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Chapter Posted!!

A new chapter of Journey has been posted! Yay! I know the italics (if you're reading at AFF or Anime Spiral) the italics got goofy at the end, but I can't seem to make it read the code correctly, sooo I'm leaving it alone for now.

I'm rather satisfied with how this chapter turned out. It was hard to write at times, but I think it turned out fairly well. I hope you like it!

Links: AFF MediaMiner AnimeSpiral

Now for review responses:

Media Miner:

New Fan: I hope you like the updates, even if they're not as often as we'd all like them to be!

Jester08: I'm glad you liked the chapter. It is rather sad when Sesshomaru and Inuyasha fight, isn't it? Don't worry, they won't always fight!

FullmetalFangirl: I take it we liked the lemon, yes?

doggieearlover: I would have to say that Koga is not welcome in the group. Poledra does not think much of him, no, and she can probably do more harm to him than Sesshomaru, if she felt like it. She can hit him in the ego in ways Sesshomaru can't, at least not with as much impact. And I don't think Koga will find Kagome all that warm to talk to, either. You have it exactly right about Rin. She has had a tiring day, and this chapter made it just a little bit longer, didn't it? While I know Inuyasha isn't always "observant," he does notice some things. I think he would pick up nuances like that, mainly because we rarely see Sesshomaru express things like a smile, unless he is in private with Rin. And you're right, he does have his own voice to contend with, so it's only fair Inu would notice. Sesshomaru is certainly having a hard time with Inuyasha's markings on his face, isn't he? I will say that you will find out exactly what that was about, eventually. He's got some other things to deal with first, but Inuyasha will get the answers on why his brother was so sad. Yes, Myoga does have some good information, doesn't he? I think he knows enough than to ask too many questions about what they "do" as a mated pair, but he had to mention children to get Inuyasha to think, I guess. You know how he needs a push sometimes. Shippo has his own problems, doesn't he? We'll be getting to them in due time, trust me. The poor kit, he just has to get over some things. It's all part of growing up, I suppose. I think Inu has put a lot of thought into Rin's gift because she is a little sister to him and he loves her very much, and unlike a romantic interest, he never had to worry about being rejected a whole lot. Rin's never looked at him as being bad, either. Yes, Inuyasha and running..what would he do without it? I had to have him see his markings so he could think, again. Ah the voice of annoyance..don't worry, that voice is like that to everyone it talks to. It just is. And the bear? Yeah, no chance. And yes, the demon wasn't far below. One whiff of Koga on Kagome was enough, and I think he just had to follow through or go mad. Kagome had to know that. And of course silly Inuyasha forgets the tree was how he met her, but then remembers on his own which is good. I don't know if he'll ever turn into a romantic, though anything is possible!

I Am Foxglove: A soundtrack to the story you ask? Well I will say for a fact that when I write certain characters, they do pick their own music. Both Sesshomaru and Rin adore, and I mean ADORE, Depeche Mode, and if that's not working I go with classical. This last chapter with Sess/Rin was written to Depeche Mode's Playing the Angel album and Big Hits Vol 1. Inuyasha prefers Nine Inch Nails...anything from them. I think he loves the anger and screaming and self-hate Trent Reznor provides. Kagome loves Sarah McLachlan a lot. Koga seemed to like Tool. Miroku, Sango, Jaken, and Shippo refuse to pick someone, which frustrates me. As for the comments about the story itself, yes, Sesshomaru is a little shook up by seeing Inu's markings, isn't he? I would have to say Rin's birthday will certainly be a big event. We'll get there in due time!

MetsukiKaraTen: Yes, Inuyasha is growing up. I think that it'd get old if he never did. And I think, even though he'd deny it if someone said so, he does respect his brother. He was certainly worried about him, now wasn't he? And yes, Myoga, getting squished is what he does best. I figured that Inu had to gain something if Kagome did. It's only fair. That voice? We'll figure out who he is soon. As for the bear, I'm not big on fur, either, but in the medieval period, which essentially when this roughly would take place in our world, fur's all you got. And yes, he did the bear a favor. I think you're right. Kagome is accepting and that's why she can soften Inuyasha, and teach him some of that, too. I feel bad for Inu when he sees the tree first, but again, he had to figure it out on his own, and then he was happy which made Kagome happy. That glass rose should make it, I hope!

inusrosebudforlife: This story is progressing at the pace it should with the number of POVs it carries. Being in third person limited with switching view points means there are tons of little side stories and elements that have to be introduced and resolved. If I had taken a single POV or omnescient third person view point, it'd go faster, but we want the story to keep going, right? I'm glad you enjoy it, though!!


Bow and Arrow: Of course I didn't forget the gifts. I just had to find the right time for them to get them! I'm glad you enjoyed their little gift exchange!


shaid: Lovely description of Inuyasha's day! I'm glad you like the lemon. As for Sesshomaru being a stick in the mud, I think he can play very well---when he wants to! I hope this chapter was as enjoyable!

