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My Feudal Association Award

I know this is old news to some people, but Child of the Moon took third place in Best Characterization for Sesshomaru. I'm thrilled to have been nominated and to have placed. I'm proud of the banner I got, too, which fits the story!

It's so pretty! I can't say thank-you enough to the artist that made it! I also am very proud of my f-list for how well they did. Way to go everyone.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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cool! you got one of jojo_kun's! Congrats!

I'll have to drop a note and say thanks, then. It's just so pretty.

Thanks. I was happy to have placed.

Congrats! And that is a *very* nice picture of Sesshomaru. :-)

Isn't it though? I had to clap my hands like a little girl when I saw it. I've never had a Sesshomaru banner before.

oooh... Purty... :-) Congrats on the award!

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