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Another Chapter Written
Manga Rin and Butterfly

I have another chapter written. Yay. It took long enough, huh? Now I have to do the fun part of editing and send it off to my beta so she can tell me what I missed or if I need to fix something. After that, you guys get to enjoy. Woo Hoo.

I'll say it was a difficult chapter to write, not because of the character's POV so much, as the things going on around them and then there's the things that needed to be tied up and I had to do them rather carefully. I will have to go through and re-read what I have so far to see if I like what I have, but it should be pretty close to being ready. My beta has seen a good portion of it and liked it, so we shall see.

I will say: Be Warned of Angst. Yeah...angst. That's all I'll say.

Oh, and I have to thank inuhanyounikkie for nominating Journey for Best Romance: Miroku/Sango. It's exciting, though I'm not sure how well I'll do there, considering they've only had limes.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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rubs chin... romance is cuddling, holding, touching, speaking to each other... so I think you have an excellent chance!! Squeals!! another chapter done!! alright!

I suppose so, but I know others get them to, well, you know. I am proud of what I have done with their relationship, thus far, though!!

considering the personalities.. you are doing the development of the relationship perfectly. Absolutely perfectly. I can see Inuyasha and Kagome being more intimate because there is no doubts/questions anymore. whereas Sango still has her barriers up and in place.


here have fun getting yourself a sparkley name... I got it from Bluezinthos on DA and did it too!!

I am so looking forward to your next chapter. You always keep us guessing!

I'm glad you're looking forward to it. And trust me, a lot happens in the next chapter, and none of it is really "expected," I think. Some of it might be, but well, a lot of it not so much. Speaking of which, I REALLY should get editing so my beta can get it!

HOORAY FOR NEW CHAPTERS!! Oh, and I was browsing an Antique store this afternoon and came across "Belegrath the Sorcerer." I would have bought it, but they were asking $30.00 and I knew I could get it way cheaper as a paperback or at least off of ebay or Amazon.

It looked really interesting, never even heard of David Eddings until I read your story, but from what I know, it sounds like something I'd be interested in, Harry Potter and LOTR geek that I am.

That is CRAZY. I have an original first print paperback from 1995 that cost me 7 bucks. You mean I've been sticking posting it notes and stuff in a $30 book? How on EARTH is it even considered an antique. Go to http://www.alibris.com/ and you can find quite a bit of the series there for cheap, cheap prices.

Trust me, this series is a lot of fun to read and re-read over and over.

The new chapter is now officially in editing phase at the end of this post. Yay!

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