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Just Can't Get Enough
Depeche Sess

Well, secondings have begun at the Inuyasha Fanguild, and I have to thank inuyashaloverr for seconding Journey in Best Miroku/Sango and Best Serial. It means a lot to me that my readers feel my works are worth to be nominated/seconded/whatever. I am still honored by inuhanyounikkie to have Journey in the Miroku/Sango category, given that it is only one focus of the story and they haven't really had the chance to go all the way, even if Miroku would like to! We'll have to wait and see how it turns out, I suppose!

I also have been making some progress in my latest song!fic. It's from Sess's POV, so he's kinda wrestled all my attention to the ground, leaving poor Sango behind (she's the next POV for Journey) for now. He's kinda that way, i suppose. No ego there, huh? I'm excited to be working on it and explore something I haven't before, but I am not sure when it'll be completed. I do have three pages and almost one whole stanza of three finished. My beta loves it and as much as Sesshomaru is being a pain about getting the attention he wants, she's almost worse. She wants to see how it turns out and what happens. So hopefully you will like it, too! Then we can finally let Sango have her turn, eh?

I have had a good mailing day the past couple days. I got my P-Chan from Ebay yesterday, and he's adorable. Then today I got another box from my friend in New York. She sends the coolest stuff you've ever seen. She sent me four Rolling Stones singles on 45 (including my name sake Far Away Eyes), a book about them from 1989 I haven't read/owned yet, a copy of Rolling Stone magazine from 1994 featuruing them, three Trent Reznor interview cds, a Nine Inch Nails DVD bootleg and CD bootleg, and two Depeche Mode DVD bootlegs. I am one very happy girl. The stuff I can't get here due to the small town thing she gets and I can't thank her enough. Totally awesome stuff. Now I have to do some serious cataloguing, since my collection's kind of all over the place and, er..ahem, a MESS. I think I'll start slowly doing that tomorrow so when it's done, I have a list I just add the stuff she sends to it. And I'm looking at over 50 Nine Inch Nails bootlegs alone. Oi. I don't know. . .I might start with Depeche Mode. Sesshomaru loves them, and I mean LOVES them. He won't work with me if I listen to just about anything else, except for maybe classical.

Now I'm just waiting for my Inuyasha Perfect Collection and manga I bought. Then I'll be very happy. And as I overspent last month, more than I should have, it's gonna have to hold me through to March. I can't buy any anime until then, just so I don't go way over budget with my bills included and the loss of the dollar from my pay starting next week. It's gonna be tough, but I think I'll manage! I just have to STAY AWAY from my favorite online shops, even to window shop, cause I'll have the compulsion to click add to basket. Maybe by then they'll actually have Ranma Vol 1 of the manga on hand at my favorite store. One can hope, right? Ah, the saying that crack would be cheaper seems to ring oh so true at times like these.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl. I just hope I don't work on it. . .

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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yay for pchan! what volume are you on now?

So far I don't have any manga volumes of Ranma. I wanted to get volume one, but the site I buy stuff from has it on backorder and I didn't want to buy volume 2 or higher and then have them sitting there tempting me to read ahead. I've already been bad with Inuyasha. . .sigh.

Oh, just so you know, I'm stealing your P-Chan icon. It's too cute!

no problem on the icon, though i did get it from someone else (the spaz one). would you mind checking my icons and credit someone if I did? (my PC is crashing or i'd do it myself)

also, you MUST MUST MUST get the Ranma manga... it's so much better than the anime. unless you get stellar prices, i'd say buy it somewhere else. you will SO love it!

I'll do that when I go to upload it, thanks. P-chan is just..so funny.

Oh I do plan on getting the manga. I go to Anime Castle to buy my manga, cause it's fairly cheap. I just will have to wait until the next month to do it. I'm kinda low on funds and low on hours at work (Not for lack of trying!). I just noticed that they've had volume one on backorder for quite some time, and I don't wanna get ahead and stare at them while I wait to get that first one. I'm pretty close to being caught up on the InuYasha manga released in the US, though.

oh, it's definitley worth the wait...

From what I've seen of the anime, that I have no doubt the manga is worth it. Alas, I am poor! Woe is me! I can't even go look at it and lust after it cause I'll end up buying it. Sigh.

i know that problem. does your local library cary it? I read the first 24 volumes that way before i had to start investing!

I don't believe they carry that type of thing, but I will have to look. If they should, I hope they would carry more than just Ranma. I guess I'll have to be patient if they don't.

Until you can find the Ranma manga, check this out: Ranma 1/2 Online

It's the entire manga, and for someone like me who really doesn't like manga, I REALLY love this one!!! Much, much, much better than the anime, and I love how whomever put this online made it so easy to scroll through.

And I just absolutely have fallen in love with Ryoga. And is it just me or does Ranma look like Miroku?

I thought the Dr. in love with Akane's sister look far more like Miroku, just with glasses, than Ranma does. But that could just be me. And I've noticed that the Kuno siblings have a similiar look to Naraku. But then I sorta noticed that right away when I started watching. I enjoy manga quite a bit, but alas, my library does not carry any, and given the fact that Inuyasha's anime ends and the manga goes way beyond it, I've gotten used to reading and enjoying it. It's rather light reading for me, considering the stuff I read in college. I'll have to check into that site, though. Is it in script format or scan?

It's scan, and it's excellently done--very easy to scroll through the pages and you'll read the entire thing before you know it. I'd enjoy the Inuyasha online manga a lot more if someone would format it like this Ranma one.

LOL @ Miroku and Dr. Tofu--yeah, I can see that too. And Ryoga and Koga are pratically identical, but I just LOVE Ryoga and do not care one tiny bit for Koga.

I'll have to look into it, though that doesn't mean I won't be buying it down the road. I know eartweak used to do Inuyasha manga scans like that, but some asshat had to go and place them on other sites without credit and the person who runs eartweak yanked all of them down and doesn't have an archive. The only thing we have now is a script site if we want to start from the beginning.

I find myself liking Ryoga much more than I do Koga, mainly because Ryoga, despite all his faults, IS strong, while Koga seems to be powerless once you remove the damn shards. Without those, he'd be nothing special and the same level as his two cronies. Ryoga gets lost, gets turned into a small piglet, and is a bit cocky, but he certainly can back ALL of it up with his skill. I have yet to see Koga do the same.

Sounds like you're having fun! And at least you're shopping for less expensive items than I seem to be these days. Ever since I got the laptop, I've been looking at all the cool things you can get to go with one. Who knew there were so many accessories...

Well, I'm having a bit of fun, though I'm ticked off at work. They didn't schedule me AGAIN for the coming week. I'm just glad that almost all of my bills are covered for the month, so it's just being very stingy and tight with my money until I can get more hours OR a different job. That, and my deductible from my car accident should come in March, and that'll be a nice boost. Oi. I don't know why they don't just come out and say what's going on.

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