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I got my second Inuyasha DVD set. It looks so prettier, although I wonder why it's a big bigger than the last one. I intend to start watching an episode in Japanese each day (if I can, and hopefully by the time I reach 36 episodes I'll have the next set) just to see if all the eps work and just cause I want to see it! I do love the artwork that comes on the DVD sets so far, though. Very pretty!

Tomorrow I am going out in the winter wonderland that is my town to see if I can find the new Nine Inch Nails DVD Beside You In Time. I am so excited to see that tour come out on an official DVD. I have a few bootlegs, but the big screen portion just doesn't come out right and it's such an amazing part of the show. That and I'm addicted to the newest track Trent's leaked on the NIN Myspace Page: Me, I'm Not. I find the beginning has a reminscent feel of Depeche Mode's song "Home." The chorus, from what I can make out without printed lyrics, is really catchy, too. I love how it just flows and Trent says "Me---I'm Not." It just sounds kick ass cool and if  they tour near me and I get to see it I'd love to see this song live.

I reached the chapter in Ranma where he becomes the "Tree Bourne Kettle Girl." Hilarious. Poor thing just can't win, can he? I just love how, even in girl form, tries to act just like his male self and gets into scrapes because of it. And when people defame his character, he has to stand up and fight back, even though he's a GIRL. I just wonder about that upperclassmen. He might want to get his eyes checked, cause he seems kind of blind to me. Sure, the hair color is different, but the clothes and the face really aren't. Sigh. Too funny! Now I just wish I could buy more so I don't have to set aside that first volume when it's done and not be able to go further in the story.

Other than that, I have gotten the orders by my beta to get really serious on working on Journey. Yesterday I didn't get anything done because Gone With the Wind distracted me. It's like I have to watch it every time it's on, even though I've seen it a billion times. It's just one of those movies, you know? And of course it chewed up the whole afternoon.

That's about all for now. A bunch of random babbling, eh?

Until next time,

Far Away Eyes
Tags: inuyasha perfect collection, journey, nine inch nails, ranma
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