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MediaMiner's Maximum Challenge Fiction Contest

That's right, the Second Annual Maximum Challenge has been posted. I have decided to submit Child of the Moon in the categories of "And Then Cry Me A River," and "Sing a Song of Sixpence." If you will recall, last year, I won first place in the "And Then Cry Me A River" category for my original piece Bleeding Through. I don't expect I'll win/place with Child, but in the past year, I'd say it's my best completed work. It was fun putting my favorite band and Inuyasha characters together in one piece. Rest assured, I do have other stories on the docket (other than Journey, mostly song fics), so one never knows, I might try my hand at it again.

I have yet to decide if I will submit The Journey to the City of Endless Night for any categories. I am not certain if I want to make the judges have to read that long of a story when they will have so many other entries to work on. Perhaps if it was completed, I would consider it. Besides, I already know it can win awards as it has in the IYFG and Feudal Association.

Speaking of which, as you'll note, the nominations period has begun for the IYFG again. I have to thank doggieearlover for nominating Journey in the Best Serial category. This quarter, it is my only story eligible to nominate. Just remember, do not nominate it for Best Crossover, as I have requested. The Feudal Association is also having its voting period right now through January 20. Thanks to doggieearlover, again, Child of the Moon is on the ballot for Best Characterization for Sesshomaru. Don't forget to vote for your fave fics and fanart.

Other than that, I am hoping to get this silly chapter to finish itself up so you can enjoy. I know it has been a long wait!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Hey, where's the link for the maximum challenge? I'm so not seeing it on their front page.

They aren't very good at promoting these - you have to go into the forums to find the current contests. Hopefully this will work:
MediaMiner’s Second Annual Maximum Challenge Fan Fiction Contest.

Thanks! Yeah, they are pretty slow over there. Are you going to submit too? I was actually pretty happy with the results last time.

You definitely did really well last time! I didn't, but I hope my writing may have improved some since then. I'll have to see what qualifies and goes from there.

Plus, I'm always confused: do they mean the word count according to Word, or according to MM.org (it's alway a lot higher when I post than the actual word count when I check the document).

I have so much stuff to go through, and there's stuff I haven't even posted yet. It's going to definitely take some time.

They probably will go by the word count of Media Miner.

I wondered about that, too, but checked my MM.org word count for my entires. I could have had Child qualify for One-Shot, but then it wouldn't for Songfic and I wanted to have the song fic category instead. We shall see what happens. I know I'll be waiting anxiously for the results, especially when we get closer to the end of the contest!

I'll have to check when I get home just to see what's what. I certainly had plenty of oneshots recently, but I don't know how many of them will be long enough.

I didn't think I'd enter this year, either, but then I read carefully through the list of categories and decided to see what would happen. You never know! If you do enter, I wish you good luck!

I knew I forgot to post a link to something in that! Sigh. Well at least it's there now. .

Good luck in all of them! I guess I'll have to go and see what their rules are this time and see if I have anything worth submitting.

Thanks. I don't know if Child is good enough to win, but it is my best completed piece of 2006, so I figure it has to have a shot, right?

Well, it is really good, I guess it just depends on who the judges are and what they are looking for this time.

Yeah, it does depend on what they're looking for. I was satisfied with how the contest was handled last year. I hope this year they will have the same fair judging.

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