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Far Away Eyes CAN'T Do Math

Yeah, I have gotten more than enough proof throughout the years that I can't do math. I had a hard time in grade school, middle school, high school, and college. I had to have help in my school years to even pass classes. Even now, though, I can often find out just how inadequate my math skills ARE. Like today, when I get my bank statement. I was pretty much 700 dollars off (and the weird thing is, folks, I keep track of ALL my expenses and deposits in a notebook so I don't have this happen). The good thing, the bank said I had some 700 dollars MORE than I thought I did. Yay for me on that. I seem to always end up thinking I've got way less than I actually do, which is better than finding out you way overspent what you thought you had. God gave me a gift to play with words, although I'm not always sure I do it well. He did NOT give me a gift to play with numbers, and I am always reminded it from time to time.

In other news, I actually work tomorrow and Sunday. Someone called and gave me their apparel shifts from 2 PM until 10 PM (More like 10:30 or 11 depending how much maintenance or signing has to be done, but still). That'll help out in the long run, especially considering I still do have bills to pay NEXT month and the months after that. Then I'll work on Thursday morning from 4 AM until 9 AM (or whenever my supervisor says I can go. I know him, he'll ask me to stay an hour, two, three, whatever past my clock out time. As little as I've worked lately, I won't mind.)

Do you think it'd be terribly awful of me to actually break down and buy a couple manga...now knowing I'm not totally and irrevocably broke or close to it? I know I'm still not working a ton, but I am quite a bit away from actually being in the hole, and my ready reserve is now paid off, so that's 20 bucks I won't have sucked out for that. It wouldn't be evil of me, would it?? Cause Ranma vol 1 is now available at my fave store. . .EDIT: I did it. I broke down and bought the first Ranma and another Inu manga volume. Yeah, I know. I shouldn't but damn it, I couldn't help it!

I suppose I should go write so I can get some where on my story, especially considering I work tomorrow. . .

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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All I can say is, thank heavens for online banking. I do much better keeping regular tabs on it that way, than depending on a statement once a month. Especially since I have some charges that are debited automatically every month.

It is nice to discover you had a lot more than you thought - makes it easier to pay those bills.

I've never actually gotten into online banking. I just try to keep tabs as best as I can by writing it down. You can tell how well that works. *wink* And yes, it is a lot nicer knowing I have more money than I thought I had, cause the way I had it figured out, I'd be lucky to have enough money for next month and the like. I also have to go in and get my W2s to a tax preparer so I can get that money back, then there's my car accident money that should come next month, so regardless of the job, hopefully I'll be good for the upcoming bills.

Well, I'd say don't spend it all in one place, but I don't think that'll be a problem since you haven't spent what you have!

I don't know, I bet I could put you to shame in the lacking of match skills, although for me, it's a case of numerical dyslexia--I'll write down the amount in the checkbook, but will reverse some of the digits--$10.43 will become $10.34. I literally have to take an entire evening to balance things up, but then that's where internet banking comes in handy! But I'll take an error like yours any day--usually I'm way more in the red than I realize.

As for you buying manga, I saw an icon the other day on someone's LJ that said something to the effect of: "manga: my anti-drug. because who can afford drugs after buying manga."

I don't know. I'm absolutely awful at math that it's hopeless. I can't add or subtract for a damn in my head. And I was just thrilled to pass ANY math class. I don't know why I always think I have less than I really do, it just usually turns up I have more than I thought, anywhere from 200 to 400 off most of the time...Oh well, as long as I'm not in the red, it's okay.

And yes, I think drugs would be cheaper than my anime addiction. GAH. I'm always window shopping at sites online for stuff I want.

I hope this works. I have opened an LJ account. What a pain in the ass.

Funny that you should mention balancing checkbooks. I am an engineer by profession (so I'm kinda of good with math *wink*wink*) but the stupid computer overwhelms me. I used to be very anal about keeping a running tab with each transaction. Now, I just wait for the statement to come and cross out the in-flows and out-flows and the balance should be correct. I still do keep a running tab on my account just to know where I stand.... (yup...did I mention I am very anal-...retentive, that is... ?!?!?)

Thank God for my husband who just loves this computer gizmo thingymaggig...

Hey, welcome to the addiction that is LJ. I'm almost always here and I shouldn't be cause I don't get my writing done then. (like right now, me and Sess are sorta working, I don't know if I like it, though). Feel free to visit any time, though!

And really? An engineer? Wow, yeah, I wouldn't know how to do any of that. I got a BA in Creative Writing. Yay me. (Yeah, that was pratical)

To answer your question. I've read up through chapter 66 of "Journey" which I think is your most recent update.

So I am caught up but am waiting for the next installment. (Hey, no pressure :) !)

I seem to hit a slight obstacle with my current "Return" and what is worse is that I have a couple of ideas of more one-shots that won't let me concentrate properly.

What's more, I have a several work projects that are kicking my hiney right now. I am supposed to immerse/guide 2 new colleagues to share the burden (manager's idea of leveling the workload across his team members)...but it seems such a bog to take the time and get them up the learning curve to be where we are currently positioned.


Well until this one-shot is done, I can't work on Journey. Sango's a pushover and Sesshomaru's mean. It'll probably be awhile before we get back to Journey, considering how pissy our dear Demon Lord is being about this one-shot. I am hoping it'll get easier once I get him to the point in the story where he gets what he wants.

I am glad that you're caught up on the story. I didn't know if you've read it at AFF or other places. Now that I know you've caught up, I hope you liked it at least!

I do wish you luck with the training of other people thing. I am glad I don't have to teach people how to do things. I don't think I'd be particularly good at it.


My ignorance is showing. I've gone to add you as a friend (my 1st on LJ) and the stupid thing wouldn't let me. It kept asking for me to log in but I was ALREADY logged in. A MAJOR aggravation.

*Breathe deep 1X, 2X, 3X...*

I am going to get a cup of sweet tea (yup..I live in the South) to get my BP down !!! Please know I am not ignoring you and I will eventually get a better hang on this!)

I'm logged in at all times on LJ. Hell, my browser kicks so much ass that when I shut down and reboot the computer later on, it reloads everything I had open like I never closed it. I don't know why LJ would keep booting you like that, but I've seen it happen from time to time. I saw you on the friends page, so it must have taken! Hope to hear from you soon.

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