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I Have Been. . .You Know, Instead of Writing, Like I Should

I know, I know. Everyone wants a new chapter already! My beta visited and taught me the most evil thing she possibly could have: How to use bittorrents. For awhile now, I've been meaning to check out Ranma 1/2, considering a lot of my flist has already seen it! I downloaded the first season and I am now watching it. It's in Japanese, and it's a blast. I wish I would have done it sooner (or learned bittorrents sooner). The drawbacks: I now want to buy the damn series and check the manga out AND it takes me away from my writing. Sigh.

So far, Ranma is so different from Inuyasha, at least fundamentally. There isn't any real darkness to it and it's not dealing with magic so much (save for the fact that Ranma and his old man can change back and forth with hot or cold water), but I absolutely love how Ranma and Akane are developing. And did I mention that I LOVE the fact that Ranma's girl self has already attracted an unwanted suitor in the first four episodes? I couldn't stop laughing for a good while there. I also find Ranma's old man hilarious in his panda form. The way he acts, is just too funny. Come on, where else will you see a giant panda sit on the back porch and read a newspaper? The comedy is so off the wall, yet these characters aren't one-dimensional, either. I know I'll keep watching, and now, yearn to buy it. Damn the anime industry for being so expensive!

I have noticed something about the character designs in Ranma, though. You can see some similiarities between the characters in this show, and the characters that would later appear in Inuyasha. Akane has a similiar look to Sango, yet our demon slayer seems a bit taller and leaner (or is it Akane's skirt hiding her figure? That reminds me, WHY do these school girls get appropriate length skirts around the knee, but Kagome's is like, oh I don't know, barely covering her ass?). I've also noticed that Kuno has a similiar face shape to Naraku, especially in the eyes. His attitude on the other hand? Pure Sesshomaru, if he was a seventeen year old, cocky, pompous, girl crazy highschool boy. That's what makes him all that much funnier. He takes himself way too seriously and doesn't seem to have enough to back it up.

I have also, out of curiosity, and because so many on the list talk about it, watched the first episode of Ouran High School Host Club. So far, it's kinda neat and odd, and I do love the main character, especially their views on the snobby rich people, but I haven't seen enough to make a real opinion on it. I will have to keep watching it to see what I think of it. The character designs are beautiful, and I just wish I was watching it on a larger screen. I guess after I've watched a few more episodes, I'll actually have something real to say about it. . .

I suppose, I'll tie myself down to my word processor or pencil/notebook and see if I can get this chapter finally written! It's just so hard after taking a break like this.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I shall be the first to commend you on the discovery of Ranma, I think Fano will be next.. I too have recently discovered (again) Ranma.. I don't have many volumes of the Manga (1-4) and I want the seasons!! bitorrent ne? I lost it several times in teh four volumes I have.. nearly peeing myself laughing... (The toothbrush in Akane's Father's mouth when he first sees Ranma topless and female...) and who mr Tendo in Panda form always has a meassage board... I am sooo thrilled to have another to talk to about Ranma!!

I love the subtle sexual undertones she has.. and Akane is soooo very lucky to ahve a guy who'll REALLY understand about that time of the month... giggles... Congratulations!! I wonder if after Journey there'll be a cute Ranma story or cute Ranma/Inuyasha Crossover (only Fano is the one I know of who writes them (ranma)exquistely and true to character..)

Nikkie prances happily!!

So far I really, really like it. It's funny and different than Inuyasha and it's kinda nice sometimes to check something new out. I love in the anime when Ranma and the panda show up and Akane's dad is shaking his head vigourously that he has no idea where the panda came from---or that Ranma was a girl. I just think the wackiness is just too funny.

I don't think I'll try my hand at a Ranma/Inuyasha crossover. Fano already has that market cornered and I don't know the series well enough to attempt it. Being a crossover writer myself, I know you have to pretty much know both series you're writing from very well---or it blows up in your face and you look foolish. I think I'll stick to my crossover for now. Perhaps in the future I might write a Ranma story, but I have so many other story ideas written down to go through first. . .

Ohh!! I can just imagine the blush that'll be on Fano's face when she hears she's conered the market on Ranma/Inuyasha crossovers.. Giggles happily1!! Just like you have the market cornered and completely ruled with Belgariad/Inuyasha Crossover.

I wonder what bitorrent is like?

Well, I haven't read her story, mainly because I wanted to see Ranma first, but I know she's won some awards for it so it can't be bad, right?

I don't think anyone else has even thought about trying to do what I'm doing. It is an odd mixture, if you think about it. It was something that wouldn't leave me alone, and it still won't!

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No way do i have the market cornered.... but of the one's i've read, I feel like i've stayed closer to the original characterizations of both series (the comedic bits primarily) than a lot of other writers. but frankly i haven't read all that many. i think there's lots more room for crossover fun if FAE has any interest. i'm happy to share!

