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The Inuyasha Character Quiz

Ever wondered what character you'd be if you were a character from Inuyasha? You can find out right now! I think it's a bit off,but it's hiliarious. I feel soooo bad for you, Miromoto. You're both Kagome AND Kikyo. I feel worse for ashtari, though. You're going to be one confused. . .person. You're Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, and Miroku ALL at the same time. That's. . .gotta be confusing as allmighty hell. And inufan, you get to be EVIL. Yay for being evil! I just thought I'ds share the hilarious results.
LiveJournal Username
Favorite Color
Inuyasha ashtari
Kagome mirumotoyuusuke
Miroku ashtari
Sango inufan625
Shippou doggieearlover
Kikyo mirumotoyuusuke
Naraku inufan625
Sesshoumaru ashtari
This Fun Quiz created by Amy at BlogQuiz.Net
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