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Look! It's NOT a Drabble! NO! It's boring stuff about JOBS!

Well, I just spent my afternoon at another staffing agency. I do not know if it will lead to much of anything, quite frankly. I filled out a bunch of annoying paper work and took another stupid test where I KNOW I bombed all the math because I just do not do math well. Then I was told they'd put my name in for a production line position, but I am not certain if it will work or not. We shall see. I am left trying to figure out what to do with my ShopKo job if something should come up, though.

Speaking of ShopKo, I get the joys of getting up at 3 AM and going to work at 4 AM tomorrow. I am not really excited about that to tell you the truth. I think it'll be hard after working mostly afternoons and overnights. I figure I get through my shift and then come home and crash and relax. I am fairly certain the staffing agency will not call that fast about the other job. I know I'd be extremely surprised. It'll be nice to relax some, although I'll have to go get my schedule for next week later in the afternoon.

Once I know my schedule, I will go through my resume again and make a few changes. Then I will make an appointment with the career services at the college so I can also get a "career" job search going. I'd love to get a job that uses my skills, not just the "I need money so I can pay bills." That, and I'd like to be able to live on my own like an adult. I pay rent and all the expenses pertaining to my car, but I would like to be independent. I have yet to find the job that will allow me to do this. It is my GOAL, folks.

In other news, I have gotten some where on the one-shot, but I am still working through the stuff I just feel needs that extra touch. I am feeling a bit better about it, now that I added in a few things my beta wanted. I am hoping that the rest of the editing process will go well and I can get into the last stanza and then finish the actual story. Then you folks can enjoy it, but we shall see!

Anyways, I better get going on some writing, as I don't have as much time tonight as I'd like!!

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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Job hunting sucks, good luck. I hope you find one you like that does use your skills!

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