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The Inventor of Ramen Dies!! Don't tell InuYasha!!!
Puppy Pout
That's right! The guy who invented his favorite food DIED. You can read the article here:

Ramen Creator Dies

Boy, I eat a ton of ramen at work. It's fast, it's easy, it doesn't taste too awful. . .I'm sad. I mean, it's not surprising someone his age died, but damn. . .I guess my cup of noodles tonight will be in the inventor's honor.

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Nnoooooo!! Not him!! Inuyasha will hold observation for a month... sulk, pout, and whimper for a month... then demand it be a National/international week long holiday!! (or he'd try to steal Tensaiga...)

It's sad, but I'm sure once she told him that they still make the noodles he'd be alright. . .

I hope so for Nuyasha's peace of mind.. by the way..know how to post AMV on LJ from yourtube site?

Want to share some fun AMV videos with everyone..

Like Kenshin and Inu and and Ramnstein video..

Ah. Hmm, I wonder if there is a little feature in the update journal window, you know like the link or LJ ID button for videos. ..

I've eaten a lot of it, too. I keep a six pack in my desk at work just in case. It's handy if I'm working on a Saturday when the deli isn't open, or if I'm too broke to buy lunch and forgot to pack one. It's cheap and it's pretty good. I buy the chicken variety to keep on hand myself.

And I find it too funny that there is actually a Ramen museum. LOL

I thought that was funny, too. A whole museum to ramen noodles. . .that's awesome!

Poor Inuyasha. How will Kagome tell him the tragic news?

Write a drabble about it...

That would be very amusing!

poor Inuyasha... snickers.. as long as KAgome can convience it wouldn't disappear.. CRINGE!!! I could see him using the jewel for this..

Oh yes, I can see it now... that made my day! LOL! :D

snickers... yep... Inuyasha, Kenshin, Hyoue, Butterflies and kitties can brighten up a day!

That may be a smart idea...

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