glad Child of the Moon placed. It has to be one of my favorites. ^^

Thanks! I wasn't certain how it'd turn out in the voting, but I'm glad it did place, too. I'm just hoping I can get another one-shot to work so well when I get around to writing it.

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