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Just what have I gotten myself into?

Well, I've started to read my Ranma volume and now I'm addicted to it just as I'm addicted to so many other things. The only problem: My favorite store has the next THREE volumes on back order. They also have the first volume listed as "out of stock," so I guess I made it just in time.

So far it seems the anime didn't stray too far from the manga. A lot of the same things have happened and it's just as funny and good. I've been reading a chapter before bed each night. I kind of want to read this slowly since I can't seem to get more volumes quickly due to either stock availability or lack of money. That way, perhaps, when I finish the volume I might have the next one waiting!

Where I left off, we just met Dr. Tofu. He's so cute and funny. And I just love how he scared the crap out of Ranma with Betty. Like everyone just walks around with a skeleton named Betty, sheesh.

I'll be curious to see if i notice any differences in the manga than what I saw in the anime as I read along.

That's all for now. I just thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the manga I've read thus far. I wish they hadn't flipped it or Inuyasha. I am so used to the scans that I sometimes get lost because I'm reading right to left instead of left to right. It takes me a couple minutes to remember to read the way I've read all my life, which makes me kind of laugh.

The part I can't wait for in the Ranma manga: P-Chan! Need I say more?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes


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yes! it's awesome all right (but you knew i'd say that.)

you'll see, the anime diverges significatnly after the first season or so.

yay for Ranma lovers!

Sigh. I wonder why the anime has to diverge from the manga. Why not just make the source material into anime and leave it at that. I can understand a couple fillers here and there if they need to wait for the manga to get far enough ahead, but still. It just seems odd to me that it would diverge so much. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it goes.

why, indeed? the best Ranma anime i think are the OAV discs (two of them i think). they pic the 'best' manga stories. though frankly in most cases i still prefer the manga versions myself. ah. such a purist!

I just wish VIZ hadn't flipped every thing, especially in Inuyasha. Sesshomaru is always ALL backwards and it bugs me. It distracts me to see his moon the wrong way and his left arm being his ONLY arm. It's just not right!

i know. tho i started w/ the flipped manga so i hardly notice now (except that i read the pages the wrong way and wonder why it done'st make any sense!)

LOL - I have the same problem with the VIZ manga - I'm gotten so used to reading the scanlations left to right, and the doujinshi I have not just left to right, but also what would be the back of our books to the front, I find myself wondering what in the world is going on, and then realized that I need to read it in a normal manner. Manga just should be left to right like it was done originally. Sesshomaru being backwards bugs me too, as well as InuYasha being lefthanded as well. Oh well, guess I'll take what I can get.

It wasn't so bad when I first started reading manga, but after reading the scans and the like, it annoys me. Sesshomaru just looks so wrong the way VIZ has him. It's just obnoxious that you're pulled out of the scene by going "god his moon is so backwards and it looks so wrong and gah why did they do that?" I know they figured no one would buy it if it was right to left, but I just think it's a waste of time and money. We could be close to caught up in the US, way closer than we are now, if they had left it be and just translated it.

wow... you guys really think about this, huh? I dunno, it just doesn't bother me. I read the scanlations and it took me a while to get used to reading it "backwards" but I'm ok with it now. I think one of the reasons I'm not so bothered by the flipped images is my husband's tendency to "FIND" things of that nature online for me. So I'm generally not paying good money for it. "You get what you pay for," you know? That way I'm not bothered by poor quality or flipped images.

That and my "observational skills" are on the weak side. Yeah.. I am sooo Calamity Kate.

I didn't really "think" about the whole flipping thing until I totally noticed it after I started buying the VIZ manga and was reading it and went "WTF, Sesshomaru is backwards." The odd thing is, in the same volume he had everything backwards and then a couple pages later he was normal. go figure. I tend to be odd like that about observation. I think it was ingrained into me while I worked to get my creative writing degree. They talked so much about observing things around you and I think I took it to heart.

That I very much and totally agree with. Inuyasha had the arrow through his heart!! Grrr VIZ!! get a grip! I wish they did that just translate and left it alone... heck I wished that they gave us the colour scans as well!!

I think it comes down to the fact that VIZ thought it wouldn't sell in the original format. I have noticed more and more manga from various manga publishers have started to keep it in right to left instead of flipping it. I figure VIZ figured they had gotten this far flipped it'd be a waste to redo it or start to put it out unflipped. I wish they would, though!

Alright!! You are reading Ranma!! Bounces around very happily!! You notice something about the characters.. they all have odd names for the extras. (Tofu) and I won't spoil the fun of other names!! Squeals very happily!! I'll cross my fingers for you in getting the volumes in!! YAY!! Another Ranma fan!!

I can't wait to get more volumes when this one is finished, but I might have to break down and buy from a different site and hope they don't run out, too. It's too bad, because they just released some of the later volumes not all that long ago.

I know what you mean!! Ranma is so addictive!! I did have to go to another place to pick up my copies of Her Majesty's Dog..

I just wish it wouldn't be on "back order" or probably nearly out of stock at my favorite store. Makes me nervous that I might not be able to get the manga for much longer!

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