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Baseball, Raises, and Anime
Rin over the shoulder

Well, yesterday we had the Twins Winter Caravan come through my small town. It was so much fun. We got to see the Twins' shortstop Jason Bartlett, pitcher Boof Bonser (Yes, that IS his real, legal name), and should be in the hall of fame but isn't pitcher now TV announcer Bert Blyleven. I wore my Blyleven jersey to the event where we watched a video of highlights from the '06 season and hopes for the '07 season, had a short presentation by the players and Bert, and then some Q&A. Bert walked past where I was sitting and noticed my jersey and actually said "Nice shirt!" I gotta say, I feel sorry for Boof. During the event, Bert had to keep saying his name in goofy voices, just for kicks. I kinda got the feeling that Bert had done that all day while they traveled, not to mention all week. Ah well, that's what you get for traveling with Bert! Afterwards, we had autographs, and I decided to take the free cards and have that signed instead of my jersey, that way I can wear it. If you're curious, there are 68 days until the Minnesota Twins home opener, and 72 days until Bert Blyleven's birthday. He's funny that way, about his birthday. He'll have it, and then the next day proudly announce "There are 365 days until my birthday" on the broadcast. All in all, it was fun. Oh, and I had my picture taken with the TC Bear mascot. Yay!

Then I had to go to work overnight. It wasn't too bad, kinda relaxing to work during the night and not care what's going on in the store without having someone to come up and ask silly assed questions. We got the truck worked and backstocked pretty much by the time I left at 7:30, a half an hour past my time to check out. All that was left was the annoying Health and Beauty. What was GOOD, however, was my manager called me aside and asked me to go upstairs for my 90 day review, which I was supposed to have a month ago. I was nervous, mainly because I wasn't sure what kind of review I'd have. He sat me down, went over the forms, and said that a 5 was excellent, a 4 great, and a 3 satisfactory. He said that he was giving me all 3s in all the categories they rate, which is good. He then made me almost fall out of my chair. I will be losing a dollar on my check, as you know from the rant about their ending the overnight shift. My manager told me, though, that they have given me a full quarter raise, so when the change over happens, I will make $9.25 an hour. I did NOT expect to have a raise of any kind at all. I figured the review, after I got past the silly number thing was just to appease corporate and whatnot. So that was good.

In celebration, I broke down and bought the first Inuyasha Perfect Collection DVD. I know I shouldn't go spending money, but damn it, I wanted to give myself a little reward. I can't wait until it comes! I have been meaning to get these DVDs for awhile. If my primary anime site had Ranma vol 1 in stock, I would have started to get that manga, too. Oh well. Soon! Stupid anime costs too much, damn it.

Now if I could get off my ass and get some writing done on either the one-shot or chapter, it'd be perfect! Sigh.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Watch it both ways, 'cause the earlier episodes have a lot more differences - some of the biggest are in the Noh-mask one. It seems like the longer they went on, the more the dubs and subs ended up closer together. However, I always found it interesting in that last line from the Tsubaki arc, when InuYasha was carrying Kagome back home, it was the English Dub, and not the Sub, that had the same words as the manga translation did ("I'm with you by choice"). Anyway, you'll enjoy them - have fun!

I've seen most of the English eps. I have them all on tape, and I've watched all but the last five or six. I keep meaning to, but then I'm either working or sleeping or taping something else. I'll be excited to watch the series from the start in both English and Japanese. I can't honestly say I "hate" the dub like some people do, simply because without it, I wouldn't be such a fan. I just have been waiting for EVER to see it in Japanese, and I know people say you can download, but I've always thought of that as a preview, not something to keep. And the dub and subs get closer together in simliarity, huh? That's cool. It'll be a neat treat.

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