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Just what have I gotten myself into?

Well, I've started to read my Ranma volume and now I'm addicted to it just as I'm addicted to so many other things. The only problem: My favorite store has the next THREE volumes on back order. They also have the first volume listed as "out of stock," so I guess I made it just in time.

So far it seems the anime didn't stray too far from the manga. A lot of the same things have happened and it's just as funny and good. I've been reading a chapter before bed each night. I kind of want to read this slowly since I can't seem to get more volumes quickly due to either stock availability or lack of money. That way, perhaps, when I finish the volume I might have the next one waiting!

Where I left off, we just met Dr. Tofu. He's so cute and funny. And I just love how he scared the crap out of Ranma with Betty. Like everyone just walks around with a skeleton named Betty, sheesh.

I'll be curious to see if i notice any differences in the manga than what I saw in the anime as I read along.

That's all for now. I just thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the manga I've read thus far. I wish they hadn't flipped it or Inuyasha. I am so used to the scans that I sometimes get lost because I'm reading right to left instead of left to right. It takes me a couple minutes to remember to read the way I've read all my life, which makes me kind of laugh.

The part I can't wait for in the Ranma manga: P-Chan! Need I say more?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes


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I can just see Monk going "Here's the thing. . .your friend has nature on him." And then I can see him whispering to Natalie about how that man has only "one arm and it throws off his whole symmetry and that fur thing is only one side and it just isn't right!" I don't think Sesshomaru would know what to think. Monk's very, very odd!

I can see Poor Monk just whipping out those sanitary wipes to clean off everything!! and the smell I can imagine would offend Sesshoumaru and let's not even mention What Monk would do upon see the dripping vemon from Sesshies poison claws! Can you picture those two as lovers??!! falls over with laughter!!

Considering the fact that Monk HATES touching anyone for anything, no. I'm always amazed he had a wife and just what did he do there?? And yes, the wipes would offend Sesshomaru greatly. Poor thing.

Live in a body condom?.. That guy does have some serious issues..

Yes, Monk has serious issues, and I always feel bad for him when he just starts to get over some of those things and then gets a big set back...

now would where the fun be in his character if he got better?

See, that's where the show would end up ending and losing its charm. Monk is unique because it's a cop show with a dysfunctional cop. Take that out and it's just like every other law show.

I agree..

I stopped watching Bones and Due South because the characters starting having sex.. it ruined the feel of the show for me.

I love Bones, although I don't like Bones's new boyfriend. I like the idea of her with Booth, but only closer to the end of the show.

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