OH yes! Nikkie beat me to it. i LOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE Ranma, almost as much as IY. You did a great analysis of the similarities/diff to IY. I see IY and Ranma's characters as essentially similar in that they are present a tough front to the world, kinda dumb and macho, but are sensitive and smart on the inside. virtually eveything else about them (but their age) is different, but to me, they are best friends (which is how it's going on Romp, Nikkie....)

I HIGHLY recommend the manga over the anime. after the first season of the anime, it diverges significanly from the manga. to the point where they had to bring out the BEST manga chpaters on OAV (i wish they'd do that with IY, but it would be harder as IY is a more cohesive story). The anime is fun, but the Ranma manga is just head and shoulders above it (not like IY which tracks fairly closely to the manga story.
yay! another Ranma fan! woot woot woot!

I certainly want to check the manga out. Maybe next month, for that purchase I'll get one IY manga and one Ranma. I do try to limit myself to about twenty bucks a month. So far the show is hilarious. I love how Ranma always walks on the fence to school, watching over Akane without telling her---or even admitting to himself that's exactly what he's doing.

I can so see Ranma and Inuyasha being best of buds, though. I will have to check your story out after I get to know the Ranma story a bit better. Why do I get the feeling, though, having seen a few episodes of the series, that Akane and Sango beat up on Miroku---A LOT?

I love how Ranma ...watching over Akane without telling her---or even admitting to himself that's exactly what he's doing. this is exactly the kind of thing that starts to get lost in the anime in later seasons..... and even sometime the manga gets carried away with comedy over their relationship development. but it stays the core of the manga more than the anime i think....

If you read my story, start with the Lemon "Romp in the Park" (which is 14 chapters of voyerism/foreplay devolving into one shot lemons), there it's only IY/Kag and Ran/Akan.... in "Romp through Time" Mir/San and others enter the picture. Frankly there are so many characters I don't know if i'll be able to fit them all in (and I don't spend enough brain energy on this, compared to ther fics). So far, in addition to our fave four, I've only managed to work in Ryoga and Kouga. But the others will come along I'm sure...

Manga!! Yay!! Joins Fano in "Woot"'s...

there is a Fan DVD of Inuyasha.. and a IY anime/manga mix show that is out there. I have images from it. Like where they took shots from the manga to make the Anime... (if I could recall where I found them...)

If you decide you want the DVDs, the best prices on just about any anime is at http://www.kcdvd.com/ . I've bought nearly all of my InuYasha there, the complete set of FMA + the movie, and had my brother order the complete set of Samurai Champloo from them. The best part is, not matter how much you order, shipping is $5.00. And they have excellent customer service. When I ended up with one bad disc (one episode out of 6) they sent me a new one, no questions asked. THey didn't even ask for the other back (though I returned it anyway just so I wouldn't get it mixed up with the replacement). I'll be ordering InuYasha Part 8 as soon as it comes out from them (supposed to be released in a couple of weeks).

Oh thanks, another place to waste money at, hee hee. They don't seem to carry manga, but I already buy all of that at Anime Castle. I like the prices for DVDs here, though, and they seem to be cheaper than the site I was looking at. So many series I wanna get now..sigh. At least I limit myself to one purchase a month so I don't go stir crazy!

::snicker snicker snort::

So glad you found Ranma, too! I've watched everything but the OVA's now; my husband found them for me on the net somewhere. We still have them around somewhere, on some DVD Hubby burned for me. Too bad he's the one with a DVD ROM on his computer. I have the first 3 books, paper copies, but also found some scans of the translated Manga somewhere online. I am forced to be vague in the descriptions of where, btw...

Hubby likes Ranma better than Inuyasha; he's got issues with Inu's personality, generally referring to him as "that punk ass" or some other crude nickname. Anyway, I still get the first season's opening theme song stuck in my head, even though I don't understand any of the words. In fact, it's stuck in my head now... OH YAY!!! I just got the song stuck in hubby's head too!! hehehe... Serves him right for not putting on headphones while he blows up aliens.

MY favorite part of Ranma? Screaming at the screen when Ranama or Akane fuck up. :-) I end up doing that a lot. More at Ranma, though. And I'd thought Inuyasha was dense!

Good luck getting to that next chapter!

Re: ::snicker snicker snort::

That's funny that he thinks Inuyasha is a "punk ass" considering he's like 200 years old and Ranma's only 17. I think Inuyasha's that way cause he had to raise himself, but that's a long discussion in itself.

And yes, that theme song DOES get stuck, doesn't it?

You know, I tried watching Ranma just out of curiosity, but it was the English dub version and I was just so completely turned off by the fact that Richard Cox voices him and InuYasha that I just couldn't finish watching it. Every time I heard him say "Akane", I was like, "No! It's Kagome, damnit!"

And it's the exact same thing with the Japanese versions, so I didn't even bother watching those either. That must be some sort of requirement.

I kinda had a hard time with that the first couple episodes, but settled into it after I just forgot that it's Inuyasha's voice (either version) I can imagine that it'd be hard to hear Inuyasha's or Ranma's voice come out of one or the other if you're so used to one, though.

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