Well that's it for now! As always, Nikkie, you'll get your own since you leave such long, long reviews! Oh, and with this chapter, I will surpass 40,000 hits at Media Miner. Yay!! Does a dance!

Until next time!

Far Away Eyes

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New Chap

I read your new chapter just as you posted it. I was re-reading the story so it was a nice little surprise. I forsee a bit of trouble in the near future. Did Zedar do to Rin what Asharak did to Garion? It seems that way but I thought her mind was being protected by Polgara to prevent that from happening?

Well, we know that Polgara's had that trick snuck by her before in the past, and I think the fact that she's not working with Rin nearly as closely as her mother might have something to do with it. You'll just have to wait and see what happens from all of this!!

I loved the new chap...alotta things goin on with Rin and Sess. Got the feeling tho, when he said he believed her toward the end there, he really didn't. He knows somethings up, it seems, just not sure what. And her Teacher shouldve know as well. Great chap tho...carry on... :P

Oh I certainly think Sess didn't believe her, but didn't want to get her worked up about her lie, either. And trust me, when both Poledra and Sess find out what happened, they'll be very unhappy!

I was finally able to sit up long enough to read your new chapter without getting dizzy. I really enjoyed it, and felt badly for Rin. It might be a day or two before I'm up to writing a review, but it was a good chapter.

I hope you feel better soon and I do look forward to your review. I'm glad you liked it!

Was so hoping I'd find good things when I got online today! I had to read this chapter twice (which is a first for me seeing as how there was no citrus fruit involved) just to make sure I didn't miss anything. I have a feeling that Sesshomarou knows there's more to what happened than just what Rin said, but I don't think he wants to worry her, but I'm sure some sparks (or claws) will fly when he finds out about her visitor.

I really do wish Rin's training will give her a little bit more confidence in herself so she won't feel as though she has to walk on eggshells around Sesshomarou. I know why she's like that, it's because he's the only good thing that's ever happened to her, and she doesn't want to do anything to make him leave, or be dissapointed in her, and there's the whole gratitude thing with him raising her from the dead, but still...I want her to become more confident and not have to worry about him all of the time. I also hope that Sesshomarou will let her get trained more so she can stand up on her own. He's so much like his little brother that he wants her to protect herself, but only as a last resort--when he himself can't protect her.

Looking forward to the next chapter! ;-)

Wow. I didn't know that my lemon chapters got the second read through but until now the non lemons didn't. I guess that gives me some confidence in that lemon department! *wink* I'm glad you liked that there was a lot going on in it. And yes, our little friend that visited Rin will have a very angry Demon Lord in his face if he's not careful. I also think he knows that Rin's lying and is very concerned that she would do such a thing, but knows that something else has to be going on. We'll have to see how this turns out.

I think now that Rin has finally had to start the healing process from what happened to her when she met Sesshomaru, she'll hopefully be able to get the confidence she needs. She has a lot of things to learn from Poledra yet, and a lot of those things not even Sesshomaru will be able to fully understand. At a certain point, he won't have a choice but to let her learn AND to use her gifts to protect herself---and quite possibly even him. She has to get past her trauma with Koga and the feelings that she can't ever repay Sess enough, and I'd like to say she'll hopefully begin to start that once she starts to really think about what Sess told her. He---without directly saying it---admitted that she's done something he's not entirely sure he could--die and come back to remember how it happened. And now she's acquired a frightening power and learned fast to do the things she's been taught, which makes him both proud and afraid. He's very much like his brother when afraid, too. Only HE can really protect her, and you're right, he figures unless he's been injured or killed, that's how it should be. Rin should only fall back on her gifts as a last resort. He's gonna have to do the hardest thing he's ever had to do: let Rin grow up and become the beautiful woman she can be, and even though it scares him, he wants her to be. I know who can get him to do it, mainly because she's an excellent teacher of acceptance: Poledra. I've built his trust in her slowly, and now that they have a direct common enemy in Koga, maybe he'll actually open those silly hypersensitve ears of his and LISTEN. If all else fails, there's always Kagome! Don't worry, Rin will get her confidence and when she does, she'll know that Sess won't ever leave her. That's when she'll be her strongest, too!

I hope you'll like the next chapter as much as you liked this one. I haven't started anything save for some very, very rough preliminary notes, but it's a start!

(I miss Inuyasha already...)

Is that character that met Rin an original or a character from the books?

Great chapter. But now of course I have more questions than ever. grrrrrrrrr.

(Don't worry, Inuyasha will be back!)

The character that met Rin is a character from the books. He's not original, you'll find out later.

It does seem that we keep getting more questions, but don't worry, we will get answers!

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