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Work, Writing, and Everything In Between
Manga Rin and Butterfly

Well, I have begun the search for a new job, all the while holding on for dear life to the job I have now. I am going to have more hours next week, and hopefully as the calendar year progresses, that trend will continue. I have also decided to go through my resume and work on it to make it better, and then will visit the college's Career Services to have them help me make it the best it can be, so I don't know, I can get a job that suits my skills and talents better than doing regular price checks and maintencing the shelves. I sent off an application to the college bookstore, as well, though I do not expect to hear back. I'll keep up with the classifieds and the improving of my resume and go from there.

I have spent the majority of the time since posting the last chapter making notes and outlines. I already have the majority of the next chapter plotted and sketched out, but I am also making a lot of notes for a new one-shot I intend to write. As much as my beta and I have talked about it, I had better write it or she'll hunt me down. I will say that it is another songfic, once again centered on Sesshomaru and Rin, but you'll know more about it when it's finished and posted. I am hoping that Sango and Sesshomaru can work together so I can hopefully write both roughly at the same time.  I'm rather excited by both writing projects. I may also, depending how much work I get in the next month or so, going over some of my original writing so I can get a portfolio together. Lots and lots of stuff going on, isn't there?

I've posted Child of the Moon at Moonlight-Flower, a Sesshomaru/Rin site, and I'm hoping it'll be well received there as it has been else where. And I've been posting Journey at Eternal Destiny, the new Inuyasha/Kagome site, and had some wonderful reviews there! It's nice to join communities devoted to one couple or another and share, I think. It's not as all over the place as some as the larger archives, and at least those who are there will like the pairing! So if you haven't checked out either place, I suggest you do!

I also have to confess: I have started to watch American Idol. I've avoided it most of the time it's been on in the past seasons, but actually checked it out last night, and it was hilarious. I don't know if I'll watch it through the end, but we'll see. It could be fun.

I'm very excited for next Tuesday, too. The Minnesota Twins Winter Caravan is coming to my small town, and they're bringing Bert Blyleven, Boof Bonser, Jason Bartlet, and a couple others. I am hoping I will get an autograph and a picture with Bert in my Bert Jersey that I got for Christmas. For those of you who don't know, Bert Blyleven was a Minnesota Twins pitcher in the 80s, and pitched on our 1987 World Series Team. He is now an announcer for the Twins on Fox Sports Net North. We watch almost every game throughout the baseball season, so I'm excited for this! The only problem, I do know at this point that I work overnight later that night after the Caravan comes through, but I'll find a way to do both. It's not like you get to see some of your favorite ball players and announcers often!

That's what's going on around here. Don't worry, we'll get more story, and you do have a one-shot to look forward to, too!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I'd thought about checking out Moonlight-Flower and maybe posting Don't go there. It's the only Sess/Rin one I have, so I didn't know about doing just one.

I still have to make myself reread and write your review. I've been working on my next chapter between getting the wireless router and everything set up, but I'll get to it if I can get this chapter finished. It's at least 3/4 done now.

And what's the deal with DA today? I was certain my kiriban would have been hit earlier today, but its been down a good part of the time. Only a few more hits to go... I'm afraid I'll end up on it myself if I keep checking.

I'll continue to hope for you that the job search goes well. At least you have something to help pay your bills in the meantime, but it'll be better if you can find something you really want to do.

I posted there, cause A) I like Sess and Rin waaaaay too much, and B) I figured what the hell. I don't think I'll post Journey there, mainly because Sess and Rin aren't necessarily a main pairing, and they certainly aren't the ones getting the lemons! I don't know if it'd be as well received there considering how much Inu/Kag, Mir/San and other crap going on. And with the new one-shot, I figure I'll have more to post there eventually, anyways.

"make myself," lmao, you make it sound like it's work! Get to review when you can, I understand. I'm starting to get ready to hopefully write two pieces and I'm hoping it'll work!

Stupid DA has been like that for awhile now. Ever since they got that new "submission" format if you ask me. And did you see the new thing at AFF? They're gonna kill themselves off if they keep up all the little things you gotta do just to get in. I understand WHY they're doing it, but daaamn. I already had so little in reviews and readers at this point there. Gah.

Yes, it'd be nice to do a job that I actually throughly enjoy and suits my talents more, but we shall see! Sigh.

Good luck on the job search!

Not sure about that Inu/Kag site, but Moonlight Flower is a lovely site. Tomoe does a good job with it. And all of JadeT's work is just lovely.

The Eternal Destiny site is moderated by inuyashaloverr, so it can't be that bad. It is just starting, so it hasn't had a ton of wank, either. Hopefully it'll be good!

And so far I like Moonlight-Flower. The fact that they have to check over each story before it's posted is a GOOD sign, I think. It means they have real, quality Sess/Rin, and I'll have fun reading through it!

And you're right. I LOVE JadeT's art. Sigh. I wish I could draw!

Good luck with the job hunt! Hubby and I are working on a job hunt for him as well. The company he works for is changing the benefit plan; pay twice as much, get a quarter of the services! Grumble! Greedy fuckers..

I've been to moolightflower a few times, but haven't tried to post there. The stories are good, for the most part. I'll have to check out Eternal Destiny; I'm always up for more Inuyasha/Kagome stuff.

Now I'm gonna go buy snow boots online so I can make the snow stop falling on my city. Like washing your car so it'll rain... More snow is predicted for the weekend. Again. BTW, if any of ya'll WANT some of the snow still being dumped on Denver I can see about sending you some... Please?? Make it go away...

Looking forward to more from you! And I'm eager to read the one-shot once you get it posted! Glee! More Rin and Sess squishy!

Good luck to you, and thanks. I'm hoping I'll get lucky sometime and get a decent job.

So far the stories I've read at moonlight-flower have been pretty good. And I did get a good review so far, so yay.

Keep your snow. I've had enough in my life time to quadruple what you've got now! 1997, we had 70" from about mid-December through about late-April, and twenty foot snow drifts burying houses. Oh yeah, we soooooooo made the national news for how much snow we had. Yay.

Yes, more Rin/Sess squish, although I'm about ready to beat our Dog Lord if he doesn't behave. He's gotta pout some as it is, but he's not being as cooperative as I'd like.

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