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2nd Qtr Inuyasha Fanguild Noms Period
Hey Reader,

It is that time again. The Inuyasha Fanguild 2nd Quarter will begin accepting nominations tonight at Midnight, Central time. There are a lot of great stories out there that need some recognition, so if you read an excellent story and want to see it get some loving, you better be preparing your nominations, folks!

If you are feeling inclined to nominate my story, do keep in mind that because I took Best Crossover of 2005, I am ineligible to be nominated for this category. I figure if you take Best, why keep going for the same category! Feel free to nominate it for any other category YOU feel it deserves to be nominated for. I'll appreciate it, a lot. I can't tell you how much it means to me that people find my story worthy of such regard.

For those of you who do not know where the Fanguild is, you can learn more by going here.  There you will learn all the rules for the nominating period, what stories are inelligible in what category, and what has already been nominated. Keep an eye on the list!

I also am happy to say, thanks to doggieearlover, that my story has also been nominated for the Shikon Awards, here at LJ. She has nominated it for the Best WIP category, and I am honored to have it recognized. Thanks!

Other than that, I'm going to be beating the hell out of my characters pretty much all day today, or I'll simply write "and then they all died THE END" to be done with it. I told doggieearlover I'd do that and she said you would all hunt me down. I guess I'll just have to figure out away to get through this chapter, eh?

Good luck nominating and happy reading!

Far Away Eyes

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Well, I have all of my nominations ready to go for midnight tonight. Couldn't come up with anything for best crossover, though, since you are happy with Best of 2005 (I would be too), and Alterfano's won last quarter. It's always interesting to see what gets nominated and then makes it through the seconding and thirding.

You might also send a message to the IYFG, or at least the moderators in charge of nominations, that you won't accept nominations for Best Crossover, though you would for other categories. They may not be aware of your decision since there was such a turnover there.

I'll have to do that later this afternoon, then. After lunch and before I lock myself up with my computer/notebook(the kind with lined paper, not the computer kind).

I haven't really thought of the stories I'd like to nominate, beyond perhaps some Inu/Sess Yaoi stories. That seems to be all I've read lately.

Anyways, I'll be anxious to see what your nominations are!

Well, you know I couldn't leave yours off of the list. I save stories that will qualify throughout the quarter so I can find them again. I did pretty good this time. I have something for most of the categories, staying within the 3 per author limit.

Thanks. I really appreicate it. I should have read more stories so I can nominate. I didn't really look through the recomendations lists, either, so I'm not sure what's out there, either. I suppose when I need a break I'll make up a list of what I think should be nominated. I'm not sure what of yours is elligible, either!

Live and Let Die: Awakenings is eligible along with the oneshot Spider Bite and the contest/challenge fics I wrote (I almost wish someone would nominate the Jaken one (At Last) for short short - LOL, though I do like my Sesshomaru/Rin one (Remembrances)). They are both under the 500 word limit. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Thanks. I'll have to put together some sort of noms list, then!

I always mean to nominate and then someone beats me to it, so I usually end up seconding or thirding fic I would have nominated. I guess I'll have to try adn get one or two in there this time, though in some categories I might save myself for thirding so that I can make sure certain stories get in, since that round is often teh hardest to get through.

I have more noms than I thought I would have. I have about ten right now. And I think that's pretty much all I'm gonna have for this period. I noticed that the thirding period is indeed the hardest to get through. I'm just glad I have a few stories I think worthy to nominate at all.

Seconding and thirding are important, too, since you don't make it to the ballot without them. And it is harder since once you second in a category, you can't third in the same category. Though I have to admit I wonder about some - I swear there are some people who just go throught the list and pick one of every category that hasn't been thirded at the last minute and send them in. I would think it plausible if they picked two or three - but it seems a little to coincidental that they just happen to have one third in every category. I can't even come up with a nomination for every category. Oh well, I guess if it were mine, I would be happy about it.

Back to chapter four - I'm up to over 2700 words, and it's ALL new moon lemon related content.

Actually, I have every category but Miroku/Sango and Crossover. So many of the Yaoi stories I read I found ways to put into other categories, and there were some other stories I had read sometime ago that fit, too. I like the fact that I can nominate stories and still second/third later on. Some of my stories, I don't think, have EVER been recommended or nominated in the past.

I may actually have to read some of them - I appreciate it when someone nominates something new, rather than the same story that only seems to get updated once a quarter so it will continue to qualify. I have to admit I found myself reading some Inu/Sess yaoi - and as unlikely as I find it, it can be rather, well, hot.

ALL of the Yaoi stories I nominated for various categories ARE Inu/Sess. They're kinda long, at least a couple of them, but they're so good. I thought they should get some recognition, because, as I've said, I don't think I've EVER seen them get in any of the lists, either recommending or nominating. I don't know how far they'll go when it comes to seconding and thirding, but I hope that it'll at least get them some attention that they might not have otherwise.

And yes, as unlikely and silly and ridiculous as Inu/Sess is, it is hot. I still say if those two found out that people wrote that crap about them they'd immediately help each other to KILL that author. They, well, just don't seem to be the type to want to have sex with one another. But I like to read them anyways!

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