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Random Journal

Well, this is a little random journal babbling about various things.

My Ranma manga arrived in the mail today. Yay! I also got another Inuyasha volume. WOW is Ranma's manga volums so much bigger. They're some 150 or so pages longer than an Inuyasha volume. Might account where there are fewer to buy? I don't know just when I'll get to reading it, but I am just happy to have it. Now I just have to decide if I want to buy another pair of manga volumes (One Inu, one Ranma) or if I want to buy another  one of the Inuyasha Perfect Collection DVDs. I suppose I shall decide when I go to make that fabled "purchase" of the month. I just wish I could buy more at at time.

While I am on about "I wish I could buy more," I got a call from that staffing agency yesterday. They told me that I was qualified for the packaging line job. I didn't take it. They could not gaurantee that the job would be permanent. I thought about taking it after they talked about putting my name in, but I arrived to the conclusion that the last time I took a job from a temporary agency like this for Schwan's, a month later I was unemployed. If they had perhaps said it was a permanent position I would have considered it a lot more as a real possibility. I know I don't get a whole lot of hours with ShopKo, but I do know I at least have a job that won't be disappearing anytime soon for the most part. I didn't want to take the risk of jumping into this temporary agency position then find out that they don't want me after a month or so and then have to wonder what I'll do next. I don't know if ShopKo would hire me back, and even if they did, would I be hired back on at the pay amount I currently make? I can only hope that my hours will increase there as we get past the "after Christmas" slump or that I can get a real job offer for a good, permanent job.

That brings me to the next thing I am doing. I have made an appointment next week with the Career Services at my college. My professor put it best when I spoke with her: It looks bad on THEIR part if I don't get a job in MY field. I have redone my resume as best as I can, and I will have them help me make it even better. I will also start to really start a career job search that will perhaps get me the kind of job I really want: one that uses my writing skills. I don't know what kind of job I'd really like to get into, but I would not mind being an editor or submissions screener for some kind of literary journal. I think we shall see what happens as far as that is concerned. I just don't think I'll get to be on my own or make the kind of money I really need and want to make by job jumping from one menial job to another. It's just not what I went to college for in the first place, either. I could have just as well started working for ShopKo and skipped college otherwise. I am hopeful that I will find something that will finally put my skills to use. We shall see.

Now time for some fangirling: Nine Inch Nails will have a new DVD next week. YAY.  Beside You Time(The With Teeth Tour Live DVD) will be out on Tuesday, and even though i shouldn't, I will buy a copy. I can't wait. On top of it, we have had two new tracks from the new album Year Zero that drops in April: "Survivalism" and "My Violent Heart." Trent Reznor is sober and a busy bee, because With Teeth just came out in 2005, so he's super early on this release because it normally takes 5-7 years between albums. So far I like "My Violent Heart" better of the two, mainly because I am lost in the other song without being able to read the lyrics. He's punching you in the face with both songs, but "My Violent Heart" just seems to sound a little bit clearer when I listen to the lyrics. I am pleased that he is bringing back some sounds we haven't heard since he released the remix album Further Down the Spiral. Totally awesome. Now the real question: Will NIN tour the US and if so WHERE? Cause I don't know if I could pull off another trip to NYC to visit my crazy NIN fan and go to a couple shows this time. He's ought to play the Xcel Energy Center again so I can go see him. I am excited. And this time, he better have a better opening act than the Arena tour did. Get someone like the Dresden Dolls again, seriously. They were a surprise and I fell in love with them half way through the first song (Good Day if you're curious). And that is my fangirling moment of the day. My life would be complete, though, if Depeche Mode toured and came near enough for me to see!

I am recuperating from putting the new songifc collection together. Then, on orders of my beta, I am to focus again on Journey. I suppose I should, after all we do have a while to go in it and we do have some exciting story lines ahead! I will also try to get some more drabbles and "Games" written up as we go. It all depends on how busy I get---or how much things like American Idol or the new NIN DVD distract me.

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes

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I don't blame you for being a bit gunshy about that line job after what happened last time. I would be, too.

