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Just what have I gotten myself into?

Well, I've started to read my Ranma volume and now I'm addicted to it just as I'm addicted to so many other things. The only problem: My favorite store has the next THREE volumes on back order. They also have the first volume listed as "out of stock," so I guess I made it just in time.

So far it seems the anime didn't stray too far from the manga. A lot of the same things have happened and it's just as funny and good. I've been reading a chapter before bed each night. I kind of want to read this slowly since I can't seem to get more volumes quickly due to either stock availability or lack of money. That way, perhaps, when I finish the volume I might have the next one waiting!

Where I left off, we just met Dr. Tofu. He's so cute and funny. And I just love how he scared the crap out of Ranma with Betty. Like everyone just walks around with a skeleton named Betty, sheesh.

I'll be curious to see if i notice any differences in the manga than what I saw in the anime as I read along.

That's all for now. I just thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the manga I've read thus far. I wish they hadn't flipped it or Inuyasha. I am so used to the scans that I sometimes get lost because I'm reading right to left instead of left to right. It takes me a couple minutes to remember to read the way I've read all my life, which makes me kind of laugh.

The part I can't wait for in the Ranma manga: P-Chan! Need I say more?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes


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giggles very happily.. it is a very big and rather heavy sword.. and plus the he has the untransformed tessaiga in its sheath that you can pull out..

(need another one cause I want to make Demon!Inu with sword.. smexy looking he is...)

speaking of smexy... you should see the latest Butter sketches I have on the go!! Yum!!

Oh dear. Up to naughtyness again, are we?

maybe I should ask Butter if I can post previews for everyone.. There is Come Read Smutletts ButterYasha and Come to MY Wild Side ButterYasha

I'm assuming that'd end up at InuErotica, though.

Yes... I just have to again get permission from Butter first.

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