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Yay Me!
Sounds of Laughter

The first Inuyasha Perfect Collection set arrived today. Yay. I am so excited to have three discs with 18 episodes rather than being stuck with a billion discs with three. And I'll eventually get to get rid of the tapes from TV I made. Woo Hoo. I think after Scrubs tonight I'll watch a couple episodes in subtitle. Then I'll be a good girl and write. Or I'll just be bad and beat on Sesshomaru until he curls up in the corner and cries. I think he's been poked too many times with a stick to respond at this point.

Oh, and I do have work next week, evne if it's only for FOUR hours. Pfft, yeah, that's lame. I won't know anything about the interview until Monday, but judging from my past experience, when they say "We'll have so and so call on Monday" translates into "We're never calling. Now get out." Ah well, there's always some where else and I'll eventually find some place that actually PAYS me enough and has enough HOURS to call work. .

Anyways, that's all for now.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Well, hopefully you'll hear something. I hope you do find a full time job of some sort soon.

I should be getting my Perfect Collection Part 8 soon. If I'm lucky, it'll show up tomorrow in time for the weekend. I'm not that fond of a bunch of the episodes there, but the first two are the ones where he went back to Kagome's time, and they had the school festival. I did find that one amusing, and am looking forward to seeing it again.

And you'll enjoy getting to watch 6 epidsodes per disc - I even liked the bundle that has 9 per disc. Much better than three at a time.

I'm just glad it's compact and neat and stuff. All those VIZ DVDs chew up space and I don't have space. I get more stuff all the time (Either bought or as gifts) and I don't get more room. My manga is stacked on my turntable for cripe's sake just cause I don't have any place else for it. And it's waaaaaay cheaper to buy these sets, too, cause at 3 eps a piece from VIZ equals the 18 I just bought..same exact price. Yeaaaaaah.

As for hearing back? I highly doubt it. 1) I had to ASK if/when I would hear back and everywhere else that didn't hire me in the interview ended up telling me before I left and 2) I'm not black. Schwan's is in SO much trouble right now with some discrimination cases in a few states for NOT hiring some black people. They're probably trying to hire ANYONE who's black to make themselves look good. That way they can go "See? We hire black people, too!" 3) The interview went exactly as the other three times before it have gone, and usually that means they had a huge amount of people apply or already had a criteria (ie being black or whatnot) they were looking for and I didn't match it. I will be DAMN shocked if I hear a word back on it. When I told my dad he said the same thing. If I hear a word back, I think I'll fall out of my chair.

Hiya, I just added you after your post that I commented on Sesshomaru. I hope you don't mind :)

Was reading this, and wondering... I just picked up season one of Inuyasha on DVD. Are they other sets?

This leads me to think there might be?

Good luck with the job too, I hope you get it!

Thanks. If you want to see any of my writing, just check the side bar. I have a Sess/Rin (No romance) one-shot, and my ongoing saga that does feature Inu/Kag, Mir/San, and Sess/Rin(again not romantic. . .but still). It is a crossover, just so you're aware. If you should check any of them out, feel free to review!

There are 8 Inu DVD sets thus far. I bought the first one at this site: http://www.kcdvd.com/ They're fairly cheap, considering how many episodes you're getting, too.

Anyways, I hope to see you about. Don't by shy and check out the various ramblings in my journal at will.

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