Does Shopko have a marketing department? Those people have to write flyers, advertisments, etc. then they have to have someone to edit all of that stuff, too. You might look not just at journals and stuff, but companies that do a lot of print advertising. Sometimes, those ads are more in the format of a full article that they paid to run. It might be worth checking into.

I do hope your college can help you. They should be able to, as well as tell you who has contacted them looking for employees (at least my college had a department that dealt with all that.

Enjoy your new manga, as well as that InuYasha DVD set you got.

I hope I'll get over to read your new oneshot soon. I just finished another chapter last night and sent it off, and I kind of need to get into the next one. We'll see if I can get it started. If not, I might have to find something to read. I know what I have to do next is going to be difficult, and I'll probably have a hard time putting the pieces of scenes in my head down on paper, and then weave them together. We'll see how it goes.

I am not sure what kind of marketing type thing ShopKo might have or how to get into it. The jobs they post on the bulletin are all local store positions for less pay than I get now. I am hoping the college will have something that will really help me get the kind of job I'd love doing and get good money for.

I do hope you'll get to the songfic collection. I'm kinda feeling like it's bombing because I've gotten only one review out of all the sites I've posted at. I shouldn't have posted it last night when everyone was all about the new Inuyasha chapter. I do hope it'll get more notice as we go along, cause I'm a bit depressed that I didn't even get a response here at LJ! It's silly, but I just felt like I put all this work in and in the end no one cared. I do wish you luck with the next chapter. I am going to finish a new "Games" that came to me and see if I can get my Week 87 Drabble done and make notes for my next chapter of Journey.

Oh, and I hope to read at least a chapter of Ranma.

I've posted on just about every night of the week, and the worst one to post is when there's a good chapter. I'm seem to get the most hits when I post on Thursday night, or later on Sunday afternoon. It's no accident that if I find something I need to change that I wait until Sunday afternoon to reload the chapter at mediaminer. those have been by far the two best times to post. I still may not get a lot of reviews, but at least at mediaminer, I can tell that people are looking at it from the number of hits.

I've saved the reminder from so I'll remember to go and read it.

I do hope the college gives you some good help. Good luck with that when you go.

I dunno. I just feel so disappointed. I put in so much work and time and everything and I didn't get any feedback. It's like I hadn't posted it at all in some regards. And I still have only had one review. I just don'tk now if it's because what I was trying to do wasn't any good or if it's the fact everyone's about the new Inu chapter or what, but I just don't know if anyone is going to even pay any attention to it at this point. It's probably not on's front page for IY anymore sooo they'll have to dig to come across it. And then the fact it's a song fic just makes me nervous and not read. GAH. I just hope I can get MORE feedback soon. . .

I just read the oneshot, and it was very well done. I left a review, which I hope is even somewhat coherent since I'm exhausted and have a splitting headache. I gave up on trying to do anything, so I decided to read instead. Anyway, it was good and I think the timing of when it was posted may have been off.

Do they allow songfics at Moonlight flower? I'd post it there for certain if they did.

One thing may simply be that there is no lemon content. I swear there are a lot of people that are only looking for hentai fics, and won't even bother to read one that isn't. Either that or they're looking for something so AU/AR that I'd never have any interest in it (like the pirate fics and all of those crossovers that pair Kagome with a guy from another series).

and now, I think I'll find some supper and take something else for my head - tylenol didn't do the trick.

Thanks. I am going to get to leaving my reviews in the backlog of things I need to review after I get done with my bit of naughty fun in another "Games" one shot (which probably will get more reviews for less work but hey).

I think it's sad that stuff that doesn't come with a bunch of hot sex gets less attention. I love to read lemons as much as anyone else, but sometimes just a good, well written story that explores something on a real emotional level can be just as fulfilling to read. It's just a pity that it seems the sex is the thing that gets the most people to read.

yay for ranma manga! let us know how you like it. this is the first one,right? it's a double volume. the rest aren't that big. enjoy!

Ah. Cause I opened my package and wsa like WOAH, that's big!

they explained that they put the first two volumes together to try to generate interest when it first came out in the states (ie, get people hooked on the crack). Ranma was an early manga published in the states and so the market was very young. but it is a great volume! wish they'd do that wiht all the IY! we could catch up faster!

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