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Has It Really Been Two WHOLE Years?!

I bet you wonder about the title of this entry, huh? Well, as of today, my story The Journey to the City of Endless Night turned TWO. I remember when it all started---as does my beta. I had re-read David Edding's series The Belgariad/Malloreon that summer, and accidently happened across Inuyasha late at night flipping through the channels. I stopped because I thought it looked pretty (I saw Sesshomaru first, if you wanted to know) and had to know what this show WAS. From there I just started to read any manga I could get my hands on (my beta had about fifteen of the volumes) and watched the episodes as they were played on Adult Swim.

Then an idea struck me. I just couldn't shake the idea about how neat it would be for the Inuyasha gang to meet the Eddings cast. The idea really started because I just thought it'd be interesting to have Inuyasha and Sesshomaru meet a select few---namely Belgarath, Polgara, and Garion. Come on, I just had to see their reactions to a 7,000 year old guy, a 4,000 year old woman, and a man who had EARNED the title Godslayer. That, and I kept thinking how Garion's sword and Inuyasha's sword were kinda neat and it would be interesting to see them work together. And then I thought about the Sacred Jewel and the Orb of Aldur. Then I knew I had to at least try and write it. My beta (who was just my close friend who went to the same college as I did at the time BEFORE we started this project) convinced me to see where it'd take me. I never expected it to be this big.

So, I started work on that first chapter, just seeing what would appear on the page and tinkering with it when I had time between classes and the like. My beta read it and then convinced me that I should post it. I scoffed at first. I figured no one would care to read a crossover that would be so obscure as mine is. It just didn't seem like it'd have the "appeal" that some of the other stories I saw on the sites. She said she had found a site called Adult Fan Fiction, and convinced me to post it there. At first I wasn't sure if I'd ever have lemons in the story at all, but I knew as soon as I posted it there I had better plan ahead for one.

I posted it, and then went on my way studying and the like. Then I checked back to see if anyone even noticed my quirky story and lo and behold, I had some reviews! And they weren't asking me to quit or that the story was crap or the like! I was amazed, because my little story was just really to satisfy my curiosity and have some fun. The more reviews I received, the more I seemed to be inspired, so I just ran with my muse, wrote what came down, and posted it. For one summer it seemed almost two to three times a week a new chapter would find its way done and posted. (And you're all wishing it'd go back to that aren't you?) And the oddest thing kept happening. More and more people seemed to latch on and enjoy the story. They would say they didn't know the other series, but they still loved the story. They said they were getting interested in reading the other series (My beta still says I ought to ask David Eddings for advertising fees, for all those new readers). Most of all, they told me they couldn't wait to see what happened next in the story.

And then I got nominated for the Inuyasha Fanguild, and I knew that someone must have really liked the story. I mean, I had reviews, but I didn't know if it was award worthy. And then it won Best of 2005. Go figure. I would have never guessed when I started this "What If" story (a true nod to Polgara's character), that it would ever be this BIG or this LONG or win so many awards. I didn't know where it was exactly going when I first started, but I managed to sit down and make an outline of where it should go and what should happen--roughly, and I've been working with that ever since. And guess what? There's still so much to tell in our Journey. It certainly has lived up to its name, has it not? And for those of you wondering: "Will we EVER reach the fabled City of Endless Night?"  YES. We will, but you shouldn't be in such a hurry. The sooner we get there, the sooner the story ends and after that well...who knows? (Between the Grolims out and out about ready to raise hell, Naraku's plots to slow things down, and Inuyasha needing to get into Kagome's pants every so often, I'd say that's the reason it's taking so long! Or maybe it's the distracting side projects I've been doing as of late. Who knows.)

Anyways, I better get back to my latest side project, because if it doesn't get done, my beta will hunt me down. Oh, and as soon as it is done, I can go back to Journey, and we can get that going again, eh?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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All I can say is that I'm very happy you decided to write it. It's one of my very favorites, and I look forward to each new chapter. I also understand the need to occasionally stop and write something else, or actually do whatever real life takes you to. You have put up a lot of chapters during that time, and I've enjoyed them all. I think I wrote you when I first found it to tell you I'd stayed up all night reading it (something I've only done for Harry Potter new releases in recent years). I've gone back and reread it when I was between fics and couldn't find anything else that got my attention.

Congrats on having a story that has not only lasted, but kept your readers sitting on the edge, waiting for more, for two solid years.

Thanks. I just thought I should mark the milestone. Two whole years on something that was only supposed to amuse me really has grown into something else, I think. I can't tell you how many people have told me they have spent all night reading the story. I spend a lot of time wondering if half the stuff I let stay on the page is any damn good, but somehow I have found people seem to like most of it. I just hope that continues because according to my outline, there's still a lot left to tell and do in the story. I have at least five major "arcs" left to fit into the story, and who knows what might pop up along the way. I also get those reviews begging me to update quickly, but hey, the muse has seemed to slow down, so I can only do so much. And then there IS that ogre of real life hanging out there. Anyways, I'm glad you and others stick around to read this story.

Well, I enjoy it and it gives me something to look forward to. And I know what you mean about worrying if it is any good. I've had entire chapters I've nearly trashed, and then finally posted them because I didn't have it in me to do it all over, or I couldn't figure out what would make it better, and those seemed to be the ones that people liked the most and got the most reviews. the chapters I did like it seems like hardly anyone commented on. I think we just second-guess ourselves too much.

I continue to look forward to more. Oh, and I enjoyed your Sess/Rin oneshot you posted. You should put it up at Moonlight flower as well.

I'm sooo close to finishing my serious one-shot, but I still don't know if it's going the way I want it, but I just don't know how else to approach it. And then I'll be worrying about the next chapter of Journey. That will be a task in itself.

I'm glad you liked the Sess/Rin story. It sort of snuck up on me but I'm glad it did! I will have to certainly think about posting it at Moonlight, along with combining some of my Sess/Rin drabbles.

Happy Birthday to Journey! *gives you a vigorous imaginary congratulatory handshake*

One question! [I know you really don't need this on top of everything else but . . .]Will there be an epilogue?? XD

Hmm, an epilogue you ask? One has certain ideas in mind for what will happen with Journey's ending. One is not going to disclose everything just yet, though! You'll just have to wait and see what happens, I suppose. We're awhile from that point, trust me.

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